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Donnie ¥ @issadonn🔁I’m baaaaack

#Buckeyes #osu #ohio #Columbus

Eric Bossi @ebosshoops🔁Which hoops program has a sleeper 2018 recruiting class? Myself and debate in - - twitter.com
#Buckeyes Ohio State @OhioState🔁#Finals Checklist: Study ✔️ Rub Thompsons head for good luck ✔️ Smash through to victory ✔️ Good luck, #Buckeyes!
#Buckeyes#Buckeyes Joey Keeton @JoeyKeeton2🔁 Blessed to receive an offer from Ohio State University 💯🌰 #Buckeyes
Rivals.com @Rivals🔁TAKING OFF: Junior forward Trayce Jackson-Davis making a push for 2019 5-Star status. says his recruitment should go twitter.com national:

BuckeyeSprtsBulletin @Buckeye_Sports🔁. Recap: Offer list growing for 2019 RB John Bivens, Thursday recruiting update and video of 4-star DE Tyreke Smith d twitter.com iscussing final five.
Victor RayDelarwelle @VictorRayDelar1🔁 land a big-time recruit this week in

Watch genuine excitement.

Great Job!

OSULA @OSU_LA🔁I just made an Crystal Ball prediction for a major addition to the defensive side of the ' 2018 class VIP
PLAE @plae_us🔁Shoutout to this awesome weight room at Ohio State University! Sharp logo work really stands out. Thanks to twitter.com for the cool pic. 📸

MegMegMcGee @MegMegMcGee🔁Just a couple. #OH #christmascookies #buckeyes instagram.com
ROCKNBOBB @THEROCKNBOBB🔁Bring your collection to life with ROCKNBOBB!
Six0Run - Football @Six0RunFootball🔁Football News & Recruiting Updates is out! footballnews.six0run.com #buckeyes #allmets
Stephen Ohlemacher @stephenatap🔁Bwaa! hah! hah! Are these the pants he wore when *ichigan lost to the , or the pants he wore when they lost to ? Or a twitter.com re they the same?
Dave Biddle @davebiddle🔁BM5: Tyreke Smith trending 's way. That and more talk with and

Alex Gleitman @alexgleitman🔁It was a wild week in the world of recruiting for ...get the inside scoop on the latest with the 2018 class here ( on )
Bill Kurelic @Bill_Kurelic🔁ICYMI On Thursday afternoon I made a Crystal Ball prediction for a major talent on the defensive side of the ball to twitter.com the VIP
Buckeye Fans Only @buckeyefansonly🔁ICYMI, watch former TE Jeff Heuerman’s 54 yard TD reception for the Broncos from last night on TNF. in the NFL twitter.com

Reece Timbrook @ReeceTimbrook🔁So I'm watching the 2006 Fiesta Bowl on dvd, and damn was Ted Ginn Jr fast!! #Buckeyes #BeatNotreDame
Nick McWilliams @NickM_OSU🔁Something that transcends sports, former women's basketball player Tori McCoy needs a kidney transplant. Follow thi twitter.com s thread for the link to a GoFundMe page to donate and help her out.
Ann WilkinsJefferson @Ann_WJ🔁So you’re saying -8 choose to take the helmet and left the Trojan one? I like his loyalty!!


Sean Buckley @OSUCoachBuckley🔁I see you @JHeuerman86 with the over the middle TD! 🔥🔥 #Buckeyes
Kayla Anderson @KaylaAndersonTV🔁@JHeuerman86 we see you 👀 #buckeyes
Bob Goldwin @rudybux🔁 I listened today. Here’s what still irks me about the Cotton Bowl, the date.12/29 is for the Bluebonnet and Liberty twitter.com Bowls. Bigger bowls come later. PSU, Wisconsin, and TTUN all B1G teams playing after the Champion. TTUN even gets the football day of days 1/1.
The Dr. Is In @NEOMD71🔁@madisongesiotto Where in Ohio are you from? #Buckeyes fan?
Dave Biddle @davebiddle🔁Big Hank just blew up that play. #DENvsIND #Buckeyes
Brian Keller @BucksFanBK🔁The 2017 #Buckeyes season in review. More to come December 29th. #GoBucks #BeatUSC twitter.com
reva mitchell @mitchell_reva🔁From last night: Scoonie Penn had a blast from the past when the hosted Northeastern last year. Fun look back down memory lane:
reva mitchell @mitchell_reva🔁So are the suddenly...a three-point-shooting team? In spurts, and as of late, that answer is partially yes. Today's story:
reva mitchell @mitchell_reva🔁Hey fans, I'm going to be recording a new podcast here in a little more than an hour. Officially soliciting questions from you. What's on your mind about the Buckeyes, the Big Ten, the new album, The Last Jedi, other?
Jeff Wanner @JTsLocker🔁@dannykanell Volatile #Buckeyes
BuckeyeForLife @katzfan71🔁@Micah_parsons23 @JaysonOweh You can come too bruh... #Buckeyes
reva mitchell @mitchell_reva🔁 #Buckeyes freshman Kaleb Wesson putting in some extra work with his alma mater. twitter.com
racecar32 follows u @michaelwyant32🔁 (FREE) Signing and Enrollment chart for the #Buckeyes 2018 class ohiostate.rivals.com
Ian Azian @Soar2hi🔁Why are the -- a PUBLIC ENTITY getting YOUR money -- hiding something as simple as sales at football games?
★†naoto.$.004†★ @n004funk🔁Another ! My are exposing the ! And believe me, I know about being exposed! 😂 〽️
Buckeye Nation @Buckeye_Nation🔁 land a big-time recruit this week in

Watch genuine excitement.

Great Job! twitter.com


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