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Bryce Harper: 39.419k tweets talking about this in the last 24 hours

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Edwin M Garcia @edwin_garciax22🔁 Waiting for Bryce Harper MRI results on Twitter all day.
Ethan Harrison @Etin_9🔁 Bryce Harper leaves rainy Nats' game with apparent knee injury
Aaron Arredondo @AaronBobcats🔁 I hope Bryce Harper is okay after slipping on the base and hurting his knee 😳🙏🏽

Bryce Harper 🐐 @nico_thegoat🔁 Y'all can't do Bryce Harper like this...
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Breaking: Bryce Harper does not have any ligament or tendon damage, but is out indefinitely with a significant bone b ruise.
Jimmy Spencer @JimmySpencerUN🔁Bryce Harper may have just seriously hurt his knee. Stayed down for quite awhile and helped off the field with no wei ght on the leg.
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Bryce Harper put no weight on his left leg as he was helped off the field after falling to the ground.
Tennessee Baseball™ @TN_Ballplayers🔁Bryce Harper in slow-mo. Perfect inward turn with his front side. Weight stays balanced keeping his head/eyes locked in.
Jared Nieves @jaarebeaar🔁Breaking: Bryce Harper does not have any ligament or tendon damage, but is out indefinitely with a significant bone bruise.
Aaron Arredondo @AaronBobcats🔁This is BAD. All-Star Bryce Harper slips on first base and hurst knee/ankle. Helped off field in SERIOUS pain.
cam @CameronDevinney🔁JUST IN: GM Mike Rizzo: Bryce Harper has "significant bone bruise", no ligament damage. Out indefinitely.
Quiana Fulton @thequianafulton🔁 Bryce Harper is up and walking around without much of a limp. Had his leg wrapped below the knee but no brace or anything.
ESPN NOLA 100.3 FM @ESPNRadioNOLA🔁#MLB: #Nationals optimistic that Harper will return this season.
chad the mailman @bigcat5🔁@QualkTalk if that had to happen to Bryce harper why couldn't it have happened when he stomped on the braves logo.
JuanCifuentes @JCufuentes🔁 The Nationals dodged the worst with Bryce Harper's injury.
Jen @ImmaCapsicle🔁@BeckaWhy also omg i'm so so sorry about bryce harper ouch
Chris Ohnsman @Chris58Ohnsman🔁Finally got around to seeing the Bryce Harper injury video and legitimately gasped out loud while sitting alone in my living room
#DubNation @sfbaydrummer🔁Scary moment in D.C. Bryce Harper suffers left leg injury and has to be helped off the field after slipping on first base.
Marion V Winall @mvwinall🔁. This is a new low. You use a fake Ken Rosenthal account for your Bryce Harper moment? Not a good look.
role model @colemanfrye2321🔁Breaking: Bryce Harper has a bone bruise and is expected back this season after avoiding ligament damage in his knee.

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