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#Browns Wizard Generator @WizardGenerator🔁Cyan-Nippled Muscular Browns Wizard #Browns
#Browns Browns Report @browns_fanly🔁Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (1/2/18) #Browns fanly.link
#Browns Dawgs By Nature @DawgsByNature🔁Daily Dawg Chow: #Browns news (1/2/18) dawgsbynature.com
#Browns Jon Stinchcomb @JonDBN🔁Daily Dawg Chow: #Browns news (1/2/18) dawgsbynature.com
#Browns Browns Report @browns_fanly🔁Hue Jackson’s attention now turns to recruiting #Browns fanly.link
#Browns NFL @NFL🔁.@JabrillPeppers with his first career INT! #Browns
#Browns NFL @NFL🔁JOSH GORDON. #Browns
Luke Easterling @LukeEasterling🔁//twitter.com/dustinfox37/status/947579798792097792" target="_blank">twitter.com
Carlos @Tosscarli🔁Admittedly myopic way to view but lost by 3 to Ben's in Week 1 and 4 to Landry Jones' in Week 17. went backward in 2017.
16andOhio @JayLucarelli🔁Richard Sherman. #Browns veteran leader. Please twitter.com
AWOKEN HEX ISLAND @HexFrank🔁I’m legit sick and feel the same way @KenCarman @SportsBoyTony about the #Browns from here on out
Groggy Nelson 🦅13-3 @justjarvon🔁Idea-chain for the :

Sign Kirk Cousins.
Trade for Alex Smith.
Draft Josh Rosen.
Draft Baker Mayfield.
Trade up for Josh Allen.
Ink Carson Palmer upon his release.
Bring back Peyton Manning.
Reanimate Otto Graham as a long-term, covert project.
Re-sign Kelly Holcomb.

APSE @APSE_sportmedia🔁Forgot to tweet it yesterday, so here's The Plain Dealer sports cover off the 0-16 season
dennis @NoRibsNoRice_🔁Cleveland point differential should have meant 3.3 wins according to "Pythaganport" projection. Ties 2001 Chargers (5-11, 8.3 pyth wins) as the most underperforming team ever on 16-game schedule.
Kevin @KevinWattsie🔁The failing are now 0-16! This team, their front office, and LOW ENERGY Hue Jackson should be absolutely ASHAMED of themselves! After years of incompetent leadership and bad trade deals, it’s time for change. It’s time to Make the Browns Great again!
Russell Kramedas @Kramedasr🔁That moment Baker Mayfield realizes the next football game he plays in might be for the

Eric E. @ItsMeDoublEE🔁This is what it's come to for this damaged fan base..."swag" and "showmanship." Nothing mentioned about Baker Mayfie twitter.com ld being a cornerstone in building a winner. Fans hear that sizzle and never notice the steak. Sad.
devastator43 @blaity43🔁If you're a fan and you're angrier at for organizing the than you are at the front office for mishandling the team, please reply with your Social Security number below because you're obviously an idiot.
Eric E. @ItsMeDoublEE🔁Of course, a good number of fans want a jersey to buy...a rock star at QB. Doubt me? Next Browns game, count the num twitter.com ber of Manziel jerseys you still see.
Eric E. @ItsMeDoublEE🔁The thought of Kizer and Baker Mayfield competing for the starting QB job should give you nightmares. Baker Mayfield twitter.com needs a camp with a veteran QB presence. Someone to focus all that emotion into a controlled approach to the game.
Shantell George @ShantellMGeorge🔁 Browns perfect season parade? #Cleveland #Browns #Football nbc4i.com @nbc4i @Reflog_18
Eric E. @ItsMeDoublEE🔁Baker Mayfield debate in will go on for next 3.5 months. It's as simple as this. Either you think his skill set / te twitter.com mperament translate into game or it doesn't. Personally, I think he's a bad fit aren't in position to take a high risk, high reward guy.
Samantha Roberts ☔ @SamRobertsWX🔁Do I make a forecast graphic for the ? Are you going? It's going to be 9°, so someone may have to live stream it for twitter.com me.
Lynchgrfx @Serenitydogg🔁I get many fans see no hope. 0-16 + HC back will do that. I feel better now than I have in a long while. John Dorsey with great picks - cap space + knows how NFL works. Things will improve substantially - quickly.
Betty Keller @MChili3🔁 RT if you could have led the #Browns to an 0-16 record twitter.com
MoultonHawk @MoultonHawk🔁 CB Jason McCourty on being part of 0-16 team that will be remembered for a long time “hopefully they forget my name”
BeHereCleveland @BeHere_Clev🔁 TODAY: 6:40 Lima Likes
7:30 Would You Rather
8:00 News Dump
9:00 The Voice of the Jim Donovan

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John Laub @GridironSchol91🔁Drafting Josh Allen first overall would be 157% the thing to do, in that it would be a disaster. He's not an accurate QB. Isn't going to magically become one. Comparing him to Wentz insults the latter's abilities.
LMS @thedarkmoney🔁 will sign Alex Smith the next 2-3yrs. Then draft Fromm in 2020 draft through trade downs starting in this draft twitter.com
C.D. Moore @ClarkeMoore🔁@KenCarman @SportsBoyTony There is less a chance the #browns take Barkley at #4 than Mayfield at 1.
LMS @thedarkmoney🔁@KenCarman @SportsBoyTony #browns I’m trading down
Owen Lademann @OwenOnTheBoard🔁TODAY: 6:40 Lima Likes
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8:00 News Dump
9:00 The Voice of the Jim Donovan


The Ken Carman Show @KenCarmanShow🔁TODAY: 6:40 Lima Likes
7:30 Would You Rather
8:00 News Dump
9:00 The Voice of the #Browns Jim Donovan

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Ken-QM @ken_qm🔁When you realize that you won’t ever win a game again since you are now a Brown.
Scott Krupp @ScottClev33🔁 It’s a hard and fast “No” on Baker Mayfield if I’m the #Browns
Mo £€¥₩$ @springboksfan🔁The interviewer did a good job maintaning the flow. This chick is about as interesting as with the will be this s twitter.com ummer. 0-16
Chad 🇺🇸 @BurgNGold🔁Don't be shocked if the #Browns don't go after Cousins. He could win 5 games next year and be treated like a God. #Redskins
CJ (5-11) @CJ_Dym🔁 Source: The #Browns will use the #1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft on #UCF QB McKenzie Milton #PeachBowl
Browns Talk @Browns_TT🔁Browns sign eight players to reserve / future deals, including WR Kasen Williams #Browns dawgsbynature.com
Kieron Smethers @KieronSmethers🔁 2017 began with Landry Jones beating the #Browns on 1/1/17, and ended with him beating the Browns on 12/31/17.
Yaco-studio @Yacostudio🔁Racks and Mirror. … instagram.com
Derrick A. Turnage @DonovansKeeper🔁With one former coach - Pat Shurmur - getting an interview with the , it reminds me of another: Mike Pettine spent the year consulting for the & learning a new system. He will be a top DC candidate.
IT3 Is Back!!! @cavs / Fuck you @QUQB1TATTOO @ZeroDarkTwenty3🔁 #Browns signed former #Seahawks WR Kasen Williams to a future contract.
Kevin Chubb @swanseagas🔁Impressive. How can we ruin him? #browns twitter.com


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