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alWriter @alastairwriter🔁People stood at their doors and windows, absorbing the litmus taste of shock, yet again. There was no end to it, not twitter.com yet at least.
No forgiveness that could bless a man enough to give him a day’s honest work.
Jim McMahon @jimmcmahon1952🔁"I, state your first and last name," he pauses and twenty voices mumble their names.

The last words of the oath are twitter.com “so help me God,” I say, "So help me Fred," meaning Fred Flintstone. It won't keep me out of the Army, but it's the only form of rebellion I can muster.

Ramon Ballard @raballard🔁oooppps, looks like #btr2sday has something god related, I wasn't even close.
Jim McMahon @jimmcmahon1952🔁"From this point on you have no life, no family, no nothing except what Uncle Fucking Sugar gives you! Your soul may twitter.com belong to God, but your asses are mine! Now, get off my fucking bus. MOVE!”

We move.

alWriter @alastairwriter🔁Maggie’s eyes began to let water flow, as her mouth roused the last of her strength against ancient sins. The bonds t twitter.com hat held her to this place, this wonderful green corner of God’s earth, started to snap like strands of old wire.
alWriter @alastairwriter🔁Swear it on your child’s life for me then, will you do that Mrs Armstrong?”
“I do.” whispered Carole, taking the olde twitter.com r woman’s hand &squeezing it for a second, before letting go & walking away.
Some days, you had to make a deal with God, just to get through the night.

Dr Candida Spillard @CandiSpillard🔁“Do you think he did that because he felt guilty?”
Verity blushed: stifled a remark about Jewish guilt.
“He hasn’t g twitter.com ot a Conscience.”
She clutched her head, “OH GOD!”
She lowered her voice,
“What if he’s got mine?"

Janie St. Clair @JaniestClair🔁“’It’s God’s will and you shouldn’t question it’.”
“Geez. That’s harsh,” Peter reacted. “If this is God’s will, I don twitter.com ’t want to have anything to do with him.”
“Yeah, I never believed that one."

Dr Candida Spillard @CandiSpillard🔁"He said he’s independent of religion so he’s probably an atheist. More wine?”
“Yeah but is he a Protestant atheist o twitter.com r a Catholic atheist? Oh go on then.”
“Perhaps he’s a Jewish atheist.” Sacha almost sounded serious.

Janie St. Clair @JaniestClair🔁"We say God is a father, God is life, God is love. But all of those fall so short of what God truly is. But what if w twitter.com hat I call God and you call consciousness are the same thing, and we’re just using different analogies to understand the same force?"

Leslie Ahrenne 🦋 @LeslieAhrenne🔁 No longer committed to making things happen, she swore on her immense collection of fishing rods that “from now on and forever” she would let things unfold naturally as God intended.
D. D. Syrdal🌘 @DDSyrdal🔁“That’s quite a change of heart. One minute you’re ready to kill me or die for your god, the next you want to join t twitter.com he ranks of demons?"
Jenn McKay @TendrilWise🔁On her worst days, the only sign of God was cigarette ashes dancing in the wind. For some reason this made it hard to quit smoking #Btr2sDay
jfx mcloughlin @jfxmcl🔁Their faith already demands a belief in ghosts, all we have to do is invent one that has special powers and hope they buy in. #Btr2sDay
Janie St. Clair @JaniestClair🔁“But—” Clarisse tried to argue.
The man held up his hand. “Remember,” he told her, “God is on top and I’m right benea twitter.com th him. If you follow me, you’re following God.”


McSix @McLeanSix🔁“Mammon is the wealthy one, and all things of mortal men go to him in time.  If it is our fate to meet our end in thi twitter.com s place, I do not believe an old curse will be its cause."
Janie St. Clair @JaniestClair🔁"I’ll be okay. Really I will. It’s not like he has to like me. He doesn’t owe me anything.” She sighed. “Maybe this i twitter.com s all a sign from God that I’m supposed to be a nun.”

Chiara Marino and the Demons of Darkness is today on

D. D. Syrdal🌘 @DDSyrdal🔁He didn't answer right away, but kept his face neutral when he did. “Once. It’s a little too much like playing God for my taste." #Btr2sDay
Avrin Kelly @AvrinKelly🔁🕌 [see image below]
Jenna DeVillier @JennaDevillier🔁Briefly, my mind returned to that dizzying height, longing to fling myself from it, but I retreated. Illogically, all twitter.com I could think was: You didn’t answer my prayers. But what could I say, when faced with a goddess?

Ramon Ballard @raballard🔁It would be nice to know what #btr2sday stands for.
Dr Candida Spillard @CandiSpillard🔁She shuddered at what she saw at the Commissar's neck: the cross of St Georgiy, that hideous implement of Ordeal that twitter.com they worshipped.

Jenna DeVillier @JennaDevillier🔁God almighty! The theme for 2/13 is
All genres - all skill levels - tweet/retweet/like/follow...
Lines from WIPs and Published works - ALL links are OK.
Have some fun and have a Better Tuesday everybody!

Ramon Ballard @raballard🔁Mice are curious people. Very few scientists know they communicate with a very distinct language. Oh, they don’t talk twitter.com to humans the way one would like, but among rodents, anteaters, and badgers, they are the talkative type.
Lorinda J. Taylor @TermiteWriter🔁 “Cursed in death are the infidels, to Mat’prai’mi!” cried Lug’tei’a, writhing on the ground. “Blessed are the true b twitter.com elievers, who will rest among the stars of the Sky-Mother!” [Song of Roland; Lug'tei'a is Archbishop Turpin]
Lorinda J. Taylor @TermiteWriter🔁 Lug’tei’a had grown into a powerful Warrior but a frustrated visionary, for the ancient beliefs of the Desert Shshi twitter.com failed to satisfy him. So as a mature Intercaste he had wandered away into Marcher country and their fierce Warrior faith had seized his soul.
Lorinda J. Taylor @TermiteWriter🔁 “That word – ‘infidel’ – seems to carry a great emotional weight.”
“Certainly it does! Can you imagine anyone so mi twitter.com sguided – so unrighteous and decadent – as to deny that the Nameless One dwells among the stars?” [Termite beliefs]
Dr Candida Spillard @CandiSpillard🔁Pale gold crosses gleamed from the highest spires.
At times like this – safe in the sight of the four- and five-point twitter.com ed crosses - Elena could choose to walk.

Lorinda J. Taylor @TermiteWriter🔁 “Shall we swear our friendship and our carin’, Robbie? I’ve got a gods’ image we can do it on.”
“You and your super twitter.com stitions! We don’t need some old god to make us friends forever!”
Kolm had pulled a chain out of his shirt. A medal hung from it.
Sarah Joy Green-Hart @SJGreenHart🔁Anise bit her lip, her brow lined with concern. “Officially betrothed then?” she asked.
Hesper looked down, swallowed twitter.com the tears, and whispered,. “Officially. Since yesterday.”
“Oh, my dear, my dear.” Anise took Hesper in her arms. “May God be gracious to you.”
Lorinda J. Taylor @TermiteWriter🔁 “Those are the Precepts about the existence of god. About how we can’t know whether a god exists. That we shouldn’t twitter.com depend on a god to tell us how to act but look within ourselves for the truth. That we must take responsibility for our own behavior – that’s Number 4.”
Lorinda J. Taylor @TermiteWriter🔁 “Why did the Mythmakers put so much emphasis on gods?”
“You tell me.”
“I suppose – because god-worship divided hu twitter.com manity and brought on the Second Dark Age.”
“While that’s a bit of an oversimplification, it’s true as far as it goes."
Avery Kingston @averyjkingston🔁“Don’t you know you aren’t supposed to talk politics or religion at dinner?”
“While we are on the subject, mom, Scott twitter.com is Scientologist and I’ve decided to convert.” Tori’s expression was deadpan serious as she took a bite of her steak. “He’s a level three Thetan.”
Sarah Joy Green-Hart @SJGreenHart🔁“It affected their collective psyche so that they imprisoned themselves. A simple method of legislating a path for o twitter.com bjectionable necessities, living productively beneath the modern sensibility radar, conditioning the less-enlightened, & using it all for God's glory.
Sarah Ashwood @1sarahashwood🔁 "When she went to inform her father of her decision, he reminded her that to marry a warrior, one who was outcast twitter.com among his own people, was to forsake her vows to the Peace of the Moon. She could not remain true to her faith if she married me."
Jacklyn Reynolds @TimberTrilogy🔁He told tales of heroism and courage, not of horror and death. #2bittues #Btr2sDay
Alex K. Logan @AlexKLogan🔁“What we got?”

“A dead demigod, .45 slug between the eyes, soaking in a pool of his own claret.”

“Just another day twitter.com in our fair hamlet.”

“Hamlet. Mmmm. Ham omelette.”

“And some coffee-bourbon. Let’s go. You’re buying.”

Avery Kingston @averyjkingston🔁“Are you admitting that you actually believe in God?”
“Don’t sound so shocked. I have a freaking cross tattoo on my twitter.com back. What did you think that was about?”
“Pagan defiance.”
Karen Cerio @KCerioAuthor🔁 2/13
I live and die
Searching for the key to eternal life
His blessings overwhelm my soul
Faith in Him is twitter.com my ultimate key
Sarah Joy Green-Hart @SJGreenHart🔁His father came to mind. He went every day to a plot of land to sow his seeds & reap his harvest.
He knew nothing a twitter.com bout God. Nothing about the Book of Light.
He knew how to plant seeds, though.
11 years after his father's death, the words haunted him.
Sarah Joy Green-Hart @SJGreenHart🔁“My grandpa was Jewish and my grandma was Lutheran.”
“So what religion does your dad practice?"

Sarah Joy Green-Hart @SJGreenHart🔁 There is no faster way to win the trust of a believer than to use their faith against them.


Jesse Stuart @SisterQuill🔁'I worship at the altar of wickedness.' I kissed Bran's neck. 'So a priest once told me.'

Extended Edition twitter.com

Marc Watson @writewatson🔁"Who do you answer to? God?"
"God is such a vague term."
"I'd say it's pretty damn clear."
"Is it clear? Your God? N twitter.com o, you don't strike me as a 'God' type, but yours as in the generic WASP Christian God? Allah? Odin?" - Death Dresses Poorly

Sarah Joy Green-Hart @SJGreenHart🔁"I recommend, as I do to all new Kyrios members, that you spend the evening in prayer. It is essential to clear the m twitter.com ind and soul of past trauma and vices as you enter into this new relationship with your God and country.”

“I'll consider it. Thanks.”

Sarah Joy Green-Hart @SJGreenHart🔁“The soul whispers to god in death,
Accept me, lord, I pray.
Upon the flaming pyre I rise,
Rise to see your face.
Not twitter.com by the spirit, nor by the water,
And not by the blood.
By the deathlight, the lightless flame,
Through your Glorious Ones.”
Sarah Joy Green-Hart @SJGreenHart🔁“The stars. I didn’t think of that.” He looked up with a half-smile. “You’re seeing them in the open. They really are twitter.com awe-inspiring.” He paused for several seconds, staring into the sky with her. “They make me feel that I'm with God, somehow,” he said.
KN Manning @PlanetKStories🔁 They told her to put her faith in God. She tried, but His lid seemed to be jammed. #Btr2sDay
Sarah Joy Green-Hart @SJGreenHart🔁"They don't hear from any God I know!”

“Oh, you know God yourself now, hm?” David snapped. “Did the two of you have twitter.com tea? Go for a stroll through an ethereal garden of wisdom and spiritual enlightenment?”

Kelly Massey @kellyjmassey🔁
“Oh yes. Just because she was sealed away in the Locked Caverns for eternity doesn’t make her a goddess. She just h twitter.com owls all day in there waiting for her release. It would be interesting to see if she was actually human anymore."
Sarah Joy Green-Hart @SJGreenHart🔁Hesper screamed, “You are sick people! Your minds are sick! Your god is sick! I have never felt hatred until this mom twitter.com ent. I would call you brute beasts, but even beasts have more honor than you do!”
Marc Watson @writewatson🔁For her, God was not so much the rock upon which she built her faith, as much as He was as good a name for the Creato twitter.com r as any other. A God by default, and the only God she ever knew or cared about. - 12:13

Sarah Joy Green-Hart @SJGreenHart🔁“I appeal to God,” Cole repeated.

Vincent broke off a quiet conversation with Ariana in order to address Cole. “You twitter.com can't appeal to God unless you are innocent.”

“I didn’t see this stipulation in Meros Law.”

Brit. B 🇯🇲 @ImBritB🔁

"I had faith in you. That you'd use your powers for good."
"Faith?" Wyatt said the word as if pronouncing a word from a foreign language. "Faith. Hope. Useless devices produced by men to give them something to hold on to. A prelude to disaster. I am no man, but a god."

Johnathon Denney @jld_straylight🔁A circle entirely set apart from the people who did what Alsa did. A different people, a different power, the gulf b twitter.com etween making it impossible for her to access their memories so that she might train him herself. Like the separation between God and his angels.
Sarah Joy Green-Hart @SJGreenHart🔁The miraculous, black, lightless flame they relied on to consume the bodies of their dead was the reason many people twitter.com held on to this faith despite the injustices of the Kyrios.
Jacklyn Reynolds @TimberTrilogy🔁"You're not a monster, Henry," said Timber. "You're an amazing man and I love you." #2bittues #Btr2sDay
Jacklyn Reynolds @TimberTrilogy🔁"As far as she is concerned, you don't exist." #2bittues #Btr2sDay
Jacklyn Reynolds @TimberTrilogy🔁"Henry," said Charles, "you are one very lucky man."
"I know," said Henry. #2bittues #Btr2sDay
Kiho Graham @KihoGrahaM🔁

To the Estimed Satra,
I heard about your husband, may he dance with the Gods. I will continue to support you financially as long as you can meet my goals.

Your Anonymous Benefactor.

Joshua Haveman @JDHaveman🔁The problem with having god-like powers is that everyone expects you to use them for their benefit. #Btr2sDay
Kiho Graham @KihoGrahaM🔁
"God don't like people like you." Papa spat, massaging the pain out of his hands."
"Shut up old man-"
"You yougin's with your drugs like religion, and your fornication like faith, and then you expect him to love you. Back in my day..."
I laughed a bit, "Eat your soup"
Elvi Viyoni @elvi_viyoni🔁#Btr2sDay

"Are u repenting to God?" He asked.

"Im not religious" I smriked.

A.E. McKenna @ae_mckenna🔁“We think High Lady Dyandra had something to do with it,” Aniketos said, ignoring her. “Visscher told us that Lady R twitter.com andalina heard Lady Rabella encourage High Lady Dyandra to act against you since the gala.”
“By the gods, that’s truly a line of gossip.”
Joshua Haveman @JDHaveman🔁“I’m a god.”
“Moira, seriously?”
“Okay, not a god, “she explained to Lainey, “more like a genie, really. A jinn. A wish-maker.”
Kiho Graham @KihoGrahaM🔁

"I had faith in you. That you'd use your powers for good."
"Faith?" Wyatt said the word as if pronouncing a word fr twitter.com om a foreign language. "Faith. Hope. Useless devices produced by men to give them something to hold on to. A prelude to disaster. I am no man, but a god."

M. Cain Harrison @mcainharrison🔁“The ability to love is one of God’s greatest gifts,” she’d told him. “And sometimes, all that loving brings paralyzi twitter.com ng sorrow.”

He knew that better than anyone.

E. M. Sheehan @emsheehanwrites🔁“My fate was of my own making. I wanted to scare my daddy with hellfire because I judged him a sinner, but it was me twitter.com who had a demon inside. Me who did the work of Satan on that day. I took three lives, and not a one of ‘em did worse enough to deserve it.”
Greta Stone 💋 @Greta_Stone🔁Lydia was dead. Authorities suspected foul play.

In this office, we were used to hearing that phrase. But not about twitter.com one of us.

And you would think the fucking Pope had died.

Greta Stone 💋 @Greta_Stone🔁He compresses me between himself & the counter, his belt digging into my belly. “45 minutes, pet. Final offer.”

I f twitter.com ucking love him in Dom mode. And I’ll worship him the way we both need...in 45 minutes. Until then, we’re equals. And I plan to take advantage.

E. M. Sheehan @emsheehanwrites🔁“Does this talent run in the family?”
“Nope,” Pop said. “I used to swim a bit before the war, but nothing competitive twitter.com . And Mrs. Basile is a doggie-paddler at best.”
Mama’s eyes darted to Pop, then to a spot just over my shoulder. “Vincent’s talent is God-given.”
Nate Koszer @natejklol🔁"The group that raised me thought that I was some messenger sent by this larger unseen power. It's the reason they t twitter.com ook me in."

"Well is it true?"

Sera shrugged.

Joshua Dix @otheraccidents🔁From the first glance of two infinite constellations pouring faith into my desperate soul
I adored you
I adore you


Rachel Laverdiere @r_laverdiere🔁Opa invited the cousins over whenever he felt the urge to reunite with kin and celebrate the fact that he was still s twitter.com queezing in God’s fresh air. He would say to my mother, “Now Hettie, even the martyrs had their faults. Let the child breathe this time.”

Rachel Laverdiere @r_laverdiere🔁Oh good Lord—there I go spinning off again. No more nattering. Grab your drink, and we’ll go to my room to catch an e twitter.com pisode of Shameless. It’s about time we got to know each other a little better.

McSix @McLeanSix🔁At the mention of Amon's angry child, the ruler of the darkness underground and above it, Mahesh's tent went quiet. twitter.com Each man and woman was afraid that to speak after the invocation of the name would bring his attention to them.
Joshua Dix @otheraccidents🔁remember the time you made me so hungry that I couldn’t begin to eat
I aligned my eyes with yours and realized that t twitter.com he only sustenance in this world worth knowing is your lips on mine
Thank you for feeding me

Elizabeth Marro @LizMarro4886🔁I asked him which of the gods I had pissed off to incur such a punishment, but he just laughed and told me to remembe twitter.com r my mission. FAITH
Paul Cwalina @PKC1963🔁A man truly has nothing more than his family and his faith. He can be too stupid to appreciate both, while worshippi twitter.com ng every false god and idol he sets before himself. He fills his eyes with them while emptying his heart.

Joshua Dix @otheraccidents🔁That day my passion started to rage with the sort of heat that only the stars can understand
And I promise to always twitter.com be your warmth
Love, you make me dream in cans of Kansas Soup, swim in an endless ocean of joy, and rise like a hot air balloon.

Emmi Lawrence @EmmiLawrence🔁I had begun to think of the leviathan as my god as well, the sea a fierce beast who did not play favorites with the t twitter.com oys upon its waves.
Paul Cwalina @PKC1963🔁We start our lives full of innocence and wonder. We marveled at God’s creation —- clouds in the sky, mountains, stre twitter.com ams, snow, creatures of all kinds. We were then set down in front of a television and sold an alternate, fake world

ECR @FrontCenterECR🔁I should have known I wasn’t that lucky. I should have known that prayers don’t work.
(Book 2)

#Btr2sDay #WIP #amwriting #amediting

Joshua Dix @otheraccidents🔁When you said the cold and snow bores you
My fierce mind soared into a million reasons why you should love me, even twitter.com when the temperature drops below thirty-two degrees
It wasn’t long before you said you couldn’t wait for it rain icicles from the sky

Missy De Graff @Dream_Craziness🔁It's always somewhere, right?!? No.
God almighty!

2/13's theme: God / Religiosity
All genres & skill levels - Retweet / Like / Follow... Tweet your snippets.
Have fun and have a Better Tuesday everybody!

Leslie Ahrenne 🦋 @LeslieAhrenne🔁She didn’t mind getting dressed up and going to church. She played the part well. Dutifully she’d seat her body; never her spirit. #Btr2sDay
David James Bright @thedavebright🔁Don't say it enough but I appreciate the likes and comments on my blurbs. The little boosts I need to give me confide twitter.com nce to keep writing. Thankful for the supportive community of writers on twitter. We can get through it together!

ECR @FrontCenterECR🔁"All I can think of with these – especially number 3 – is, like, the Christian idea of God. And I can’t get behind t twitter.com hat.”

Josh started to speak.

“Don’t. I told you I’ve got reasons,” I snapped.

(Book 2)


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