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Quentiaz Williams @QuentiazW🔁 Remembering Bruno Sammartino on #XPac12360. Listen on #WestwoodOne
d-rock trot @drocktrot🔁 Remembering Bruno Sammartino on #XPac12360. Listen on #WestwoodOne
CentralizingAlpha @TimothyZbyszko🔁 Remembering Bruno Sammartino on #XPac12360. Listen on #WestwoodOne
Bruno Sammartino Jamie Heap (Writer, Reviewer & Historian) @jamie_heap🔁 Bruno Sammartino and Sid!
Bruno Mars @BrunoMars🔁Sending love and prayers to Bruno Sammartino’s family. He was such a gentleman when I met him & really meant a lot to my father & I. RIP👑
WWE @WWE🔁This Monday, celebrate the life of Bruno Sammartino with a special documentary about the legendary Hall of Famer aft er on .
WWE @WWE🔁Bruno Sammartino contributed to some of the biggest moments in history. The longest-reigning Champion in the company 's history, the titles he carried are always displayed prominently in 's office!
muhahaha!!! @brokenbong🔁Here's just a very brief summary of how incredible Bruno Sammartino's life was, with so many details and accomplishments left out.

His 82 years on earth are something out of a Hollywood epic.

We lost a true today legend

Zachary Tarrant @TheZeeTee🔁Bruno Sammartino explaining why he would never have a glass of wine if a child with their family was in the same restaurant as himself.

"It was the fans who made me, whatever success I had it was because of the fans, if the fans don't buy a ticket you're nobody."

Jason Bander @JABeNYC🔁I’m saddened to hear about the passing of Pittsburgh & legend and my father’s classmate Bruno Sammartino. My thoughts and prayers are with the entire Sammartino family.
Stan Warnock @Fictionkings🔁Saddened by the passing of the truly great Bruno Sammartino..The times I spent with him were a complete pleasure and a joy. A true gentleman.
Jason Bander @JABeNYC🔁Today is a sad day for wrestling and sports fans. Simply put, Bruno Sammartino was one of the biggest stars in the long and storied history of Madison Square Garden, a legend in every way. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family today and always.
Paul DeBenedetto @pauldebenedetto🔁@DonnieThe3rd If you have an Observer subscription, it’s the November 2010 show here:
Elder Goon @NoCoastPopPop🔁 in 1956, Bruno Sammartino wrestled a orangutan for 25$,

he got DQ'd so he didn't even get paid ahaha

Steven Bucky Butler @BuckyButler91🔁This Monday, celebrate the life of Bruno Sammartino with a special documentary about the legendary Hall of Famer after on .
Steven Bucky Butler @BuckyButler91🔁Check out this story I found in the WWE app on iPhone!
The Tokist @thetokist🔁My open letter to after hearing of his death and reflecting on his history at the old Boston Garden in the '80s.
BostonGardenBalcony @BostGardenBalc🔁My open letter to after hearing of his death and reflecting on his history at the old Boston Garden in the '80s.
wrestling fanatics @WFGfans🔁Bruno Sammartino is and will always be iconic. A true champion and a real life superhero to me growing up. God speed Bruno.
The ManCave Chronicles @themccpodcast🔁Wrestling with Ideas takes a look at the extraordinary career of Bruno Sammartino. I talk about what he meant to professional wrestling and his story from being born in Italy at the brink of WW2 to becoming one of wrestling's greatest champions.

We Recruit Wrestlers @PWTeesRecruiter🔁 sez... Velveteen Dream Returns Home (Video), Bruno Sammartino Documentary Update, Drew Gulak - South Africa
Stuart Levine @Stus_Views🔁Just heard the sad news Bruno Sammartino passed away a few days ago. One of my all-time idols as a wrestling-loving p re-teen. Used to mimic his wrestling moves on my unwilling younger brother.
(Insert Name here) @10_nameless_01🔁Bruno Sammartino, ‘Living Legend’ champion of pro wrestling, dies at 82
Terry @Terry86186393🔁Bruno Sammartino Was One Of Wrestling's True Good Guys via @deadspin


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