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mr. president @TheAndrewBrown1🔁 Remember to pour one out on the curb for Butch Jones, Tennessee Champion of Life (2013-2017)
Butch Jones SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Breaking: Tennessee has fired head coach Butch Jones.
Butch Jones Jordan Dajani™ @JDnumba3🔁Today in class we discussed all of the things that led to the firing of Butch Jones.
Butch Jones Do It Look Like I Was Left Off Bad And Boujee @K1NGCART3R🔁 Breaking: Tennessee has fired head coach Butch Jones.
SEC Mike @MichaelWBratton🔁Confirmed through multiple sources that Jon Gruden was in Knoxville last weekend after Butch Jones was fired. If he m twitter.com akes it in for LSU weekend, that would be four trips in five weeks time
Darren Rovell @darrenrovell🔁$206,439.50: What Tennessee will pay Butch Jones each month for the next 40 months. twitter.com
Scott Harvey @Scarveydent🔁What about Butch Jones, Jimmy? twitter.com
JIM 🐾 @VolHawk78🔁 The #Vols finally made the move on Butch Jones. How does that impact your plans for LSU? 🍊🏈
Drake Lyle @DrakeLyle🔁Confirmed through multiple sources that Jon Gruden was in Knoxville last weekend after Butch Jones was fired. If he makes it in for LSU weekend, that would be four trips in five weeks time
Jonus Goldston @JonusGoldston🔁Crossville Chronicle's section on Butch Jones being fired.

I've waited since September to use that picture

kevo @oliverjrkevin🔁With Tennessee firing Butch Jones, he now becomes the 25th SEC head coach to be fired since Nick Saban started at Alabama in 2007.
Incarcerated Vol @DegenerateVol🔁There's still time for all the lost sheep to get right before the big guy gets here.

Turn away from the sins of complacency. Stop being okay with mid level bowl appearances. Shed no tears for the fraud Butch Jones.

Can I get an amen?

JohnnySoKno @pennyrilepauper🔁BREAKING:
Butch Jones trips over cliche, breaks eye socket while cleaning out office
Joey Canter @joey_canter🔁Worst Butch Jones sayings we do not have to hear ever again:

1. ”We just won our 8th game. That hasn’t been done here in awhile.” (after going 9-4 the previous season)
2. Energy Vampires
3. 5-star Hearts
4. Champions of Life
5. Leadership Reps

ROBBIE UNDERWOOD⛳️ @robbieu007🔁@NewMarketMauler @colecubelic @MikeGriffith32 @CubeShow Mike’s source: still Butch Jones
DCB @DavidBailey_LSU🔁I don't actually have to say anything to trash talk you, Brady Hoke and Butch Jones' records speak for themselves
Michael Malone @rolltidesteel🔁Tennessee will pay Butch Jones $206,439.50 a month for the next 40 months. Someone PLEASE fire me from being your college football coach.
King, Jeff; King @JeffLurking🔁UConn has improved dramatically from that game. In fact, the only real step back this year was Missouri and that was twitter.com a very bad match-up (Mizzou ended Butch Jones career 2 weeks later vs. Tenn). UConn doesn't get enough credit for how they played 2nd/3rd quarters vs. UCF.
△⃒⃘ @ItsPaoloni🔁Jon Gruden to ? The have some very intriguing candidates for their coaching search:
Anthony @carpediemfsu🔁Major news:

In light of Butch Jones' firing by Tennessee, the Life Championship belt he founded has been given back to the Vols in his honor

Andrew @Whyte_Bread🔁Tennessee could have fired Butch weeks ago and had chip Kelly but we're going to end up with another Butch Jones.... twitter.com And still get fucked in the ass by Florida... Congrats
Steve Layman @SteveLayman🔁Tennessee had to move on from Butch Jones, but where does it move to? My list of candidates realistic to longshot he twitter.com re:
Al Gordon @AlGordonphoto🔁Report: Tennessee has fired Butch Jones fb.me
NashvilleBizJournal @nashvillebiz🔁What it cost UT to fire Butch Jones bizj.us
Brown bag vol-fan @onefourdroopy🔁This week has seen a stunning series of attacks on Jones' character from longtime Vols breaking their silence.
Dylan Richardson @Dylan_R57🔁Butch Jones spent his final hours as Tennessee Head Coach telling 2018 commits "Find a place to go, quickly"

Mark Nagi - What About Recruiting, Lane? @MarkNagi🔁So I wrote about the best moments for Butch Jones in each of 5 seasons as #Vols HC.
Hey, I’m not kidding! gridironnow.com
Mike Farrell @rivalsmikeREPO🔁 Butch Jones signed seven 5-stars at Tennessee. , look at how those players panned out for the :

Complete Coverage at

Mike Griffith @MikeGrifffith32🔁UPDATE: Butch Jones considering meeting with the #Vols team before the LSU game.
Adam Fulcher @AdamFulch🔁Former running back Marlin Lane tells us that Butch Jones used him to run off players that he didn’t want on the team. Says Jones told him to “threaten their lives”. AUDIO:
Kevin Luchansky @kpLUCH🔁Life Championship goes to Tennessee after Butch’s firing sbnation.com via @sbnation
Rivals.com @Rivals🔁Have you heard ‘Episode 18: Butch Jones out, The U is back’ by The Godfather and Gorney on ?
DMB Report @dmb_report🔁It wasn’t all bad: reliving Butch Jones’ best moments at Tennessee dmbreport.com
Fizl 🍆🌋 @Mfizl🔁 The Life Championship belt has found its resting place, at least for now sbnation.com
FanBuzz @FanBuzz🔁Tennessee reportedly has its 'eyes set on Jimbo Fisher' as next head coach on.fanbuzz.com
Mitzi4Vols ™ @mitzi4vols🔁@PrayersforAJ Loyalty to TENNESSEE, not to Butch Jones. You actually made my point...


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