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C'ville Steven Cooper 🐸 @formerjock81🔁 C'ville's become a war zone.


C'ville Gideon Resnick @GideonResnick🔁Was sent this photo from Solidarity C'Ville from Charlottesville earlier today
C'ville Richard ☝🏻Spencer @RichardBSpencer🔁C'ville's become a war zone.


C'ville Trevor Mangion @trevormangion🔁 Was sent this photo from Solidarity C'Ville from Charlottesville earlier today
DSA 🌹 @DemSocialists🔁Support the legal fund for our comrades in Charlottesville
Ματτ @Didymath🔁 Donate to the legal fund NOW and share widely:
Joshua Beatty @beattyjf🔁Just donated to Solidarity Cville Anti-Racist Legal Fund #fundly via @Fundly
daniel @_kiracofe🔁There is a legal fund set up for the legal support for anti-racist folks swept up today in Charlottesville. We...
Kevin Bogart @Kevin_Bogart🔁 Support community members and organizers in #Charlottesville now. Donate here to the bail fund:
Lu Cooley @lucooley🔁@HillaryClinton @ChelseaClinton From C'ville...thank you.
Jamelle Bouie @jbouie🔁the clear implication of "i won't send my kids to UVA because of this" is that C'ville and UVA were part of why it ha ppened.
(((Barbls23))) @barbls23🔁A group calling itself "Redneck Revolt" in front of a statue of Stonewall Jackson in C'ville. They are a "left wing anti-fascist gun club."
Pamela @PamelaT18🔁Unfortunately C'ville took the bait. When White Nationalist clowns came to our area they were simply ignored and their message was unheard
Peachie @peachie530🔁Car that rammed into the crowd in C'ville.
David Lamey @lamenski🔁My friend & brother +Shannon standing with his people in C’ville for the love of Christ. Proud to be in partnership with him &
hairless rat @autonomia666🔁 donate here, solidarity with everyone affect by Nazi terrorists
marijane white @marijane🔁One of the most terrifying developments (of many) in C'ville today: organized, private militia w/assault rifles lining the streets.
Lemony Stitches @s0tired7🔁 feeling like you don't know what to do or how to help? the bail fund could use yr donations.
Quaintrelle 🐸🥛🇷🇸 @TijanaTheMirror🔁The Night Before C'ville via @YouTube
Hope L McGuire @HopeLMcGuire🔁What's happening in C'Ville is one of the reasons educators MUST emphasize an equity agenda to ensure our kids are productive citizens!
Rebecca Mad Ducks @odiousmaudlin🔁 Legal fund for our side, give it if you got it:
Grace Cumings @GraceCumings🔁VA is a blue state & C'ville is 80% L. 'confed' monuments r being removed & the protest was 4 the Lee statue. MANY t raveled very far 4 this.
Fred Sargeant @FredSargeant🔁Why won't the President call what happened in C'ville what it is - radical alt-rite, neo-Nazi, neo-confederate, secessionist terrorism?
Samantha @sallem5🔁It's from C'ville (cop's right arm has C'ville badge), just not today. From the other rally they had earlier this sum mer.
Katie Brewer @CorporateMohawk🔁@realDonaldTrump The blood in C'ville is on YOUR hands! Your encouragement of violence has empowered this hate. Condemn White Supremecy now!
Cigman Freud @Cigarvolante🔁@cspanwj
Something is very strange for Charlottesville (C'ville) is a very LIBERAL college town. It smells like dead donkey to me.
Donovan @dzurlord🔁The Nazis overrunning C'ville now are coming to Boston next Saturday. Let's be ready & counter protest!

Marguerite Gallorini @Margottegallo🔁Follow C'ville local media to keep up:

David Hanson @Hanson4Congress🔁I'm horrified at loss of life in C'ville! Mayor Signer is showing leadership. Need some from 45....
Katie 🏳️‍🌈🌹 @Ah_occ_o🔁 Inspired by resistance last night and today? Donate to the legal defense fund
Tamir Rice @parkerlewisftw🔁

Please support the bail fund for folks in a Cville.

Mo @hoolooasaurus🔁Pls boost the legal fund. The .gov is on the other side, so these folx are gonna need a lot of backup.
Belinda Rodriguez @misssbelinda🔁If you're looking to show solidarity on the 12th but aren't able to be in Cville, donate to the legal defense fund!
Lara Tobin @tobinla🔁 Please donate to this legal fund for counter protesters
Winfield @wpeterson🔁Wish you could punch a Nazi in Charlottesville but want to do something more constructive? Anti-Racist legal defense
ladytemeraire @ladytemeraire🔁Good fucking job defending the Nazis' right to their venue of choice right in downtown C'ville, y'all.
Faculty Forward NC @NCFaculty🔁 #fundly via @Fundly People fighting fascism need funds! Donate now!
Richard Walker @RDubya1898🔁Hey dummy can we meet the terror in C'ville with fire and fury of course not you idiot it's your base wouldn't want t o upset them would we?
Bryan Caplin @bcapbk🔁"Sad"? You will have to do better @realDonaldTrump. This was terrorism and hate - plain & simple. Heart hurting for my beloved c'ville.
Joshua Sanchez @joshuasanchez76🔁Support grassroots #charlottesville legal defense fund #DefendCville
Kate Barrett @thewaether🔁You did enough fucking "helping" making sure these people could be right downtown to kill. Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up re C'ville
Willa Brown @hammitt🔁9. This didn't ALL come out of nowhere, so for those trying to make C'ville better: I'm so proud to know you, today must be terrifying
Annika Bastacky @Young__Kee🔁 Support the legal fund for our comrades in Charlottesville
Amy S. @Caspers_wifey🔁C'ville lost their mind! I'm staying home...#charlottesville
PNS-Virginia @PNS_VA🔁Hi @NeillCaldwell Dan Heyman w/ the Virginia News Connection. Looking for a faith voice in response to C'ville. Call me 800-931-1882?
Willa Brown @hammitt🔁8. Neonazis are not the C'ville I know. Violent White Supremacism is not the C'ville I know. But racism is. Segregation is.
Molly @Plantflowes🔁Good people standing up to Nazis in will need legal help. Support them if you can.
Trigger Warning @dfcornwell🔁Unfortunately C'ville took the bait. When White Nationalist clowns came to our area they were simply ignored and the ir message was unheard
Jules Monza (JP) @juropel🔁 Support folks doing the work in #Charlottesville. Legal fund here:
Lorenzo Trizzino @lorenzotrizzino🔁"All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man." Don't recent centuries--& even C'ville today--suggest Jefferson was too optimistic?
Ryan 👽 Rose 🌹 @Rrose79🔁Give these people money, it matters
Willa Brown @hammitt🔁7. That we remember that C'ville has served a strong role in glorifying slave holding history, that the city was build to segregate
Justin Charles @justincharles🔁Support the legal defense of those on the ground in Charlottesville standing against racism.
Brian R. James @BR_James🔁Todays NYC set is dedicated to our pals in C'ville VA who are fighting to hold the line for decency, tolerance & diversity in this country.


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