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SatRadFanCentral @satradiofan🔁 The #Braves host the Brewers tonight at @SunTrustPark! #ChopOn
Brewers Joey Phalen @jkpaclbrewfanwi🔁 Here is tonight's #Brewers lineup for game 1 of #MILatATL! #ThisIsMyCrew
RDPinRVA @UVApolitics87🔁 The #Braves host the Brewers tonight at @SunTrustPark! #ChopOn
Brewers MKE Brewers Buzz @MKEBrewersBuzz🔁 : Michael Kors Hamiliton Purse
BrewersBrewersBrewersBrewers Dick Small @mylittlepenis_1🔁Just back from the pub horny but with brewers droop
Milwaukee Brewers @Brewers🔁Watching this guy never gets (g)old. 🏅

cc: @RawlingsSports

Milwaukee Brewers @Brewers🔁ICYMI: 2017 1st pick Keston Hiura officially signed yesterday! Retweet to win a ball signed by him! Rules:
Milwaukee Brewers @Brewers🔁. sets the modern record for relievers to start a season with his 38th consecutive game with a strikeout!
Tyler Cantrell @Tyler_Cantrell🔁14-year-old Tristan from Wisconsin wished to meet Hank Aaron. A huge thanks to and for making it possible!
Alex Botts @LeftSlothrop🔁That seems nutty to me. Rage feels way, way better into Brewers, Butchers, Union mirror, Masons, Morticians, and Eng ineers at least
Lozzie @mloszchuk🔁@CBCManitoba @beerwinnipeg @BarnHammerBeer Obviously this writer never tried any Prairie Sun beer... so many better sask brewers out there
The Brewer Nation @BrewerNation🔁Two former Brewers fall in Detroit today.
Brittney Gentry @BrittGentry04🔁The host the Brewers tonight at 7:35 ET on , & .
SMS Athletics @SMSOwls1🔁Game one lineup, . Villar leadoff at 2B & Braun hitting 3rd in LF. First pitch is 5:05pm.
Nathan Bliek @Bliek_Nathan🔁Should the Brewers try and bring back K-Rod?
Rincon Sports @rincon_sports🔁PIT@MIL: Hurdle on 4-2 loss against Brewers
Matt Schmieder @schmieder83🔁@BNightengale Brewers round 3
Rincon Sports @rincon_sports🔁6/22/17: Anderson, Shaw propel Brewers past Pirates
Marlawn Heavenly VII @Marlawn7🔁 @ , 7:35 PM EST Jun…
Rincon Sports @rincon_sports🔁6/22/17: Anderson, Shaw propel Brewers past Pirates
Stevie Florence @stevie_florence🔁 profits go to clean water projects in developing countries. Available in …
Cman's Sports @Cmanssportscave🔁@1057FMTheFan @SparkyRadio Could use him as a 7th or 8th inning man, he returns to the Brewers and returns to his dominant form every time.
Justin waterhouse @Oscarmax1976🔁 its nice its inspiration comes from uk brewers overseas,its basically 335ml alc4:3% with a fruity hoppy aroma rich m alty and
John Vosters @moojuce🔁 Brewers may look to solidify bullpen:
BaseballClick365 @BaseballClick36🔁@MLBRosterMoves @tigers I feel like brewers could try him out
Josh McGaughey @Jmcgoo262🔁Oh shit the Brewers are gonna bring back the 30 pitches of terror again huh
Blackfoot River @realgoodbeer🔁Blackfoot's brewers are taking a break from work today to play in the Dave Duensing Memorial golf tournament!
brewer fan @FanBrewer🔁@Brewers @Jimmy_J_Nelson Really?! Nick Franklin over Lewis Brinson? What a joke! Why?!
Cman's Sports @Cmanssportscave🔁@mlbtraderumors 👀👀👀👀👀 he's going to the Brewers plain and simple.
Tim Beighley @TimBeighley🔁6/23 vs (7:35)

Inciarte CF
Phillips 2B
Markakis RF
Adams 1B
Flowers C
Santana LF
Swanson SS
Camargo 3B
Foltynewicz P

C. Magenta Harman @cahr_man🔁Respectfully, Sir, for you to know that you would have to be omniscient (all-knowing) which is an attribute of the Go d of the Bible.
Brady Steinberg @bergstein24🔁Signs with Brewers, pitches lights out for month, flipped for a couple prospects. Seems like that's how it's gone a f ew years.
MKE Brewers Buzz @MKEBrewersBuzz🔁L 2017 Series 2 Milwaukee Lot Travis Shaw Taylor Jungmann MINT …
El Presidente @FermentNation🔁 News - Something Big Is Brewing: New Tech Helps Brewers Capture Carbon, Create…
Last Five Games @last5sports🔁#Brewers #Braves U9 -115 // Nelson coming together doubtful if ATL puts up a dozen on Jimmy #MLB
Cman's Sports @Cmanssportscave🔁@1057FMTheFan there a chance that the Brewers target Degrom now that the mets are looking to trade?
Ali Bomaye @Ali_B_🔁MLB Friday:

3U Cardinals ML
2U DBacks -1.5
1U Indians -1.5
1U Brewers ML
1U Rangers ML

Coach 13' Champs @CoachBourbonUSA🔁Wouldn't it be crazy if of all clubs the Mil Brewers keep the Cubs out of the playoffs this year? We are 70+ games in + this seems possible
Back Forty Brewers @BrewersBall🔁Brewers wrap up the regular season tonight in Langenburg @ 6:30 will play his 1st game in Langenburg since being tra ded in 03'
Chris Mehring @CMehring🔁Information for @TimberRattlers twinbill & an interview with #Brewers Farm Director Tom Flanagan are on the blog:
Greg Matzek @gmatzek🔁Meanwhile, the closer sitch looks just fine, as does C Manny Pina. Was 1st trade executed by David Stearns as Brewer s GM.
Kellen @KellenCaruso🔁 vs. (7:35 PM):

Inciarte CF
Phillips 2B
Markakis RF
Adams 1B
Flowers C
Santana LF
Swanson SS
Camargo 3B
Foltynewicz P

Braves Lineup @ATLBravesLineup🔁#Braves vs. #Brewers (7:35 PM):

Inciarte CF
Phillips 2B
Markakis RF
Adams 1B
Flowers C
Santana LF
Swanson SS
Camargo 3B
Foltynewicz P

MKE Brewers Buzz @MKEBrewersBuzz🔁L B RARE Slush Puppie Baseball Cup 1979 CECIL COOPER Milwaukee # 9 of 20 ……
105.7FM The FAN @1057FMTheFan🔁Hey #Brewers fans, should the Crew take a flier on K-Rod? -@SparkyRadio
Matt Jatkola @mattjatkola🔁Day 500 | Cram session. See if I get it right tomorrow afternoon at Nashua River Brewers…
Strangelove's @Strangelovesbar🔁Get ready to help Strangelove's welcome to Philly! Join the brewers and us on Monday…
Austin Bahr @packnation21🔁@m5mcgregor @Brewers @cameronstew @RawlingsSports Yeah but he plays 3rd not ss and he's in the American League
JackRussellTees @JackRussellTees🔁ICYMI: set the modern record for relievers to start a season with his 38th consecutive game with a K!
Ⓜ️att Everson @MEverson22🔁Round number 4!? It's worth the shot @Brewers
Van Aggson @VanAggson🔁San Diego brewers fare well, awards-wise
Timber Rattlers @TimberRattlers🔁Check the game notes and hear the interview with Brewers Farm Director Tom Flanagan on the blog: #TRatNation
Matthew J. Prigge @mjpmke🔁DO NOT THE FUCK CLAIM HIM @brewers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Molecular Narwhal @MoleculaNarwhal🔁Brewers Manhattan at 49th State Brewing Co. Amazing! Super unique, crazy flavor.
Coloradoan @coloradoan🔁Fort Collins' annual beer festival returns for its 28th year this weekend.
Cody Steger @ColossusOfClout🔁Wouldn't be shocked if the Brewers took a flier on KRod again. Been in the organization twice with moderate success
Austin Bahr @packnation21🔁Brinston doesn't seem ready at the plate he'll probably get 1 or 2 more starts before Braun comes back and Villar
Frank Cossentino @frank_coz🔁@mlbtraderumors One more time @Brewers? :)
Micro Matic @MicroMatic🔁1.2 million people are brewing their own beer. Will home-brewers imitate their favorite beers and not buy them?
Andy @Behind_The_Ivy🔁Brewers closer by dinner
MLB ⚾️ @MLBNews365_🔁That ball may still be in orbit #MLB

MJ @mjyeezy13🔁Get Degrom and Reed. Now. @Brewers
The Jensen Show @TheJensenShow🔁Delaware Brewers Say a Beer Tax Means Lost Jobs
101.7FM/1150AM WDEL @WDEL🔁Delaware Brewers Say a Beer Tax Means Lost Jobs
Jackson MacGillivray @jkmac1974🔁Drinking during the game worked for Bob Uecker in Major League. And probably for a good many of the Brewers past 25 seasons.
Austin Bahr @packnation21🔁Villar will probably be a bench player, Perez will probably switch with Broxton and santana
Tim @RealTimcy🔁Brewers Twitter Top 5: @akschaaf @bachlaw @BadgerNoonan @DimTillard @jpbreen Very Chicago-centric. Does Dillard count?
Doug @ManitobaMoney🔁⚾️🔥 6/23

.5* MLParlay:

2* MIL -115
1* TEX/NYY F5 u5.5 -105

-- Essentially a 2.5* play on the Brewers --

Austin Bahr @packnation21🔁Gold glover @redskinsfanswag
n. @TheRealNickRod6🔁Corey Knebel (): Set MLB record for RP with his 38th consecutive game with a strikeout to start a season, passing Aroldis Chapman.
Riley Zagrzebski @RileyZagrzebski🔁Game officially postponed for tonight, but Ryan Braun still had time to sign some autographs.
MKE Brewers Buzz @MKEBrewersBuzz🔁L MILWAUKEE 2017 Museum Collection Baseball 6Box Half Case Break #1 …


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