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Milwaukee Brewers @Brewers🔁GRAND SLAM! Ryan Braun goes WAY out to center to put the #Brewers up 8-2! #ThisIsMyCrew #MILvsPHI
Ray Silva @rayrynofan🔁 Per @Ken_Rosenthal: #Brewers showing interest in J.A. Happ but “highly unlikely” #BlueJays trade him
Ken Rosenthal @Ken_Rosenthal🔁Sources: #Brewers showing interest in #BlueJays’ Happ as well as #Athletics’ Gray. Others also on Happ, but “highly unlikely” he gets moved.
Milwaukee Brewers @Brewers🔁Ryan Braun was tied for most grand slams in #Brewers franchise history.... until today! #ThisIsMyCrew
zack bittner @arrontheotter🔁Sources: showing interest in ’ Happ as well as ’ Gray. Others also on Happ, but “highly unlikely” he gets moved.
John Fauser @johnfauser🔁. and the are ready to in the series finale of !
Spud Lovr @SpudLovr🔁Flip on game in Point. Promo comes on: "Wash away the lies with Rush Limbaugh." This is the crap rural Wis lives under?

Steve Greenberg @SLGreenberg🔁Great weekend for the #Cubs, but how big for the #Brewers if they win again today and keep their lead at 5.5?
Jake McHugh @mchugh_jake🔁 owner Mark Attanasio on next two weeks before trade deadline: "We have to make the right move, either way (trade or not to trade)."
Brie Skolaski @skolasbn🔁Just a Sunday at the ballpark. …
Dan Pfeifer @MUPfeif🔁#GameOps realization, getting to watch as a fan for the first time in a while: There's more "room to breathe" in the #brewers production.
Jason Meinen @mr_meinen🔁@EthanHapp22 Any leverage you have in recruiting your cousin to the #Brewers would be greatly appreciated... #OnWisconsin
Brad_Deuster @Brad_Deuster🔁@thekellyprice People told the usher they were cold..I hope he was kidding ha #Brewers
Call to the Pen @CalltothePen🔁Somehow, Zach Davies continues to win. #Brewers
WiscoSportsCouch @CouchWisco🔁#Garza looking like a major league pitcher again! #Brewers have it going!
Steve Perhach @PerhachESPN🔁Garza is today. Working out of some spots. This time, gave up a lead off double, but strands the runner again
David Strobach @BleacherBoy10🔁 #Brewers appears solidly in the starting pitching waters.
Tom @Haudricourt🔁Garza pops up #Brewers killer Maikel Franco on 3-2 pitch and strands runner at second. Still 0-0 going to bottom of 3rd.
Zach Heilprin @ZachHeilprin🔁#Brewers showing interest in the cousin of Wisconsin's Ethan Happ.
Ben Nicholson-Smith @bnicholsonsmith🔁Per @Ken_Rosenthal: #Brewers showing interest in J.A. Happ but “highly unlikely” #BlueJays trade him
WiscoSportsCouch @CouchWisco🔁#Herrera can't stop hitting against the #Brewers . 4 hits past 3 days after double in top of 3rd.


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