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Brooke Valentine @4everBrooke🔁“NOTHING TO SOMETHING” WRITTEN BY Brooke Valentine feat: @mvrcusblvck 💅🏽 #NOW available #LHHH
Nola Darling's Son @Live_In_Concert🔁Brooke Valentine salty for an unknown reason.
Carl Scott @realcarlscott🔁BROOKE VALENTINE IS ONE BAD BITCH!!! #LHHH
Mela-Zen @Earfmuva🔁This is how Brooke Valentine sounded when she said “Girl Fight” was still paying her bills today.

Likkle NeedleEye . @NYEMA_🔁Brooke Valentine byeeeee sis let him be happy
DJ Jones @YeaImABrand🔁 Brooke Valentine’s edges STAY LAID!!!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 #LHHH
Sha'Bria @SBriaforshort🔁Brooke valentine cute af
Queen Finesse @GeneralMillz_🔁Brooke Valentine goofy as fuck
unapologetic @chvmmie🔁after this season
im over brooke valentine tbqh 🙄
N A L A 👑👁 @QueenLIONbeauty🔁First of all, all these Love & hiphop Hollywood hoes talking shit on twitter but Princess, Brooke Valentine & Alexis the only cute ones 🙄
Susie Conroy Radford @susieradco🔁O.M.G. Masika wasn't what I thought she'd sound like...but Brooke Valentine sounded awesome. Masika talks she's allthat. She's not
Imani💋 @soimanimonae🔁 I just wanna know who do Brooke valentine hair 😍
Deja @4Everrr_Me🔁 Seriously @MonaScottYoung please do not bring Brooke Valentine back next season. Irrelevant and uninteresting
💕 @ijaanae🔁@_charlisaaa Especially lyrica 😭 but Brooke Valentine and Princess look the best
timeka. @tweet_meek🔁 Brooke Valentine's edges >>> #LHHH
✨ INDIA ♉ @I_A_M_India🔁 I swear when “Girlfight” came out, I thought Brooke Valentine was from ATL. #LHHH
S H A V O N ♕ @_DeeNdRhylee🔁 Brooke Valentine is pretty af😻
Janay Patrice @Umich09Janay🔁Brooke Valentine's edges >>> #LHHH
Tyler Petty @SuckOnTeez__🔁Brooke Valentine is fione 🗣
Reclaiming UR Dime! @MentalStimulant🔁Brooke Valentine net worth $400,000. Bridget Kelly net worth $7 MILLION!! Brooke have SEVERAL seats!!
Big E ♣️ @EssenceRenee__🔁I just wanna know who do Brooke valentine hair 😍
👑Queen P @justcall_me_P🔁How they in Hollywood and only person who hair on 100 is Brooke Valentine & Miss Nikki baby
issa's little sister @yvpthemvp🔁Brooke Valentine slated all season #LHHH
🀄️ @lahdarrell🔁Brooke Valentine is pretty af😻
.Milae. 💰 @smileymilae🔁Brooke valentine
Peaches @hillsPHresh🔁Brooke Valentine looks pretty.
Nala Wala💗 @___nalaaaa🔁Brooke valentine is so pretty to me
DUCHESS180 @lavenderduchess🔁Trying to figure out what happened to the "It's about to be a girl fight" Brooke Valentine! 😒
DeAndre👨🏾‍💻 @_DeAndreLamar🔁Brooke Valentine is a true 💎 she is so beautiful 😍
Mosely Mo @JoMosely🔁LMFAO anytime I check in on this show Brooke Valentine acting like she got shit going on
KayTee. @mskandeecaine🔁i don't even know a Brooke valentine song
Aaliyah🌹 @Pooooossaa🔁Brooke valentine really pretty asf 😍
. papí chulo @Carolina_Kvng🔁Man Brooke Valentine fine as hell 😋😍
Thomas Hulbert @ThomasHulbert6🔁#lhhhollywood. Can we say "Brooke Valentine is the next Jessica Rabbit with that outfit."
Pooder @only1pooh_🔁Brooke valentine is so pretty
Notorious DIRI 🇭🇹 @Mahottie🔁Brooke Valentine is really too pretty to be taking these scraps smh
Holster @Holsterville🔁Brooke valentine is so beautiful
nicole. @abeautywbrains🔁Brooke Valentine is so pretty
YO DADDY... @12quack🔁Have y’all heard Brooke Valentine Song with Marcus?????? 😳🔥
Pepper Ann @antoniathegreat🔁Seriously @MonaScottYoung please do not bring Brooke Valentine back next season. Irrelevant and uninteresting
#misunderstoodgenius @traxsmyth🔁 Brooke Valentine is no longer the fan favorite; viewers are trashing her tonight,… …
#misunderstoodgenius @traxsmyth🔁 Brooke Valentine is no longer the fan favorite; viewers are trashing her tonight, calling her “stupid” and “du …


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