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browns Garrett Satterfield @Satterfield056🔁 Reminder: The Browns had two chances to draft Deshaun Watson
browns Rick Suydam @SuydamRick🔁 1000 retweets and the Haslam’s have to sell the team. Deal, @Browns?
browns • @jakestephens505🔁the browns could forsure use another good receiver who will somehow end up playing 5 games
Devin Craig @dcraig94🔁 Braxton Miller out there clowning on the Browns.
browns Dewey Ruth @ruth_dewey🔁Texans vs Browns, no Browns kneeling...thank you @Browns
Laban Baker7 @laban_baker🔁 Retweet if you're ready for GAMEDAY!


browns Rob Dixon @robdixon1974🔁 Browns are wearing down their fans -- Pluto
shannon sharpe @ShannonSharpe🔁IF* someone tells me Browns qbs Hoyer, Cutler are better than Kap we might have to fight. This is some
Darren Rovell @darrenrovell🔁The Broncos pay Brock Osweiler $45,588 a week. The Browns pay him $895,588 a week NOT TO PLAY for them.
Will Brinson @WillBrinson🔁Browns just managed all of this on one play:

An illegal formation
Intentional grounding in the end zone
QB injured

Ben Gretch @YardsPerGretch🔁Kasen Williams played a season-high 58% of snaps for the Browns, third among their skill position players. Posted a 6-4-41 line.
Dawg Pound Daily @dawgpounddaily🔁"The Browns are good at passing - on QB's. Passed on Carr for Johnny what's his name. Traded out of…" — Dennis
Papi Potencia 🇬🇹 @tumadrelegusta🔁Browns and 49ers, who owned the 1st and 2nd overall picks last year when the Draft opened, are the last winless teams remaining.
Bryson Jenkins @BrysonAdair🔁Jeezy gone get me thru this morning cause Browns radio damn sure not.
Nick DeRose @_nickderose_🔁@FanMorningShow @colin_dunlap Send him to the Browns for their first round draft pick 😂
Michael DiDomenico @MikeDido47🔁@logan_gearhart @Browns Thank you for being donation #1! Let's keep it rolling!
Thicki Lake @ShyThugg🔁I want bacon and hash browns...
Nick DeRose @_nickderose_🔁@NFL @ALEXNGUYENTCU @RapSheet Send him to the Browns
Daryl Ruiter @RuiterWrongFAN🔁 @RuiterWrongFAN Random Chance in Science: 1 in 20. Browns win "clip": 1 in 22.
Craig Parshall @CraigParshall🔁The thesis behind Dan Brown's new novel is arrogant nonsense. But 1st, a few chuckles....
Liberty & Patriotism @sdpallstar🔁the Browns are the NFL joke
The Color Palette @tcolorpalette🔁Loaded Spicy Hash Browns on @bloglovin
SadBrownsBot @SadBrowns🔁We lost: at Pittsburgh, 2008 Week 17, 31-0 @Browns #satisfied #GoBrowns. :(
justin adams @fatadams00🔁 The Broncos pay Brock Osweiler $45,588 a week. The Browns pay him $895,588 a week NOT TO PLAY for them.
Storm the fearless @ebucher1204🔁@rexi_bae @Lil_Fen I'm going to start rooting for the steelers...browns are pathetic
Gridiron Glory @GridironGlories🔁Hotel near Browns Stadium from Hotels for Everyone - Cleveland Browns Stadium Close Hotels
Jesse Peterson @PoundSign_Pepe🔁Buster Browns
clarke @radicalhearts🔁Sure does bro. And this is after watching my Thank goodness yall playing this week! Lol.
Welp Dawg @Animaleyz🔁Hey @Browns pass this on to Hue, will ya?
james @althansbucks4E🔁@BCastOhio Same I get my football fix Saturday! Hell at this point Ohio had great HS football b4 I'll waste time on browns.
Dave Rhoads @dbrhoads🔁Been a fan of the since '75, but I feel like I'm in an abusive relationship with a football team. We need to see ot her people!
Laban Baker7 @laban_baker🔁Deshaun Watson has 15 Pass TD this season.

The Browns, who traded Houston the pick used to draft Watson, have 12 total TD this season.

Daniel Wolf @TheDanielWolf🔁At this point the Cleveland @Browns should just sign @Kaepernick7. Good #Browns football and wins > any other drama.
fαує ℓуии @fayelynn77🔁 Good for Colin!!! Collusion!!! Cuz you ain't gonna tell me the Browns don't need him. The highlights on ESPN are atrocious
Dan Lorber @ctownlorbs🔁 I did not have textual relations with that quarterback. #Browns
Bres_216 @Cleve216_BG🔁Cleveland Browns suck ass.!!
jason fitz @jasonfitz🔁@coachjm68 @Browns @HoustonTexans Truth. Bad franchises can't miss in the draft...
ezygoing @MzGzPhilly🔁I'm on his side. He is not the next Tom Brady or Peyton, but look what the Browns are throwing out on the field every week? He is better!
Mr. Fitzpatrick @UsFitzpatrick🔁On #ThisDayInHistory in 1859, John Brown’s raid on Harpers Ferry. Read More via @History
Susan @CLTSCGirl🔁I'd love the number the Browns have used in the same time period
jess @jessiekylesmith🔁Sooo happy Darren browns ghost train is open!! 😁 absolutely shitting myself #thorpepark
DefendTheLand @malcwilkes🔁@Cambition57 Browns have a good offensive line. They don't have any receivers and Hue won't adapt his offense.
Mikael @ekimsinsane🔁Waiting on this chunky underdog teaser to come in. Smartest bet of the day: Cleveland +17. Browns lost by 16 pts. C’mon G-Men.
smokeydawg @SmokeydawgXXX🔁@Browns when defenses dont respect recievers they stack boxes and blitz.
Lacy Rebuck @LacyRebuck900🔁Browns are the worst franchise in the NFL. Hue Jackson is inept, Brown is lost and Haslam is a tool. On the plus side there is none.
Clint Bunt @Twitrmyfacebk🔁@KenCarmanShow browns looking for football guy with London game 2 weeks away? Look out Manchester United front office were poaching peeps
Michael DiDomenico @MikeDido47🔁@PatMcAfeeShow Can you help a Browns fan save his football team? It would be great for the brand!
Jamie Wianecki @JGWianecki🔁Winning 5 of 10 left is very possible. They play the Saints, Ravens and Bucs @ home and also the Browns and Bears on the road. All winnable.
107.3 The WAVE @1073TheWave🔁8:45 - Luckily, mother nature's cold snap won't last as long as the Browns'. #MondayMotivation
PTwice216 @PTwice216🔁The browns have been the most consistent team in the NFL for 2 decades. And that's a problem. Please sell Jimmy! Please.
Stan In Brooklyn @StanTheManInBK🔁Gentlemen. If I may. Today is a take however many JoeBees you need to forget about the Browns day!
PhilaPhans @PhilaPhans🔁 The Browns are 1-21 since passing on Carson Wentz. #Eagles
John Link @John_Link24🔁@TotalProSports @FakeSportsCentr Pissed Steelers only move... trade him to the browns.
Jeremy @pizzamon1🔁@TonyGrossi Should the Browns change their uni’s to the keystone cop uni’s?
Lisa Gonzalez @pelucachick46🔁@ohiobigcat What can I say about Browns??? Zzzzzzzzzzz awful😡terrible, horrible, no good very bad 😡
Nick @NickMarinelli22🔁 45 tracks.
Andy Sadler @A2BuckNutz🔁@MaryKayCabot Well, if he joined us, he’d know the ball will be thrown somewhere in his general direction. #Browns
Scott Dryden @BrownsScout🔁BTW - I was dead on last week re team Hue Sashi. Apologists still exist despite no better than worst season in #Browns history. Amazing
Spencer Hunt @spencerhuntosu🔁@ReporterBush Ah, the classic Browns fan lament.
Richard Janvrin @RichardJanvrin🔁@heathcummingssr And Browns QB and Beathard, sure. I'd stick with Trubisky, though. I'm a vacuum, better right now tho.


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