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Bryce Harper: 10.293k tweets talking about this in the last 24 hours

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Thien Nguyen @thienenator2🔁 GOT HIM.

Wade Davis strikes out Bryce Harper & the @Cubs are moving on.

Bryce Harper James Koutoulas @DFF_Psychic🔁 Hey Bryce Harper...
Bryce HarperBryce HarperBryce Harper Nate @BravesBama16🔁 Bryce Harper will win NL MVP and the Nats will be in the world series. Save this tweet.💍⚾
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Bryce Harper at the plate.
Bases loaded.
Nats down by three.


Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Bryce Harper at the plate.
Bottom of the 9th.
Two outs.
Down by one.


Brandon McCarthy @BMcCarthy32🔁postseason baseball demands the most out of everyone. The writer who asked Bryce Harper for his thoughts on Dodgers/C ubs shows anyone can choke.
Anthony @Anthony_Trani31🔁postseason baseball demands the most out of everyone. The writer who asked Bryce Harper for his thoughts on Dodgers/Cubs shows anyone can choke.
Zucky's @Robert1288🔁TBS studio host blasts a reporter who asked Bryce Harper for his thoughts on the upcoming Cubs-Dodgers series.
Jake @Jake_Juzwick34🔁The Nationals have never won a postseason series since moving from Montreal in 2005. What's next for Bryce Harper?
Bradley Shatraw @shatty_14🔁No Sox, No Bryce Harper now in the postseason👎🏽.. now it's just rooting against the Yanks & hoping Bellinger gets a ring. I'm quite upset.
Jerome Riverboat @JeromeRiverboat🔁Told you Bryce Harper was a punk. #nationals
Elijah Sweat @roscoexsweat🔁I believe Bryce Harper will be an unrestricted free agent after next season.. I’d love to see the dodgers pay that man 🙏🏾
First Class Sports @OffensiveEdge🔁Wade Davis gets Bryce Harper swinging & is headed black to the for the 3rd straight year

Leafs Cup 18,19,20 @SportsRLife6🔁 Bryce Harper left the clubhouse wearing an Auston Matthews #Leafs jersey.
Hath Rediggerr @FireEngine97🔁Not entertaining this Bryce Harper to the Cubs wish.
JHey's contract, and all the kids they want to keep makes this dream dead on arrival.
TicketReturn @TicketReturn🔁@Cubs capture the NLDS for the 3rd year! #NLCSbound #MLB #MLBplayoffs
Jeff Vrabel @jeffvrabel🔁@amyjoyce_berg I’m still afraid Bryce Harper will somehow win that game
ʎɹɐɔ @WhoLetDogsOut9🔁Bryce Harper? Put up w faulty mic, was pro out in RF- talked football & Dak. Great "face" for NL. Future broadcaster if he needs the $! Ha.
Codie Ford @codie_ford🔁 Bryce Harper striking out to end the game. Couldn’t have ended any better. Can’t stand that guy.
Brandon Intelligator @BIntelligator🔁@jlichman @kozman14 once again your Nats talk was cheap. When my Dodgers win it all, all you will have is Bryce Harper's wonderful haircut.
Portland Ross @RealMessiah29🔁Bryce Harper's .211 career BA in post season is just proof some guys are just made for the regular season.
Scott @DougHeffercan🔁Game 5.
Bottom of the 9th.
Full count.
2 outs.
1 run game.
Bryce Harper vs Wade Davis.

It don't get better than that.

Niko Pellonari @NikoPellonari🔁 Wade Davis finishing Bryce Harper after 40+ pitches was badass.
Curtis Panke @C_Panke🔁 I love Bryce Harper so much.
Patroclus @olliepop4lyfe🔁Bryce Harper > Mike Trout
Sean Moore @GimmeSomeMo23🔁 How will Bryce Harper look in a White Sox uniform?
Ryan✌🏼️💛 @Duhlirious🔁Dusty Baker has had:
Prime Barry Bonds
Prime Sammy Sosa/Wood/Prior
Prime Joey Votto
Prime Bryce Harper/Strasburg/Scherzer
0 rings. Unreal
DeVonté @devonteford31🔁 i could watch bryce harper strike out to end a playoff series about 100,000 times and it would never get old.
Nigel @nicole_ostrosky🔁@zandra_meyer good morning🌞just a daily reminder: Fuck Bryce Harper
Fleeg @Fleegis🔁 Bryce Harper is gonna look good in Cubbie blue next year ... if ya can’t beat ‘em join ‘em
Taylor Christopher @tjchristopher3🔁 #Nationals sixth year veteran Bryce Harper is 173 days younger than #Yankees rookie Aaron Judge.
astros and cubs fan @metsfansam13🔁Happy Friday to everybody except Bryce Harper and the entire Washington nationals organization
Kevin Starkey @kstarkey11🔁Can't believe Bryce Harper came up short like that last night #nlds
Notty @w_notty2202🔁Bryce Harper to the cubs 2019 for $400 million
Kristy @kristylc6🔁Must’ve missed Bryce Harper’s bat by mistake 🙊
Joseph Cordova @IndigoJoe47🔁Bryce Harper is so fucking overrated. @Bharper3407 you never gonna be a champ
Adam @SouvenirCity🔁@ProbascoRyan I don't think they should have overturned the call but c'mon. Write about Scherzer. Wieters. Werth. Wade Davis. Bryce Harper.
Spooky Cubs fan 🎃👻 @KidFromNaptown9🔁 "The #Cubs are a great team. They're world champs. They know how to win."
- Future Cub Bryce Harper
Chris De Luca @ChrisDeLuca🔁October traditions: Pumpkin spice, changing leaves and the Nationals coughing up another playoff series:


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