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emily runion @erunion24🔁 Pretty much how we all felt last night. @EricSogard @Brewers @MLB @Cut4
Brewers Josh Franzen @ChaBoyJFranimal🔁"Phillips me up buttercup baby" #BrewersSongs @Brewers
THE REPUBLICAN DALEK @RepublicanDalek🔁@WSJbeerbaron @Brewers @EricThames @coreyknebel29 RAAAAAAAAGE
Brewers leo alexis gomez @leo_apl18🔁 First career @MLB start? ✅

First career strikeout? ✅

Cursed DC Sport fan @Redskinsfan9000🔁 So... it's still raining here. Who's up for a hashtag battle? #BrewersSongs.... let's go.
Brewers a wandering soul @_brunette_angel🔁 And Iiiiiiiiiii Will Always Looooooovvvvvveeeeee UECK! #BrewersSongs
Brewers Chicago Cubs @Cubs🔁Here is today's #Cubs starting lineup against the #Brewers.

Game preview:

MLB @MLB🔁Winners of 9 of their past 11 games, the are flying high and have taken over 1st place in the NL Central.
Sam Dekker @dekker🔁How bout them Brewers
Milwaukee Brewers @Brewers🔁 @Brewers Caldwell Me Maybe #BrewersSongs

Please, Cubs grounds crew, for everyone's sake, hurry with that field prep...

Cursed DC Sport fan @Redskinsfan9000🔁@AdamMcCalvy @Brewers Nats fan there
Adam Michael @bootsiealert🔁@LukeLegend27 @Brewers Dust in the Lind #BrewersSongs
Fred Astaire @FADSWisconsin🔁The latest The Best Of Milwaukee! Thanks to @SequannaTaylor @bopackbo @JFkeiko #milwaukee #brewers
Jared Sasala @jared_salsa🔁@Brewers "Jett Airliner" by The Steve Miller Bandy
Seattle Beer Alert @SEABeerAlert🔁Flanders Red by Pfriem Family Brewers found at The Beer Authority. Fantastic.
Brewers Fans @BrewersViews🔁#MilwaukeeBrewers #Brewers Brewers are brewing a ballpark-exclusive beer
Milwaukee Lucas @LucasGustafson🔁What's my Thames again? #BrewersSongs @Brewers
Adam McCalvy @AdamMcCalvy🔁@Brewers Caldwell Me Maybe #BrewersSongs

Please, Cubs grounds crew, for everyone's sake, hurry with that field prep...

Robert Gauthier @TheThrob1🔁Co-worker: How the Brewers doing?
Me: So far Sogard.
@danibanani24 @Gauth05 @mrgfactoftheday @Brewers
Joe @BrewerFan84🔁 #Brewers and Cubs will resume play at 5:35. All 15 fans remaining are thankful they stayed.
GeorgeTheGreek 🇬🇷 @greekmvp🔁 Cubs - Brewers restart 5:35
Aliotas Pub& Grill @AliotasPub🔁The game will resume at approximately 5:35pm CT.

Until then, continue to share your best , like... "Manny & the Jett"

MLB Pipeline @MLBPipeline🔁 No. 19 prospect Freddy Peralta has 47 K's in 30 IP for & starts tonight. Pipeline Preview:
Nick Van Wagenen @MKEnick🔁I'm Bringin' Sexson Back #BrewersSongs @Brewers
Brandon Spinner @wxSpinner89🔁 Probable Cubs-Brewers resumption at 5:35. @670TheScore
AdvancedSportsLogic @AdvSportsLogic🔁Fantasy Baseball: The Top 3 Pitchers to Add-
J.C. VanHoose @Liquor_Sweet🔁 Game note: Brewers-Cubs expected to resume at 6:35pm ET Friday.
Jake Weaver @jake_weaver17🔁@s_toner_4 @RichardMattox5 @Twins @Indians @Brewers @Cubs @Rockies @Dodgers I want them all to be real
Pirates SportSpyder @PiratesSpyder🔁[DK on Pittsburgh Sports] Pirates claim reliever Mariñez from Brewers #Pirates
S. @seetalms🔁 #Cubs vs #Brewers to restart at 5:35 pm CT
Siera Santos @SieraSantos🔁Rain delay is nearing an end. and to resume play at approximately 5:35 p.m. on CSN & streaming live:
Milwaukee Lucas @LucasGustafson🔁Guerra my dreams and into my car. #BrewersSongs @Brewers
DK Pittsburgh Sports @DKPghSports🔁#Pirates claim reliever Mariñez from Brewers

@DustinDopirak has more from PNC Park:

Chicago Tribune @chicagotribune🔁Cubs right fielder Jason Heyward, who has been out since May 5, will be activated from the disabled list Saturday
Amanda Swartman @AmandaSwartman🔁Do you want to be able to enjoy a patio beer at the brewery?

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Greg Barker @barke012🔁The Brewers delay show is super low quality and awkward.
Nick Van Wagenen @MKEnick🔁Summer of '82. #BrewersSongs @Brewers
Rush @erush710🔁Are they ever going to resume this Cubs/Brewers game? @MLB
Greg Matzek @gmatzek🔁Working my tail off on these #BrewersSongs, yet a #Brewers retweet remains elusive. My struggle is real.
brian henry @njsaint1🔁@GoPackGoJJH @Brewers @EricThames Thanks funny stuff. Lol
MKE Brewers Buzz @MKEBrewersBuzz🔁L MILWAUKEE Baseball WATER RESISTANT Jacket Men's XL Gray …
Sean McDermott @SeanMcDermott14🔁The #Cubs & Brewers will start up again in about 20 minutes
Milwaukee Brewers @Brewers🔁@ehowell10 Looking at a 5:35pm CT start.
Evan @Evan_lemieux🔁@Brewers If that 3rd place team was ahead this game would have been called already
Declan O'Connell @DeclanOConnell🔁Every @Brewers game so far this year in Chicago vs the @Cubs has been brutal. Been to two this year and both were soooo cold
94.5 KTI COUNTRY @kticountry🔁Easy game for us throwbacks @Brewers ...Rockin' Robin #BrewersSongs
Milwaukee Lucas @LucasGustafson🔁Shaw at the Devil #BrewersSongs @Brewers
Bruce Levine @MLBBruceLevine🔁Cubs - Brewers restart 5:35
Jack Plumb @Jacktussplumb🔁Tonight on
Brian @brianssportssh1🔁#Twins, #Brewers and #Rockies are in first place and it's late May. Great story so far! Tea leaves say no chance they end up in 1st place. 🤔
John J Kirsch @JohnInNeenah🔁@Brewers Thames 4 th mmrs #BrewerSongs
Nick Van Wagenen @MKEnick🔁Who stole the Kieschnick? #BrewersSongs @Brewers
Pair O' Dice Brewing @PairODiceBrew🔁 New awesome beers are now available at Brewers Tasting Room: @pairodicebrew Cascade Amber Ale Come get some
Hannah @HannahTocco🔁 How bout them Brewers
Milwaukee Brewers @Brewers🔁 Forever Yount #BrewersSongs
Michael Henk @mykenk🔁Guess Espino isn't getting his first MLB win today after all. #Brewers
Robert O'Neill @RobertONeill31🔁 Preseason pretenders the Milwaukee Brewers are in first place in the NL Central. People forget that.
Bob Sanders @Bob_L0b_Law🔁@Brewers you got the right BRAUN baby - uh huh.
MIKE KRAMER @BlexClex🔁Get out & play. Back in my day we played games with ball lightning flying through the outfield & killer bees in the infield. #brewers #cubs
Bob Sanders @Bob_L0b_Law🔁@Brewers near. VILLAR! Wherever you are. You know that my heart SCAHILL go on.
Patrick Moran @Patrick15954324🔁@Cubs I have 2,500$ on the Brewers!!!! Cubbies ain't making the playoffs this year.
Kelly Price @thekellyprice🔁Best rain delay social media move. Of. All. Time.
Sports are dumb. @thegnc🔁Preseason pretenders the Milwaukee Brewers are in first place in the NL Central. People forget that.
True Guidance, NFP @trulyguide🔁 Cubs and Brewers to restart at approximately 5:35. Brewers lead 4-3 in the sixth.
Milwaukee Lucas @LucasGustafson🔁"Brew and Yellow." Or actully just "Blue and Yellow" really. #BrewersSong @Brewers


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