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Butler desiree august @desireeaugust🔁In the Field

🎨 Theodore Earl Butler

lahara @laharaleigh🔁@Amatoriam somebody said black butler
ButlerButlerButler katelynn✌️❤️ @krpadgett98🔁 CAN WE TALK ABOUT ROSS BUTLER FOR A SECOND? WHAT A MAN
Anju @kafeijenny🔁@Deku_butler_bot hes a hot love
jamie @JFlowey🔁Black Butler
Butler alicia butler @alicia_butler_🔁Miss my girly ❤️
Butler ▽ @introvetpervert🔁 the Prince and the Butler
Butler Brett Taylor @BleacherNation🔁Rizzo Rightly Angry, Questions About Cubs Injuries, Butler’s Sleeves, and Other Bullets
ButlerButlerButlerButler ISTYLE4FREE @Heartbreak_Sade🔁 Marcus Butler, Presley Gerber, Avan Jogia and Farren Fucci at Dolce & Gabbana Menswear S/S 2018
ButlerButlerButler CHOOSE ONE @favcelebthreads🔁Ross Butler
RT for YES, fav for NO
Jonathan Wasserman @NBADraftWass🔁Hearing this could wind up being a 3-team trade between Philadelphia-Boston-Chicago including Butler, Okafor and lots of picks
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Jimmy Butler's name is now being mentioned in several trade rumors involving the Celtics and others
Adam Zagoria @AdamZagoria🔁The Celtics could also be acquiring more first-round picks to deal for Jimmy Butler, per league source.
Matthew(GodBlessAll) @Trombone_22🔁Rizzo Rightly Angry, Questions About Cubs Injuries, Butler’s Sleeves, and Other Bullets
Joel (Jo-el) Leon. @JoelakaMaG🔁Octavia Butler, Kindred. A Little Life, Hanya Yanagihara, Penguin Modern Poets 1: If I'm Scared We Can't Win.
Liberal Bias @BishopJLMills🔁If I was Chicago multiple picks and whatever throw in player for jimmy butler would be what Id want to start a rebuil d
Carlo @Piscesking98🔁 This is criminally underselling how good Butler is. You must be a Blazers fan.
Ari Kasle @AKasle_BU🔁Emerson Kampen is expected to remain on LaVall Jordan's staff at Butler as an assistant coach, per a source. Was previously in admin role.
WY_Butler @WY_Butler🔁Syrian army declares city ceasefire as Russia, United Nations plan July peace talks
J.A.Z.Z VNU @TheJazzvnu🔁Jonathan Butler - African Breeze
alicia butler @alicia_butler_🔁Your actually starting to look fucking awful tryna be like him too much man
tyler abbott @tylerabbott91🔁Seems like Boston is in the business of future assets (Lakers have current assets), which are easier to liquidate for a Jimmy Butler trade..
manny @Manny_Burton9🔁 The Celtics could be acquiring more first-round picks to deal for Jimmy Butler, per @AdamZagoria.
WY_Butler @WY_Butler🔁Search goes on for seven U.S. sailors after collision off Japan
@kc1nyk @kc1nyk🔁I've said this before but if the Bulls want Wade to decline his option and are considering trading Butler, announcing that trade could help.
Dom2K @Dom_2k🔁 The Celtics could also be acquiring more first-round picks to deal for Jimmy Butler, per league source.
Kim Butler @Kim_Butler_🔁Best thing about where I work is when it's this hot I can just got and stand in the big freezer
Hannah Butler @butler_butlerha🔁 choosing tomorrow so make sure you're following 💗
Stackin Blunts @butler_yeats🔁Idk how someone could listen to famous dex or xxx tenticles
Claude Faustus @Claude_F_🔁"Passion to calm, hesitation to resolve, love to gravestones. That is the Trancy butler." - Claude Faustus -
Mackenzie Mize @MackMize63🔁Rockets need to go for Jimmy Butler and work some magic to try and get Blake Griffin.
Aybars Guzel @aybarsguuzel🔁Markell Fultz led his Pac 12 team to three wins. My instincts tell me Jimmy Butler would lead that team to at least 4.
King @Kingpin_95🔁Jimmy Butler's name is now being mentioned in several trade rumors involving the Celtics and others
Stackin Blunts @butler_yeats🔁 Who raised this nigga? Smh
Cal Williams @Cal_williams80🔁Celtics pull out Jackson, Butler, and Hayward or Griffin out of all of this Danny Ainge is a miracle worker @celtics
Carter Price @priceofcarter🔁 if jimmy butler is moving, im moving too
greystonewi @greystonewi🔁@sjr66qpr @preservation76 @gwbright @fishcotec @SuzanneWolf no the butler does that for me 😂😂😂😂😂😂
J Bravo @bankedJbravo🔁Dr Dre looked like a bootleg Jimmy Butler & Snoop Dog looked like a coked out Nick Cannon on all eyez on me 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Ryan Martin @rmart24🔁I've always said this should be the goal but I bet by the trade deadline (or in 2 weeks) Boston has 2 of 3 of Hayward, Butler, and George
Status;Zero @unearthedstory🔁"I'm a deadly efficient butler!"
FairytaleInterrupted @FTinterrupted🔁Once upon a time, Henry loved the butler who was strengthening and lived happily ever after.
R.I.P TNT Bulls @jreal923🔁 The 76ers trade for the No. 1 Pick could be a 3-team trade with the Bulls involving Jimmy Butler.
titty ty. @TyIerHiIl🔁@champxsupreme @Yo_Gf_Bf I righteous think they keep the same lineup and get Paul George or Jimmy Butler to come off the bench
Random Celtics Fan @420thdegenerate🔁2 days ago it was gordon hayward, last night it was jimmy butler. you already know it's pg13 today
Kori Alexis @__korayyy🔁@_alexelle Wild Seed by Octavia Butler ❤
Justin @official_JBOLDT🔁If you asked me that a few months ago I may have said I like it but now I don't want Butler for the number 1 pick tha t's not enough to win
Rex Matthew Butler @r39_butler🔁And not Anderson, Korpisalo, Savard or Johnson.
Luke {2007wasRigged} @SkiingGod🔁Theres a little bit of both. While Brady helped win the game Butler won it. If butler doesnt do that they lose. 1 pl ay can be the difference
Rose Kelly @RoseKel72315772🔁I'm confused is jimmy butler better than Gordon Haywood ; I'm concern with Blake injury prone we should've went for P aul george
ScottButler @Scotty_Butler🔁@ajmoonshine Aha well in! 👌💪
occupyPOPS @occupyPOPS🔁"bodies in their plurality lay claim to the public" - Judith Butler
shadow*💆🏾‍♂️⚡️ @champxsupreme🔁@TyIerHiIl @Yo_Gf_Bf Jimmy Butler would fit better
Rex Matthew Butler @r39_butler🔁To Insure that they select Calvert or Karlsson or Murray.
W or L BULLS ALL DAY @BullsFanJavi23🔁Yeah but think about it. What are the Bulls going to accomplish with Jimmy Butler? You play to win championships and this team won't do that
David Woods @DavidWoods007🔁Spoke about #Butler basketball with my first newspaper boss, @Tatelines.
Anthony Camacho @antcamacho10🔁Celtics are going to use our picks and their own picks to trade for Jimmy Butler only reason they're trading down. Chicago will be picking 3
BlackGospel Radio @BlkGospelRadio🔁Charles Butler & Trinity - Make It #gospelmusic
felicita @mdfelicita298🔁"It is better to have loved and lost than never to haae lost at all." - Samuel Butler
JW Humble @JWHumbleSR🔁@official_JBOLDT @swipathefox What do you think about them trading & getting butler
Rex Matthew Butler @r39_butler🔁@BlueJacketsNHL have sent their 1st Round pick to Vegas! #trade


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