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JamieVullo @JamieVullo🔁 #Respect Brian Kilmeade responds to #Vile #Nasty late night host Jimmy Kimmel
Brian KilmeadeBrian Kilmeade Sopan Deb @SopanDeb🔁.@jimmykimmel goes **off** on @kilmeade: "I don't get anything out of this, Brian, you phony little creep."
Brian Kilmeade Eleanore Labit @kjubeau🔁 Fox host Brian Kilmeade's response to Jimmy Kimmel is just sad
Brian Kilmeade Glenn Quagmire ☣ @Angelus1701🔁thehill: Kimmel blasts “phony little creep” Brian Kilmeade: “I’ll pound you when I see you” …
The Daily Beast @thedailybeast🔁Jimmy Kimmel destroys 'Fox & Friends' host Brian Kilmeade over health care: "I'll pound you when I see you"
Yashar Ali 🐘 @yashar🔁Jimmy Kimmel is ripping Fox and Friends host Brian @kilmeade right now...calling him "a phony little creep"
Donna Rostant @dmrostant🔁Kimmel blasts “phony little creep” Brian Kilmeade: “I’ll pound you when I see you”
Jamie Van Ersvelde @milksteak_jv🔁Kimmel tears apart Fox & Friends host Brian calling him "a phony creep" for attacking him on air and sucking up to him in private
Tim Scanlon @Parcival2🔁Brian Kilmeade Responds To Kimmel: 'I Didn't Kiss Your Butt' | Crooks and Liars via @crooksandliars
Armadillo 6 @rwwhitton72🔁Jimmy Kimmel Takes Aim @ Sen. Cassidy&Brian Kilmeade: “I’ll Pound You When I See You” [VIDEO]

Ha. I'll buy tickets.

Maggie @MaggieRose73🔁GOP Sen and Fox's Brian make fools of themselves



Just Me @angp44🔁Healthcare expert Jimmy Kimmel calls Brian Kilmeade a "phony little creep"

Jimmy represents how the modern Left debates. Name calling. SAD!

carl @CarlMatsx2🔁 “Oh, I’ll pound you when I see you."

Um...did he just say that? HOLY CRAP.

Cake is a Lie @pigpen7877🔁The Independent: Jimmy Kimmel tears apart Fox News host and doubles down on his Republican healthcare bill attack.
Tim Brown @tmbrown327🔁He’s running.
P. Michael Weisser @pmweisser🔁Jimmy Kimmel Shreds Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade: 'Phony Little Creep' | HuffPost
chris cupp @chriscuppmsa🔁Best thing about this tweet is that Keith & jimmy believe Fox & Brian would give a second thought that either of u 2 asshats don't like them
Barbara @sheltielove🔁Brian Kilmeade's sad response to : "I’m 5’10", 174, I’m sorry that’s not good enough for you..."
PeterS @PS641600🔁Jimmy Kimmel rips into “phony little creep” Brian Kilmeade
Liberty Girl @1AreYouKittenMe🔁 Here is my response to @jimmykimmel from last night's @JimmyKimmelLive
Nancy @anniebearwolf🔁Kimmel saved his harshest words for 'Fox & Friends' co-host Brian Kilmeade: "I'll pound you when I see you"
Franklin Guy @FranklinGuy2🔁Typical liberal, point hate at all (contd)⚡️ “Jimmy Kimmel blasts Fox News' Brian Kilmeade over health care debate”

🔹🔷Britpoptarts🔷🔹 @Britpoptarts🔁LOL: Jimmy Kimmel says Brian Kilmeade "kisses my ass like a little boy meeting Batman."
JAIME LEDEZMA @HARDTWO🔁Jimmy Kimmel blasts Fox News host Brian Kilmeade over healthcare criticism
jan dodge @tenajd🔁Jimmy Kimmel calls Fox's Brian Kilmeade "a phony little creep” and tells him he will "I’ll pound you when I see you"

Conversation Bug @Conversationbug🔁Jimmy Kimmel: Senator Bill Cassidy “Got Caught With His GOPenis Out” In Obamacare Replace Bill via @deadline
Mindy @MindyWHmag🔁Jimmy Kimmel responds to Bill Cassidy’s healthcare lies and “phony little creep” Brian Kilmeade
Mary Ann Davids @msadie9575🔁Jimmy Kimmel threatened "Fox & Friends" host Brian Kilmeade: 'I’ll pound you when I see you"
mohammed ziri @sikrdan🔁Brian Kilmeade Responds to Jimmy Kimmel’s Dis: ‘I Hope Your Son Gets Bet... via @YouTube
RebelChick @RebelChick1111🔁Brian, big fan, & former big fan of Kimmel. UR response was inadequate. I'm disappointed U didn't double down. He's i gnorant on this & nasty
lfclblfan @lfclblfan🔁Brian Kilmeade Whines Jimmy Kimmel “Attacked Me” After Being Called “Phony Little Creep” In Health Care Fracas
JS👠 @judy_shwabe🔁Kimmel actually threatened Brian Kilmeade and Stelter and his colleagues won't say a word.

Their outrage is bullshit!

Earl Harris @har067014🔁Jimmy Kimmel has extended his war of words to Fox co-host Brian Kilmeade whom he called "a phony little creep."
NunyaDB @It_is_NunyaDB🔁Kimmel blasts “phony little creep” Brian Kilmeade: “I’ll pound you when I see you”
Cilley Girl @Letstalkturkey1🔁 Jimmy Kimmel is roasting Cassidy and Brian Kilmeade
Eddie 🔹 @eddiecarl4468🔁Kimmel actually threatened Brian Kilmeade and Stelter and his colleagues won't say a word.

Their outrage is bullshi t!

Cilley Girl @Letstalkturkey1🔁 RIP Brian Kilmeade. Death by @jimmykimmel
KDWalsh @Kevinwalsh5506🔁Jimmy Kimmel wants to pound Brian Kilmeade the next time he sees him. If that happens, who will win the fight?

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Deplorable David @redsonic17🔁I've watched for over ten years &like him. Seems 2be a nice guy. Don't watch Kimmel so no idea of his diss, but Brian has class.
Sam Belacqua @sambelacqua🔁 Kimmel's full, double-downing, beautifully furious monologue from Wed night here:
Cilley Girl @Letstalkturkey1🔁 “He kisses my ass like a little boy meeting Batman” @jimmykimmel on Brian Kilmeade
alan berk @ajberk🔁Jimmy Kimmel Shreds Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade: 'Phony Little Creep' YEAH BUT DID THEY CALL CONGRESS ON HEALTHCARE


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