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Buff Dedede: Become Trend on twitter at (2017-09-14 02:25)

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Popular tweets tagged with Buff Dedede:
Buff Dedede Fale @WatchFale🔁 Not to mention BUFF DEDEDE
Buff Dedede Phil C'')_/) @deku_nUt_🔁 Smash 4 players: buff Dedede please
Buff Dedede worldstorysoft @worldstorysoft🔁Kirby Star Allies Features Buff Dedede, Twitter Goes Nuts -
Buff Dedede Fugeddaboutit @BizarreCharlie🔁You will never cuddle by the fire with buff King DeDeDe
Buff Dedede SUPAH STAR WARRIA @SupahStarWarria🔁 im putting this out into the universe

someone please make a buff dedede skin for dk in smash 4

Buff Dedede Justin! @GrandMac_Justin🔁 Sorry Mario but you can't compare to buff Dedede
Buff DededeBuff Dedede Koda Kazar @KodaKazar🔁The more I look at the newly buff King Dedede, the more I can only see a deformed Machamp...
Buff DededeBuff Dedede WRRRYYYY @odesiya🔁 i know how Dedede got buff
Buff Dedede SuperShake56 @SuperShake56🔁 Smash community: Dedede needs a buff.

Nintendo: lol ok

Buff Dedede Beanis @ChungusLeBungus🔁@theycallhimcake Draw buff Dedede
Buff Dedede EMmax130 @EMMmanuel130🔁 you can get buff like dedede with 3 simple steps for $99.99
Buff Dedede buy sonic mania @bumbruh🔁 Mark the day, September 13th 2017, where "Buff Dedede" is trending on twitter
Buff DededeBuff Dedede buy sonic mania @bumbruh🔁 Like for shirtless Mario

Retweet for Buff Dedede

Buff DededeBuff Dedede Taylor Dierks @Arashi500🔁 Stupid sexy buff Dedede
🎃DEDEDEATH👻 @DoctorDizzyspin🔁 Buff Dedede > Life
Xander @GiornoPizza🔁My entire empire is built uponBuff Dedede. If interest in Buff Dedede declines by even .1% I am RUINED
Stupid Ginge @GingeraleDragon🔁I get it Dedede is buff please stop
Kiwi @TheGoodbyed🔁Also why is Dedede buff now how long have I been away?
Munkeeman @MunkeeHaruka🔁@KirbyInformer @torkirby >Yoyo is back
>Buff Dedede

Already got my 2018 Game of the Year.

Dragon :3 @DragonsRamble🔁Uhh...BUFF DEDEDE? OwO
PJ @PJ_CWarrior🔁@KirbyInformer @MasterTP1 Without life, there'd be no Buff Dedede.
Or Dedede at all.
Just consider that for a moment.
Bowser (King Koopa) @Lord_Bowser🔁"DID BUFF DEDEDE BRING ME BACK TO LIFE?!"
//Only on Sunday!
Kevin Likes Vampires @CCharmanderK🔁 Smash players: when are they gonna buff Dedede
Nintendo: here's your buff Dedede
Myth @mythsofchimeras🔁@KirbyInformer @torkirby Battle Royale looks super fun and Buff Dedede is now a thing
ghost of kabybustier @Tofyuu🔁I knocked out again and just woke up so I check my Twitter

Mario's nipples

And buff dedede???

Kirby Informer @KirbyInformer🔁Buff Dedede > Life
MasterTP10 @MasterTP1🔁@KirbyInformer @torkirby We got a buff Dedede
SUPAH STAR WARRIA @SupahStarWarria🔁FunFact: I actually fantasized about a buff DeDeDe long ago. And now my dream came true, thank you ❤️
Jeff Hudson @RubberRomero🔁 dedede buff as shit #NintendoDirect
Peetaco 💙 @_Peetaco_🔁We live in a time where Buff Dedede is trending on Twitter, this opportunity comes once in a life time
washinME&myCLOTHES @CrossingAaron🔁 if Buff Dedede trends number one nintendo legally has to make dedede the most powerful smash character please rt
cool leg @kipskiff🔁I have not seen...... buff dedede
snake pits @itmerileyb🔁 absolutely thrilled that my timeline is filled with buff dedede and mario nipples. no other company could make this a reality
Mario @BabyMario_DS🔁In case anyone's curious, it seems the new Buff Dedede shown in the is based off the Kirby anime.
««H3©TΩR»» @H3CT0R1764🔁Buff Dedede is best waifu.

I do not regret saying that.

bucket man @loversoblivion🔁 What a day for Buff Dedede and Free Nips Mario
bo worm? @Galaxyoogale🔁buff dedede is trending
Tenkai Gamer @tenkai_gamer🔁Nintendo Direct:
50% gay anime rpgs
10% maro odyssey
9% please buy the switch we got uhhhhhhhhhh


SkittlesBeats @squiddlesbeats🔁@Goomuin Buff Dedede is unreal though
Tim Aguilar @Timmy_Twitsalot🔁 i asked nintendo to buff dedede and they delivered in the most unexpected way
I LOVE THE BOX @Sallymencer🔁Everyone's freaking out about Buff Dedede, and here I am, freaking out about Yoyo returning as a Kirby powerup.
FlameChocobo @FlameChocobo🔁Buff Riku. Swole Dedede.
One will protect you from all harm, the other will try to kill you.
You must choose one.
Vince @stonepupper🔁if nintendo wants to make some real money they'll have kirby absorb a huge bodybuilder before fighting buff dedede
Juan Jo Returns @juanjotrujisan🔁 nintendo: heres a nice stream of good upcoming games
you monsters: BUFF DEDEDE...................MARIO NIPPLE
Lemon stealing whore @Ramder_Ramadeer🔁To those who tweeted about buff Dedede, let's not forget that he trained for this~
BLARGEN69 @BLARGEN69🔁@Homriette I AM Buff Dedede


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