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#ByAllMeansHGSE Melanie Perkins McL @MelaniePerkins1🔁@JohnKingatED former US Secretary of Education on equality of opportunity for every child. #ByAllMeansHGSE
#ByAllMeansHGSE susana @SusanaPablo🔁 "Schools save lives everyday" -@johnbking #ByAllMeansHGSE
#ByAllMeansHGSE the lazerchick @violetsunsets🔁 “We need to invest in quality— quality doesn’t just happen.” @JohnBKing #ByAllMeansHGSE
#ByAllMeansHGSE Sara Katz @sararkatz🔁“We need to invest in quality— quality doesn’t just happen.” @JohnBKing #ByAllMeansHGSE
#ByAllMeansHGSE Monica ECE @ECE_monica🔁 .@JohnBKing: “Schools. Save. Lives. Every. Day.” #ByAllMeansHGSE @hgse
#ByAllMeansHGSE Melanie Perkins McL @MelaniePerkins1🔁 Welcoming @JohnKingatED to #ByAllMeansHGSE, part of the @EdRedesignLab convening today.
#ByAllMeansHGSE Harvard Education @hgse🔁Welcoming @JohnKingatED to #ByAllMeansHGSE, part of the @EdRedesignLab convening today.
Harvard Education @hgse🔁A conversation with @JohnBKing & @PaulReville [WATCH] facebook.com #ByAllMeansHGSE @EdRedesignLab @EdTrust
Megan Benay @Megan_Benay🔁 “You want your data like your produce. You want it fresh and local.” #ByAllMeansHGSE @JohnKingatED
Ann Brown @msannbrown🔁Excited about 's Forum: "How Mayors Are Leading the Way on Child Dev & Ed"
Dean Jim Ryan @DeanJimRyan🔁Excited about @EdRedesignLab's #ByAllMeansHGSE #Askwith Forum: "How Mayors Are Leading the Way on Child Dev & Ed" youtu.be
Valeria S. Silva @ValeriaSilvaEd🔁Conversing re equity in schools before keynote by former US Ed Sec
Valeria S. Silva @ValeriaSilvaEd🔁 “Everything we want for our own children, we should want for all children.” @JohnKingatED #ByAllMeansHGSE
Zorina E. Bowen @GreenBiotechie🔁 .@JohnBKing is now live for a @Harvard EdChat w/@hgse #ByAllMeansHGSE. Watch here: edtru.st
Vanessa Beary, Ed.D. @vbeary🔁 A conversation with @JohnBKing & @PaulReville [WATCH] facebook.com #ByAllMeansHGSE @EdRedesignLab @EdTrust
Melanie Perkins McL @MelaniePerkins1🔁 Be sure to follow #ByAllMeansHGSE all day for exciting updates and events from @EdRedesignLab. twitter.com
Martin West @ProfMartyWest🔁 “You want your data like your produce: You want it fresh, and local.” @JohnBKing at @hgse #ByAllMeansHGSE
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁"But what makes me hopeful is seeing the work happening in communities and classrooms all over the nation" twitter.com
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁"The tone the current administration uses when talking about & rolling back enforcement is harmful for the nation" twitter.com
Chelsea Myers @cmyers941🔁"People are reluctant to acknowledge what is hard, and our history around race is hard." - He further commented on t twitter.com he great need to support schools and communities in this work.
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁. talks more in depth about accountability w/ in "In Too Many Places, Underperformance Is Not Only Tolerated, but Ass twitter.com umed"
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁" gives states the opportunity to use complementary data & the opportunity to measure on growth" twitter.com
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁"We need to focus on getting the right instructional program in place & being intentional about providing wrap-around twitter.com supports"
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁@JohnBKing @Harvard @hgse "We need to make sure school is a high-quality learning experience for our students" @JohnBKing #ByAllMeansHGSE
Usable Knowledge @UKnowHGSE🔁School choice can work with proper oversight, but a focus on public schools is important; they're where students lear twitter.com n to be part of our democracy, says .
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁.@JohnBKing is now live for a @Harvard EdChat w/@hgse #ByAllMeansHGSE. Watch here: edtru.st
Usable Knowledge @UKnowHGSE🔁The federal role has an important role in education: To hold schools and states accountable, to make sure students a twitter.com re learning and are protected, says .
ExcelAfrica @ExcelAfrica🔁So honored to have with us here at the convening today! Tune in to his keynote address at 10am EST
Tiffany Taber @TiffanyTaber🔁"You can't build walls high enough to separate your child's fate from that of the child next door. ... All kids' fate twitter.com s are bound up together and we need leadership that lifts up our collective aspirations and ideals in that way" -
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁"We need leadership that lifts our collective aspirations in this way. That asks us how can we be better as a country twitter.com & society?"
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁"There are no walls you can build high enough to protect your kid's future from the kid's future from down the street twitter.com . All kid's futures are bound together"
Ed Redesign Lab @EdRedesignLab🔁“We need leadership that fills our collective aspirations. It must ask us how we can be better and more true to our p twitter.com rinciples.”
Marissa Cole @marissacole🔁All of our kids’ fates are bound up together. - @JohnKingatED #ByAllMeansHGSE
Christian Hartranft @cshartranft🔁. “The history of segregated schools in this country isn’t just about kids not sitting together; it’s about systemati twitter.com cally depriving some schools of resources.”
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁"The history of segregated schools isn't about kids not sitting together, it is about systematically separating resou twitter.com rces"
the lazerchick @violetsunsets🔁“The history of segregation isn’t just about kids not sitting together. It’s about systematically depriving schools o twitter.com f resources.”
Nikki Lasley @niklasley🔁"People are reluctant to acknowledge what is hard. It can be very uncomfortable to face your own biases." - @JohnKingatED #ByAllMeansHGSE
Marissa Cole @marissacole🔁Feeling hopeful after listening to at speaking about the power of collective action to drive change for kids and families.
the lazerchick @violetsunsets🔁“People are reluctant to acknowledge what is hard.” May we all be strong enough to keep fighting the good fight. twitter.com
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁Calling out their institutional racism was the first step for Lexington, MA on its way to being an twitter.com
Marissa Cole @marissacole🔁Thrilled to be with colleagues old and new at #byallmeansHGSE. Always love hearing @PaulReville’s vision for the future of education.
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁Looking for examples of successful school district improvement? Our new podcast does just that twitter.com
Abby Rich Weiss @abbyrweiss🔁Feeling hopeful after listening to at speaking about the power of collective action to drive change for kids and fa twitter.com milies.
Ed Redesign Lab @EdRedesignLab🔁“Mindfulness training can improve the quality of life for teachers and students. Socio-emotional work and mindfulness twitter.com must be intentionally coupled with high quality instruction for students.”
Paulo Costa @pfilipecosta🔁Diversity isn’t something you stumble across. Diversity is something you build into your schools. Something we build twitter.com out of our own experiences, data, and the things we believe in. Remarkable by
Sara Katz @sararkatz🔁“Access to early learning can be a passport to the workforce for parents and family members.” twitter.com
the lazerchick @violetsunsets🔁The work that we do with young people is the work that bends the moral arc of the universe toward justice.
Ed Redesign Lab @EdRedesignLab🔁“We must be activists around protecting the access to healthcare for all. We know it can make a difference in student twitter.com success.”
Christian Hartranft @cshartranft🔁Former U.S. Sec. of Ed. is speaking clearly, powerfully, and convincingly about real strategies to expand educationa twitter.com l opportunity in America today . When current Sec. visited she compared public education to food trucks.
Ed Redesign Lab @EdRedesignLab🔁By supporting their students to complete the FAFSA, states such as Louisiana and Tennessee are increasing post-second twitter.com ary opportunities for students.
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁"Every year American students leave billions of dollars on the table because they don't complete their " twitter.com
the lazerchick @violetsunsets🔁“What if we were so diligent that every kid in K-12 had access to a summer learning opportunity? How different would twitter.com our communities be?”
Sara Katz @sararkatz🔁“You want your data like your produce: You want it fresh, and local.” @JohnBKing at @hgse #ByAllMeansHGSE
Usable Knowledge @UKnowHGSE🔁How we build the school-to-prison pipeline: Per , 1.6 million kids go to schools w/ law enforcement officer but *no* twitter.com school counselor. Response to trauma or mental health needs = law enforcement
Ed Redesign Lab @EdRedesignLab🔁“You want your data like your produce. You want it fresh and local.” #ByAllMeansHGSE @JohnKingatED
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁Black students who have a Black teacher for at least 1 yearr of school are less likely to drop out of HS & consider c twitter.com ollege
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁#ICYMI African Americans make up only 7% of the teaching workforce. We asked Black teachrs why edtru.st #ByAllMeansHGSE
Christian Hartranft @cshartranft🔁.@JohnBKing: “Secession” whether in education, housing, or elsewhere in this country “is about undermining justice.” #ByAllMeansHGSE @hgse
Aimee Sprung @asprung🔁Critical to develop kids' cultural competence to understand who they are, and understand others. Builds empathy and r twitter.com educes bias. Must prepare students for diverse world.
the lazerchick @violetsunsets🔁On diverse schools: “There is always work to do. ... But we can’t get anywhere if we don’t start.” @JohnBKing @EdRedesignLab #ByAllMeansHGSE
Ed Redesign Lab @EdRedesignLab🔁A note from a teacher saying 'I believe you can succeed in an AP class' affected whether students enrolled. "It matte twitter.com rs what messages kids hear from the adults around them"-
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁"We know that students with an opportunity to attend a diverse school perform better academically. We also know atten twitter.com ding diverse schools building empathy & reduces bias"
Ed Redesign Lab @EdRedesignLab🔁 .@JohnBKing: “We know that attending diverse schools increases empathy and reduces bias.” #ByAllMeansHGSE @hgse
Christian Hartranft @cshartranft🔁.@JohnBKing: “We know that attending diverse schools increases empathy and reduces bias.” #ByAllMeansHGSE @hgse
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁@JohnBKing @hgse "African Americans students are 3x as likely as white students to be suspended from school" @JohnBKing #ByAllMeansHGSE
The Education Trust @EdTrust🔁@JohnBKing @hgse "We need to make sure our schools are safe and supportive for all kids" @JohnBKing #ByAllMeansHGSE


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