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Eileen Townsend @EileenTownsend4🔁 Can we just pick one of these and just start building already?!! #BuildTheWall #ThursdayThoughts
Paul Nehlen @pnehlen🔁Deport.

Like you said.

Nobody shouted "Tax Cuts Now"

We shouted

We shouted

Respectfully submitted,
Nehlen twitter.com

Dan Scavino Jr. @Scavino45🔁🚨Happening Now :

“There is NO DACA - without the WALL being BUILT....”

President will ! twitter.com

Leslie Maiko @LeslieMaiko🔁 Can we just pick one of these and just start building already?!! #BuildTheWall #ThursdayThoughts
Jason R. Madden @JasonRMadden3🔁Border Wall Remains The Priority! - Homeland Chief Pushes for Border Wall: ‘First and Foremost’ Before Any DACA Amnesty - Breitbart
Geert Akbar @Geert_Akbar🔁 Not sending their best #BuildTheWall #Deport fox40.com
kristy in VA @vakrys🔁Can we exclude the morons from the tax cuts? I mean, they say he’s not their president so they really shouldn’t bene twitter.com fit from him being in office, right? We could use their tax cuts to
PorteRouge_USA @PorteRougeTea🔁 Democrats and Republicans please work TOGETHER. NO WALL NO #DACA. #BuildTheWall
Sandy 🚂 @SickOfTheSwamp🔁 Please vote and retweet:

What would be the best solution to illegal immigration?

#NoDACA #BuildTheWall #DACA

StopTheMadness @ImmoralReport🔁 wants a wall, will do a Deal including current ; WHATS THE PROBLEM ?

🇺🇸 with 🚂 & 🦁!

Debra May @DDDMay434🔁
👉DACA is unconstitutional
👉The Wall is the LAW
🇺🇸AmericaFirst JIM🦁 @WorldTvlr🔁 wants a wall, will do a Deal including current ; WHATS THE PROBLEM ?

🇺🇸 with 🚂 & 🦁! twitter.com

👑 @GRUDGERODRIGUEZ🔁End #DACA no #Amnesty and #BuildTheWall twitter.com
Mickey🍀McGunigle @MickeyMcgunigle🔁Agreed Joe! We VOTED for ...Let's have the promises KEPT!
Alex Danger Parker @adp_esq🔁Every time some tweets , another ladder is made, another rope is knotted, and another shovel is forged. Because walls twitter.com are old things, and we have other old things to deal with them. You ignorant monsters.
Deplorable Jeanna 🌹 @JeannaEckert🔁Mr. President: We The People, want No DACA, No Amnesty

Texas gun lover @Texan2A🔁President Trump has 1️⃣2️⃣Victorius Means Of Removing Illegals

Captain Sanity @ConservAgent1🔁Immigrants come to America (legally) to escape horrible people & oppression.
Then MS-13 follows them freely over the border?
Mikey Mike @Algerwins🔁I disagree...
They are close to taking over the Country via immigration.
They can't win on ideas..
So they win on han twitter.com douts and sheer numbers.
We either fix it or GOP is finished.
Time is short.

Real Patriot @1of50million🔁WHO'S YOUR POTUS!! My Great Friends 🇺🇸 🇺🇸
🕊️Miracles Happen🕊️ @PatriotCarol45🔁 want OUR physical WALL what we voted for Nov 2016
Jim Robinson III ⚖️ @JimRobinson3rd🔁GOP Lawmakers Likely to File Contempt of Congress Charges Against FBI and DOJ Officials -- And MAY JAIL THEM!

🇺🇸 twitter.com

Legal Conservative @2BeConservative🔁James thank you for speaking (tweeting) the ABSOLUTE TRUTH Illegal Immigration & California Government Commi’s have twitter.com DESTROYED my State beyond repair I’m afraid.😟 Good still exist but like Me more & more flee everyday🇺🇸


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