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LeFralick @fralick3🔁 Hope Bron calls everyone broke on his way out (again).
BronBronBron Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Let the Bron free-agency summer of chaos begin...🍿
Bron David Valdez @Tru_DValdez🔁 Bron really pulled up to that press conference like "Guess who fault this ain't?"
Bron Scrawberry Blue Bell @Kill_Alex_🔁 Aw man @ShannonSharpe look what they doin. Smh Bron don’t deserve this.
D'Angelo Russell @Dloading🔁Bron to the Spurs #waitonIt
Antonio Brown @AB84🔁I always expect Bron to win hard to see him not win tonight still the best ever... Witness
Mature Gambino @Mickens__🔁@Smooth_Orator Lmaoooo at “Bron” being a team name!
🦀Yari🇩🇴 @A_yarix3🔁This is a stat that will lead ppl to believe "wow so KD is just as good a player as Bron is". He isn't. Bron is a better player.

Or "wow so Bron is just as good a scorer as KD". He isn't. KD is a better scorer.

Lawrence Levy @LawrenceTheHump🔁 Wow. Bron ain’t never gone know this level of happiness ever again
👸🏾Tayjah👸🏾 @Taymoneywhite🔁And I know you’ve watched enough sports. No pun intended but you don’t show your hand and release injuries when it’s your best guy. Y’all woulda slandered had we known after game 1 and said “oh here y’all go making another excuse for Bron losing.” Y’all really goofy 😂
ZEEBO🤙🏾 @zeebo3🔁Kobe averaged a point and 4 rebounds less during that 3pt. And Kobe was swept by the same 4HOF player team that swept Bron nextttt argument
AUSA HOUN🕵🏿‍♂️ @JHova_Witness🔁Dude say Bron had a broke hand and couldn’t see out his left eye and still averaged 30 smthn becoming slick gay over dude
80 proof @bighomiebran🔁 Y’all keep tryna justify it, but KD n Bron did the same thing regardless lol KD just did it better
Reggie B. 🎯 @1rlbjr_🔁bra what 😂 why they won't if they want rings for the next 5 years i bet they will. bron don't need the ball evey pos session bra for cavs he did but rockets thats gone take weight off his shoulders come on now but yall warriors fans don't wanna see that happend 🤣
♠Chief Gambino♣ @KoolAhhKen🔁If Pat gave Wade that 2 year deal in 2016 it would’ve expired next month and we would’ve had cap for Bron. But we all know where that money went
Michael Mancha @michaelmancha🔁 Bron to the Spurs #waitonIt
okcthundercover @okcthundercover🔁@MrMichaelLee @YahooSportsNBA Lol. If kd & bron switched teams bron would have won while standing out and kd would have also been great
Canice Nnanna @Canice100K🔁You’re exactly right, tho his influence didn’t age well. He’s not doing much with the nba currently, kids wanna be li ke curry, bc they don’t know as much about AI. But Magic, Bron, Jordan, Kobe, Steph they know who they are & what they do for bball today. Hope that made sense
#320Experience @DJ320_🔁@timthegenius 😂 Fool Bron walked passed all them niggas
Marlz @Marlon_COD🔁@vieuxnegre Nah I think his record worse than Bron own
Darris not Darius @RuffNeckNerd🔁I can’t believe Bron came out with this broken hand excuse after Game 4... it just looks and sounds bad man
Hennyhardaway Cesar 🇲🇽🇵🇪 @CZR93🔁 Bron fans should never call anyone a bandwagon fan. They don't even know who their team is next year yet
Mr. Young @MALYOUNG14🔁JR: "Aye Bron, where y'all at? I been at Oracle since 10. Y'all gonna be late."

LeBron: "Season been over foo!"

JR: "Word?"

Drew Crawford @atcrawford🔁Cleveland and Alabama were winning titles during the same year...

Then Bron started beefing with Saban.

carl @Lavishcarl🔁@Sharkywood2 You know once Bron leaves his weakass is gonna try to join them
True God® (DAR) @TrueGodImmortal🔁Spurs got way too many issues. Their era is over. Feel like they passed the torch to GS for the West dominance. Celti cs winning probably 2020 but I think it'll be Boston/GS next season in the Finals. Or Philly if Bron go there
Free Agent. @MrRedMartian🔁 Brady, Bron, Serena, Floyd, Mookie.
Sushi Mane @GervinTwittiot🔁Start of the season 2018-19:
Jr Smith: “Ayo Lebron I’m open Pass the Ball

Kevin Love: “nigga that’s Jeff green, Bron in San Antonio”

:) @PaulTweetsRIP🔁With Kyries legs Bron might have more prime years left than him lmao
BANKS 🦍 @trvplord12_🔁Lebron really still the face of the league lmao no one cares about gsw winning the title, the entire talk is about Bron losing another finals and what team he's going to join
AL 🇯🇲 @Im_JustAl🔁 😭😭😭😭😭 RT : bron stans going out sad smh niggas crying like bitches instead of talking cash shit about the super team he bouta put together next season. i’m disappointed in y’all.
bhavi shmurda @bains_bhavi🔁Lmao cavs fans really tryna find any way to “prove” bron the goat
StoneKoldReedHouston @androgyREED🔁I hope cavs fans don’t do the most when Bron leaves this time. He came back, made it right, and even brought home a r ing. Now, *cough* let him *cough* come to *cough* houston *cough*...
Nat Gallagher @nathemainG🔁So I was just thinking, Miami could get the Banana Boat crew for next season.

Wade: stays in Miami
Melo: Trade Dion and JJ for him
CP3: Sign and Trade Tyler Johnson and Goran Dragic
LeBron: Sign and Trade Hassan

CP3-Wade-Melo-Bron-KO-Bam-JRich-Justise-Rio = Championship

Ray Reeves #1⃣5⃣ @ITzzRay15🔁I wouldn’t be mad at Bron in San Antonio, but is Spurs Twitter as fundamental as their team is? When Bron takes someone’s life on the break do I have to act like I’ve seen it before? Would I still be allowed to tweet in all caps? These things are important
Ashton Kusher @HighTendencies_🔁@DCS3223 Exactly he had a washed all star TWO of em the third was out of shape, Bron had young all stars ALWAYS in their prime
Cade @10cadehuber🔁Lmao I’m sorry to say this but to all the BK fans asking me/us to recruit Bron. He ain’t coming here lol I’m not even gonna sell y’all that dream.


We got future top 5 C in the league. Just be patient

🎬Quezy Ent.🎭 @quezybobanga_🔁 So Bron was playing with a broken hand, one eye, and that team??? That's wild.
Tone  @216Tone🔁Bron wouldn’t think of being on the same team as Brody lmfao
Alex Musibay @ANM90🔁 CP3-Wade-Bron-Melo-Bam

Here for it*

It* = pie in the sky idea.

KP13 @KhrisPam13🔁 for everybody who thinks Durant is better than Bron .. 😴
JiggwitdaVi$or @JiggReese🔁BOOOOO lil bron is going to duke tho
Bartholomew Kuma @Shogun_Saimoto🔁Imagine thinking Bron staying. 😂😂 😂
✨Mr. Akuffo✨ @deivid_smn🔁@Rico_AYV @KingJames But who’s arguing between MJ and Bron? I mentioned Kobe too but that was disregarded. KD will do that job.
RaeBuckets3️⃣ @Raekwonnnn🔁Can everybody stop this bron to the Nola, dude not coming down here 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
808 ℕᵃɳƌєʊẋ 808 ʗʟ∆ℙ @2Nandope🔁Bron to SA confirmed
scott witmer @scottwitmer1111🔁Indian fan ? No such.thing really
They didnt show up until the end
I promise you.
After 1/2 season
1/2 fill ed arena.
Morgan Sherm @morganLOOKS🔁@larryislegend Somebody gotta handle that for Bron. This dude is OC
MegaQuan🏀2️⃣2️⃣😈 @Quan_Szn🔁What? Here comes more bs from bron fans 🤦🏽‍♂️yall come up wit anythin g
Jayson Tatum's Burner Account ☘️ (0-0) @PureGreenBlood🔁I don't think he's going to San Antonio. Pop has to force himself into the conversation and convince Bron to meet wit h them. Sounds like he has zero interest, maybe he meets with them out of respect, but actually joining up, idk. Not with the Kawhi saga going on.
Austin Martin @aston_martin12🔁@Tywilliams15 I’m just saying Kobe w 7, MJ w 6 and Bron w 3 makes things interesting
Tony Quintero @tony_quintero10🔁mentally preparing myself to not get mad at all the fake laker fans to start coming out when bron gets traded to the lakers
Garrett / Dree @GMD235🔁So where all the Bron fans jumping to next? lol cause I know you ain’t gonna like the Cavs, unless you live in Clevel and. Battle of the bandwagons. Warriors v. Bron and crew.
Nbagods @Nbagods2🔁NAME a superstar LeBron beat in the east. I'll wait..the Greek freak, kryie.. the Celtics best player was a High sch ool McDonalds all American less than 2 years ago 19 yrs old and took Bron to 7 games.. guesd they were stack too
♠️Shawno Madoff♠️ @Shawn__Don_🔁lol let y’all tell it bron weak
:) @PaulTweetsRIP🔁I hope Bron goes to LA. I've changed my mind. I want Bron, Kawhi and/or PG to LA.
Negan @ScoobMH🔁No what your doing is corny your trying to discredit the team for the sake of trying to say bron ain’t create a super team Ray Allen pushing 40 but the reason y’all got one of the rings Shane battier playing the 4 was fucking hooping and locking up nigga Mario charmers and mike
Thanos Did Nothing Wrong @RevanTyranus🔁"Least Bron ain't get swept in the first round by the greatest Celtics team ever"

Nigga had to create a big 3 and wait til they got old to beat the Pierce/KG/Ray Celtics lol. You niggas sound dumb as hell

Ivan ortiz @Irv_Gotti___🔁Bron whatever you do bro respect.. never forget this man came back and won a championship that brought our city closer than we ever was DONT ACT LIKE YALL FORGOT we could have nothing🤷🏾‍♂️ lmao
Larry Legend @larryislegend🔁@morganLOOKS Thats a fight Bron do not want.
DOME @DenimByDome🔁Imagine how Bron's wife feels at these rumours
Big 14✌🏻🤮🖤 @pepperjakcheese🔁If I’m Bron I’m either going to Philly or I’m getting on the phone with Boggie and saying let’s go to San Antonio
Jim Park @Sheridanblog🔁His value went away as soon as he teamed up with LeBron, just the way Bosh's value did. You play with LeBron, you wi ll be diminished because HE has to be the only true great. Even if u hit the biggest shot in franchise history, u ain't shit compared to Bron.
Shai @Shaimarion🔁Brady, Bron, Serena, Floyd, Mookie.
Markell @NLMBkellz😭😭😭😭😭 🔁 bron stans going out sad smh niggas crying like bitches instead of talking cash shit about the super team he bouta put together next season. i’m disappointed in y’all.
〽️©〽️ @LastKingMar🔁Kobe fans swear he better than Bron lmao bro stop . Compare Kobe to Bird . Leave the GOAT convos to MJ & Bron, the real goats lmao
Vaughan Hanson @V_Hanson21🔁list of nba teams that won an nba finals in the last 20 years.


competitive balance never existed.

7:25 @hilmo_hive🔁🤣🤣🤣 Warriors only the greatest team ever when they beat Bron. Any other time they’re lucky to face a team that’s not healthy
JohnnyBoy @LiveFrmCarolina🔁@PuertoRic89 Its gonna feel weird but that's what its looking like for Bron. He already got two houses out there
KB @__kb12🔁Crazy how bron in his 15th season going on 16th & playing like he just came out of college
LeBryan James aka Pusha B @TheTruthpick🔁 JR Smith's chest is way softer than a whiteboard so Bron really has no one to blame for that injury other than himself.
valerie c. @LILUZIVAL🔁 if bron comes to the lakers that’s cool but his fans?? y’all can’t come 😂
World B. Free 🌍🐻 @93RalphLauren🔁Bron, Kawhi & LA...coached by Pop? Say goodnight.
LeJorhéy James🐉 @SupaSaiyanJorge🔁 @JoshCribbs16 @KingJames @russwest44 @cavs Would be epic if Russ and Bron took down Durrant.
FakeBonanza 🔫 @Esko_baar🔁Bron you really want this nigga telling you to download his new tape for year to come ?
Dillon Albury @DillonAlbury🔁Peopl hate playing with Bron tho
Vincent Cook @Vince_Cook🔁Does anyone want to remind KD of his comments when Bron went to the Heat? Pot meet kettle... but this is worse.. Bron actually took it at face value and said yea I went to a better team to win.. KD trying to act like he went to a perennial loser and brought them to promised land.
Scott Flowers @TheScottFlowers🔁I agree. He wants to run everything himself. He hasn't had bad coaches, but he hasn't had elite ones either. If he di d, maybe he'd be comfortable stepping back and just playing basketball. Kobe and MJ had the best ever. I wish could have that a few seasons.


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