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Mitch @The7YearMitch🔁 Red Sox won
Patriots won

Yankees lost
Broncos lost
Giants lost


Broncos Jody Vezina @JodyVezina1🔁 @TalbertSwan @TaIbertSwan @realDonaldTrump The Denver Broncos - thank you ponies!
Broncos Dangle Sauce Hockey @DangleSauceHKY🔁 Mikey Carranza celebrates the first Hat-Trick of your Broncos season!! #GoBroncos 🐴🏒🔷🔶
BroncosBroncosBroncos Martha Silva @marrtasilva🔁Judah & The Lion in the Mile High City reppin their Broncos gear. 🤗 #BroncosCountry
BroncosBroncos JaCintamint @Braxtonrox🔁 Both the Bills and Broncos kneel.
Broncos Whisky River Yoga @WhiskyRiverTX🔁 Almost entire Broncos team takes a knee #Bills
Broncos Malik (UnGuardable) @Chaos_Lokey🔁 Von Miller took the blame for the Broncos' loss to the Bills.
Sports Illustrated @SInow🔁Broncos' Derek Wolfe questions player protests: 'If you don’t think America is greatest country, why do you stay?'
Denver Broncos @Broncos🔁"We could not be more proud, appreciative and grateful for our players."

A statement from President/CEO Joe Ellis:

Josina Anderson @JosinaAnderson🔁NEW: Statement to me from DE Derek Wolfe on Donald Trump's comments regarding national anthem protests in the .
Scott Rogers @scottrlive🔁NEW: Statement to me from DE Derek Wolfe on Donald Trump's comments regarding national anthem protests in the .
4GBronCON8V〽️ @TheVictors95🔁As a lifelong fan w/season tickets, I am so tired of the crap thrown in our face. It's football; a diversion from 'r eal life'
Stevo @stevo_1911🔁@TylerCyndie @Broncos @VonMiller Karma has nothing to do with police brutality pay attention to the reason not what they are doing
Dhabs @johnnydahahabra🔁 The Broncos are blasting "F*** Donald Trump" by YG in the locker room pregame right now
erick @stick375🔁One Good Man !!!

Barry🇺🇸🇺🇸 @barrykgrover🔁Broncos' Derek Wolfe questions player protests: 'If you don’t think America is greatest country, why do you stay?'
Chris Romero @servercomp1🔁@Andrew_Ferrelli F*** THE @Broncos. No more NFL for me.
Wings are Red🏒 @seancollins27🔁Broncos blast “fuck Donald trump” - lost
Steelers don’t go out for pledge - lost
Seahawks stayed in locker room - lost

I like this trend

American Patriot🇺🇸 @MTHomegirl🔁I expected more from my ...being a mid-west team. The "Plastics" kicked them to the curb. They lost as they deserved to...karma🇺🇸
Sabres 7th Man @SabresCutie🔁 fans are upset about the Von Miller penalty. fans can relate. Jerry Hughes was once flagged for slapping teammates helmet.
Barbara Marshall @nflmom54🔁Von Miller: “We felt like President's Trump’s speech was an assault on our most cherished right, freedom of speech.”
Rock Lee @860Newson🔁Yall kept saying Kap was divisive but you got this racist fuck in the Broncos locker room who basically says go back to Africa? Fuck yall
Sosydne @Austins6Sydne🔁Disgusted with the NFL and my Team. @Broncos 👎🏽🇺🇸
Alei Hildman @AHildman🔁My @Broncos would never kneel in disrespect to our veterans or those who have died for our country. They kneel...
Broncos Buzztap @broncosbuzztap🔁denverpost​.com >> Broncos report card and game balls from Week 3 against the Bills
Theresa Hawes @NASCARChick43🔁.@Broncos on #Periscope: #BroncosCountry LIVE: @TrevorSiemian addresses the media. #DENvsBUF
Blank. @ABoyNamedRicky🔁@abbeyalmighty I suggest making the Vikings or Broncos your favorite sport time 😉😎
Larry Jordan @ltjor7023🔁Shame on the Broncos! I will no longer be a fan or watch on tv. Glad you lost game. Losers of the game and the co untry. Spoiled Brats!
Theresa Hawes @NASCARChick43🔁.@Broncos on #Periscope: #BroncosCountry LIVE: @VonMiller


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