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Teresa Sardina @TeresaSardinaTV🔁Surfs up.... #Fresno #cawx. This is Cedar & Nees. @KSEE24
NWS Sacramento @NWSSacramento🔁6:35 pm: Tornado warning in effect for southwestern Yuba County. This storm has a history of producing tornadoes. Tak twitter.com e shelter if near this storm!
NWS Bay Area @NWSBayArea🔁Warm humid air streaming up from the vicinity of Hawaii is making it feel tropical outside. Heavy rain and windy cond twitter.com itions are still on track tonight - Thu am.
Coach Teran @teranprofe🔁 Surfs up.... #Fresno #cawx. This is Cedar & Nees. @KSEE24
NWS Los Angeles @NWSLosAngeles🔁Latest Weather Prediction Center extends the high risk of excessive rainfall into Western Los Angeles County. Flash f twitter.com looding & debris flows likely for recent burn areas across SW .

WPC scientific discussion:

Damaris @DemiHughes🔁OVERNIGHT --> Strong winds gusting 40-50 MPH (up to 65 MPH in the high terrain) will be possible in the following areas:

* Sierra
* Spring Mountains
* Joshua Tree/Twentynine Palms

Use caution if traveling & be prepared for strong crosswinds.

Gabriela :) @gabyaguilar1🔁 And here it is...storm total rainfall since Tuesday. goo.gl #cawx
Gabriela :) @gabyaguilar1🔁 Here is a 72 hour summary of rainfall over the area going back to Tuesday. goo.gl
Calum I Mac Leod @VegasLitUp🔁 In case you missed it! #nvwx #cawx #azwx twitter.com
Alias Covfefe @AliasHere🔁Major flash flooding with roads washed out near Cathey’s Valley, CA earlier today.
Claudia Aguirre @SittenSipnDrP🔁Heavier showers were moving into eastern Santa Barbara County and Southeastern San Luis Obispo County. A flood advisory has been issued for this area.
Stef Henry @stefferology🔁Turn around don't drown! Rainfall is raising creek and stream levels in the Sacramento, CA area, if you are are driving in the region be sure to follow road closure signs. DO NOT attempt to drive through more than one inch of standing water!
Emergency Management @LACOOEM🔁GOES-16 Visible 1 MIN. Check out the shadows from the vertical cloud growth off the coastal waters just before sunset. Surprisingly no lightning from this band. Lightning seen farther inland over Kern County.
Rich and Alex @kvtaspeednews🔁At 825 pm, automated rain gauge at KTYD radio tower (western part of Thomas burn area) indicating 0.20 inches of rain in past 15 minutes. Flood Advisory in effect for Thomas Fire for potential minor debris flows and roadway flooding.
Emergency Management @LACOOEM🔁Preliminary rainfall for today. Two days in a row has set record rainfall for the calendar day. These totals could still increase as shower activity remains.
Kelly Warner @kellyjowarner🔁Sheriff Bill Brown says the mandatory evacuation order will be lifted at 5pm today. He says “..we dodged a bullet.”
Cheryl Jennings @CherylABC7🔁Risk of imminent failure of the Moccasin Dam has been reduced, but potential failure still exists. Flash flood warning remains in effect. Officials continue to monitor the situation closely.
WeatherEye @HawksWeatherEye🔁NEW VIDEO!👀
A funnel cloud 🌪️ formed over homes in Sacramento, Ca on Wednesday afternoon as thunderstorms hit the region.
Tuolumne News - Tuolumne County, CA #TuolumneNews @TuolumneNews🔁An Urban and Small Stream Flood Warning has been issued for Tuolume County. There have been numerous reports of small steam flooding.
Robert Kimball @techrob53🔁 Wow, wow, wow- check these out!
#cawx #17StormTeam facebook.com
Roman Garza @RomanGarza11🔁At 725 pm, heavier showers moving into Santa Maria where CHP reporting roadway flooding. Heavy showers also moving into Alamo burn where minor debris flows will be possible.
Derek Gendvil @dgendvil🔁Peak inflow of 46,000 CFS into about 3 hours ago. By far the highest of the October 1 water-year.
Kerwood @BIZPREPER🔁Tornado this evening in the central valley of California. This is SE of Marysville, which is north of Sacramento. Pic by
Henry Dubroff @hdubroff🔁ICYMI: Mandatory Evacuation Orders in will be lifted at 5pm on March 22nd.
NWS Hanford @NWSHanford🔁Here is a 72 hour summary of rainfall over the area going back to Tuesday. goo.gl
Alissa Carlson @ACarlsonKGET🔁Thunderstorms with brief heavy rain, frequent lightning, small hail and gusty winds will continue to move east from Bakersfield, across the Lamont, Arvin, Bear Valley Springs, Caliente and Twin Oaks areas and along Highways 58 and 178 thru 8 pm.
Rob Mayeda @RobMayeda🔁Textbook rain shadow - Moist SW flow produced lots of rain in Santa Cruz Mts, much less Santa Clara Valley. Rain Shadow def
Rod Lewis @RLewis807🔁Since 0615 am, (CA-MA-9) has received an additional 0.37" of precipitation today for a storm total of 2.66"! twitter.com
NWS Hanford @NWSHanford🔁And here it is...storm total rainfall since Tuesday. goo.gl #cawx
Harry Joseph Friel @HarryJFriel🔁Snow is accumulating on Donner Pass along . Follow for the latest road co quickmap.dot.ca.gov nditions as snow levels lower across the northern this morning.
Juan De Haro @jdeharo99🔁Yesterday’s near Wheatland, CA was estimated to be EF-0 tornado with multiple touchdowns and minor damage.


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