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Jorge Luis Lopez Esq @lopezgovlaw🔁 A tough break for @Blaney early on Monday.


Bristol Visit Bristol @VisitBristol🔁 #Bristol looking beautiful at the weekend!
#RiverLife #VisitBristol ❤️
BristolBristolBristolBristol Hannah More Primary @HannahMorePri🔁Exploring @Bristol before the 3D Planetarium show!! #year5 #curious #learners
Bristol Jive Bristol @JiveBristol🔁 Map of Bristol's air pollution problems. Environmental science workshop @NHM_London today
Bristol Lost Event (Cardiff) @LostEvent_CWL🔁Club Night: Join us on our weekly Thursday Night out in Bristol #Cardiff -
Bristol Great Food Club @greatfoodmag🔁 Lamb sweetbreads, Madeira, broccoli & wild garlic. @Grow_Bristol radish Rioja #Bristolfood
Bristol Landon Shaffner @LandonShaffner🔁 .@JimmieJohnson wins again in Bristol #NASCAR
Bristol Nascar World @NascarWorldNews🔁Monday Bristol NASCAR Notebook - ESPN
Bristol NASCAR Racing USA @NascarRacingUSA🔁Driver social media reaction after an electrifying Bristol race #nascar
Bristol Insider @insiderswest🔁#ICYMI Revenue soars at @BristolAirport
BristolBristolBristolBristol Ryan Farmintino @rrfarmintino🔁A great weekend for Team 48 in Bristol!!!
Bristol MET Coaches @metcoaches🔁This Saturday, @Saracens vs Bristol Rugby. We’re sure Saracens will do a great job!
Sky Bet @SkyBetIt could be a historical day... 🏆

fans - 🔁//" target="_blank">

Harrison Burton @HBurtonRacing🔁5 wins in the books = 5 days of giveaways! One winner will be selected each day this week! Rt for a chance at a signe d VL hat from Bristol!
Drew Bob Dickson @MrDrewski101🔁Bristol 10k practise run. "Quite enjoyable." #Bristol #walk #jog #run #Bristol10k
Tim Bailey @Timbaileyyeah🔁The Fall you could take home to meet the parents. Brilliant debut from Lice!
Sam @Taster77🔁@drewwhufc @SUMACband No chance, working late and in Bristol! Saw them on their last tour; absolutely crushing and sooo loud!!
luke @boul_luke🔁@O2music is the Bristol date for paramore going to be on priority sale?
Mini NASCAR News @NASCAR_mini🔁Driver social media reaction after an electrifying Bristol race #NASCAR
Chase Carbon @ChaseCarbon🔁Most Wenglish receive the 'local' news from England by pointing their aerials voluntarily or otherwise 2wrds Midlands or Bristol
Jive Bristol @JiveBristol🔁 @Chopsy_Baby Sorry to hear that @Chopsy_Baby. Come on Bristol - #PickUpProperly!
Sarah Hart @sarahhart27🔁@bex_in_bristol How was I not following you? FIXED.
I think I'm just a wuss nowadays. I can't take it if it's below 68 in my house.
Lewis Baker @I_Am_Bristol🔁Snowing!! Are you serious #gloucester
GSRescueElite @gsrescueelite🔁10yr old Chief showing that the oldies can join in

Darren Joint @darrenjoint🔁We've got our own 'Grammar Vigilante' & apparently there's one in too!
Nyiesha.Hofficial @littlenyi🔁Become a Counsellor- Let us help you help others. Join Chrysalis @Bristoljobsfair tomorrow
#CubeShow @CubeShow🔁 @CubeShow I like Bristol when it hosts football games
Lucibee @_Lucibee🔁Not always a fan of the 'CFS/ME' research collaborative but would love to hear Dr Avindra Nath speak: Great for in Bristol who can go:
Michael Blackburn @mblackburn_87🔁@CubeShow I like Bristol when it hosts football games
Together4Bristol @tog4bristol🔁Our is still seeing an increase in the number of emergency food supplies given to local people in crisis.
Barbs @barbs_paul🔁a.) It's Barbs.
b.) Bristol
Hilary Adams @HilaryAdams15🔁Bristol is in Tennessee AND Virginia, so YES the Umbrella Offer does extend to race fans. Just call 866-455-7223
Luke Jerram @lukejerram🔁Have you been to see the beautiful 'Glass Microbiology' exhibition yet? Included in entry to At-Bristol!
Becky Gilles @bex_in_bristol🔁@sarahhart27 I refuse! We turned it off two weeks ago and haven't turned it back on. #heatmiser
Jive Bristol @JiveBristol🔁Always a fine Engineering city. - Note to Bristol residents: He was NOT born in Bristol, just FYI ;-)
JC @JC_9312🔁@RobertCorp Bristol
Jonathan Downing @jonadowning🔁Very proud that my time (so far) as Bristol West MP inc. the report I initiated, chaired and will be launching today
Bristol Biz @BristolBizz🔁 Grown-ups, assemble - you can become superheroes at At-Bristol for one night only this week
Bristol Biz @BristolBizz🔁 Police scour Stoke Park for clues into disappearance of missing trainee nurse Anna Lewis
Sam Mason @Mason12Sam🔁Lots and lots and lots of pictures from Saturday's win over Bristol Rovers can be found online -
Gingey Bites @Gingeybites🔁Hello Have you heard? We’re Bristol’s newest street food market and we’re launching on 5 May!
Industry Pharmacists @iphorg🔁Bristol-Myers Squibb's chief strategy officer will be leaving amid a management shuffle..
Kev Taylor @tazzed77🔁@MetroBusTW @karinsmyth @BristolCouncil i bet they have forgotten to do this..oh well good ole @MetroBusTW making bristol lives better hey
Julie Howell @HowellOWGreens🔁I'm so gutted to be missing this. Any Greens close by, please make sure you attend 's opening of 's Bristol West shop!
Bristol Biz @BristolBizz🔁 Navy commander found dead in Bristol flat - family say stress of Trident nuclear weapons led…
Jive Bristol @JiveBristol🔁Police investigating complaint about 40 Romanian bus drivers living in closed-down old people's home - Bristol Post
Roll for the Soul @RftS_Bristol🔁'I’ve often wondered why Torx even exists and if the smattering of bicycle ones are some kind of test'
M @maddiesteane🔁 I'm from Bristol not Birmingham though
Nick Short @nickfshort🔁PLEASE RT: Search continues for Anna Lewis - last seen leaving Southmead Hospital on 13/4 - latest here:
Oi @badgyalrow🔁I don't wanna go back home period unless I have to but even if I have to I refuse to live with that witch, I'd rather move down to Bristol.
Zoe Banks @ZoeBanksGross🔁Five breweries are opening their doors to the public for the East Bristol Brewery Trail later this month:
Jen @Z06jen🔁@allebachcj such rude news to hear this morning 😕 did you see his post Bristol video? He seemed dejected but this surprised me 😱
Jive Bristol @JiveBristol🔁 rally this Saturday 1pm, use to and protect and public services
Sarah Saunders @SJS_31🔁Wanting to learn your birds in Bristol. Leading a 2-day bird ID course for beginners on the 29/30 April for
Nathaniel Higgins @politicallynate🔁I'm so gutted to be missing this. Any Greens close by, please make sure you attend 's opening of 's Bristol We st shop!
Areti @AreeCY🔁Redland Green (state) School #Bristol forced to ask parents for money due to government cuts
Nick Brincks @NickBrincks🔁It's too bad that current Bristol has to deal with "old" Bristol debate. If "new" Bristol was a brand new track - the y'd absolutely love it.
Daniel Phillips @danielp4848🔁@JimmieJohnson @LowesRacing Congratulations! I was at your last Bristol win as well win you got number 50!!! Let's go get 83!!! #Chasing8
SKY4 @SKY4_TV🔁After Monday at Bristol, is next. Preview with this week on Raceline.
สมชาย โก้ @somchai_ko🔁[FoxSport] Driver social media reaction after an electrifying Bristol race
Ian & Mates @PennyRaffles🔁We are going to be this come and visit our stand and enter our and meet the team
Jive Bristol @JiveBristol🔁If you were on that farcical EZ407 flight from Bristol to Glasgow last night, here's a handy form for you
Rock Privado @rockprivado🔁Yes - Like It Is, at the Bristol Hippodrome via @streamingsites
Jarred @JarredThacker🔁Wow. NASCAR will not be the same. Guess I need to try and see him at Bristol this fall. One last time.
BRISTOL @DailyBRISTOL🔁Avon Fire and Rescue recruiting just 16 firefighters after loss of 250 staff in recent years
Jennifer Tankard @JenniferTankard🔁Are you interested in meeting values-aligned businesses in Bristol? Come to the social on 27 April:
Nic H Ola @nedj18🔁Missing trainee nurse Anna Lewis from Fishponds was last seen last seen leaving Southmead Hospital on Thurs 13 April

Adam Brown  @_itsAdman🔁@RenegadeRoss Manchester definitely! But it's really awkward getting anywhere else with uni. Gunna try Edinburgh and maybe Bristol too 😁
Turner @brightfuse🔁A shot of @f_o_e_s on the @d_s_h_s #afh10 tour @theklabristol @ Thekla Bristol
Rhiannon aka Non @nonwatcyn🔁Most Wenglish receive the 'local' news from England by pointing their aerials voluntarily or otherwise 2wrds Midlands or Bristol
A.J. Armstrong @ajarmstrongtgh🔁Retweet to win. We have teamed up with to give away pairs of tickets and a free G&T.
Richard Faveri @RichardFaveri🔁 .@JimmieJohnson's numbers keep growing, which begs the question, just how high can they go? #NASCAR
Richard Faveri @RichardFaveri🔁How was #48 able to grind out a late win in Bristol?

Our team breaks down 's epic late surge.

Eric @VctryLnSprts🔁@KyleLarsonRacin Not only was it great racing, but you are really fun to watch hanging it wide-open around Bristol. Good stuff!
Tessa Zalewska @Tessicat🔁The next quiz is on May 22nd and I would really love for you to be there
Jive Bristol @JiveBristol🔁 Album Launch on May 20th at ! It's gonna be huge! Get tix now! Tix and full tour dates:
Kirsty Watkins @krustyy03🔁Wondering if the @megabusuk from 2.20pm Uwe Bristol to Birmingham bus is late at all?
Raceway Insider @RacewayInsider🔁Monster Energy #NASCAR Cup Series Power Rankings after the #FoodCity500 at @BMSupdates. @artistpapers🔁This is absolutely fantastic! And I'm glad to hear our 500 Bristol Smooth paper passed with flying colours!
News by Amanda @amandasome🔁Driver social media reaction after an electrifying Bristol race: See what drivers and other NASCAR folks…


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