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Sandra Lee Smith @SandraLeeSmith1🔁 Illegals Take Over @NancyPelosi Event #Trump #BuildTheWall #MAGA
Jack Posobiec @JackPosobiec🔁When Trump supporters rallied, tens out thousands united in one voice, and one chant:


#BuildTheWall Salti Mary @Saltimark🔁 "Democrats Hate the Wall more than they Love the #Dreamers." ~ Newt Gingrich


Tom McCrory @realTomMcCrory🔁 Illegals Take Over @NancyPelosi Event #Trump #BuildTheWall #MAGA
Dan Scavino Jr. @Scavino45🔁"We have to have an understanding that whether it's in the budget or....the WALL will be funded...."
Dan Scavino Jr. @Scavino45🔁"They (Dems) cannot obstruct the WALL...the WALL to me is vital...if I don't get the WALL..."
INCARCERATE #Antifa @KarlTPF🔁For a man who campaigned on No U.S. Involvement in Wars is well on his way to breaking his word again.
Full Metal Squirrel @MyManJimmyJack🔁[Tucker Carlson interview!!!] Dreamers turn on Pelosi - wait till the end ! #NoAmnesty #screwDACA #BuildTheWall
Greg Tammy Davis @GregTammyDavis1🔁Sounds like we need a longer border wall! California wants to become nation’s 1st Sanctuary State.


Cyndie @CyndieHarris🔁 Do you think Trump is flip-flopping on #DACA and #BuildTheWall? RT
C @idk_u82🔁She stood by you now please stand by
Wild Bill @ReelbillBill🔁We were given a batting practice fastball! Crush this and unleash the dogs !


Minerva Milne @MinervaMilne🔁 Do you support the @POTUS push to #buildthewall on the Mexican border? Vote, Comment and Retweet!!!!
Melissa💫 @melissacarole33🔁Attn - txt 2b amended-
Due to financial issues we ask 4 what Trump voters can scrape up from their begging@frwy offramps
Patriots News @patriotsnewscom🔁Still No Answers Seven Months after Mexican Border Tourist Group Kidnapping
Pepperlesszzz @pepperlesszzz🔁"They don't send their best "

Rememeber that

Tipping Point @breathereal🔁She is Latina UScitizen pro Social media deletes her videos😡here is why

Amy 🌹👌🏻 @amymlcollins🔁 LISTEN CAREFULLY 2 -She clearly states Dems STOPPED the WALL! Plz reassure ur base it's a WALL not a fence
Texas Mike 🇺🇸🐕🏍 @MikeyDog🔁APD: Road Rage Murder Suspect Is In USA ILLEGALLY! #Austin #ATX #Texas #BuildTheWall #Immigration #SanctuaryCities
Wrecked @joeydoughnuts25🔁First we had Jose threatening us, now it's Hurricane Maria. What's next? Hurricane Nino? better yet Mr Pres!
Trump Chick @TrumpChic🔁Yup! Just the idea that All Trucks Will Be a way to deter it. But I still want that WALL!!
Jordanbaglivi @jordanbaglivi🔁 This is why we need to #BuildTheWall
Liberal-Fucktard @FucktardLiberal🔁I'd be much happier if a new 100 metre high steel reinforced concrete WALL across the border was blocking reception!

🕊🌿Sandra R.S⭐🇺🇸 @WHRISING444🔁I believe warned about the Trojan Horse. FYI, in America they come from the south.

Rosalinda @raggitty🔁@aintnobarbie @GrandmaM16 Great example of why we need to #BuildTheWall!
Steve Bistany @sbcoin🔁YES !! Love!! 👏👏 👏 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

How many more die at hands of
Paula 🇺🇸 @Panjeep10🔁 Also known as an unlawful take-over by illegal aliens. 😡 #BuildTheWall #AmericaFirst
AMurray @Vetteil🔁 @hrtablaze Dreamers are classless losers. Ungrateful fat spoiled pukes. #deport today #ICE don't wait. #BuildThewall
You Got Trumped @AMPMUZIC🔁 has more faces than a deck of poker cards. , please so can say "YES, we DID build that, TOO!" 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
ConservativeMrs @mrstsw01🔁PLEASE illegal aliens, keeping showing America who you really are. #BuildTheWall
BMK9 🇺🇸 @_bmk9_🔁@NBCNews Am surprised Pelosi didn't call ICE...!!! 😂 #BuildTheWall
Brad Mays @specialsn0flak3🔁Illegal immigrants now biting the hand that feeds them. Well done, Democrats.
They've got to go back.
Becky @BR55110🔁That moment.... 😄 She got a little taste of what supporters have gone through for over a year. Send them back.
CRinQC @CRinQC🔁.
Arizona needs to to the West! Keep all those criminal & from leaving California!
Becky @BR55110🔁Bullshit! You are NOT a citizen. Representation is not a RIGHT for you or others who are ILLEGALLY here.
Paulette Revere @LetTweedomRing🔁.Laws are for a and ORDER. When a political party openly flaunts that laws are to be disregarded, you ge t chaos!
Sandra Ward @SandraW08594961🔁Cotton is trying to get the RAISE ACT. No Amnesty, , end Birthrite citizenship & deport the "Dreamers."
Excubitores Omega @Excubitores800🔁 This is comedy. Pelosi is not trusted by illegal aliens to keep her word to betray the US+the Constitution.
TJ Wooster 🇺🇸 @TJWooster🔁@2Chron169 @dnc dug the hole .. now what! #illegals #BuildTheWall #@ice


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