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Brewers Teresa 🌼 #BB19 @redsmccurdygal🔁 PREVIEW: Feldman makes return to rotation against Brewers.


Brewers Nicole Rouse @NicoleNrouse🔁Off to the @brewers game!! Deep down he's really #brewers lol
Evan Mallon @EvanBiscuts🔁 Breathe in, breathe out... #ATOBTTR!

FINAL: #Reds 11, Brewers 10.

Brewers Zesty Brewers News @zesty_brewers🔁What We Learned: Five losses and a closed door
Brewers Dan Greene @DakotasPapi🔁@Brewers Time to update this from 41 to 175!
Brewers BigMoeBaseball @BigMoeBaseball🔁 Here's the #Brewers lineup for Negro Leagues Tribute Night at Miller Park! #ThisIsMyCrew #MILvsCIN
MLB @MLB🔁Heading into tonight, the NL Central has four teams within three games of each other.
Minnesota Twins @Twins🔁!

It’s a complete sweep, plus… a season-high 5 wins in a row!

7, Brewers 2.

Jon Heyman @JonHeyman🔁Brewers were not the team that got the claim on kinsler
David E. Weddle @dewheels57🔁Reply 2 guess time/date/year of my next ping (w/location) 2 win pint glass 4 pack. -;()

Kristie Ryan @delyglebel1985🔁When is a craft beer not a craft beer?
I took the hopportunity to make some very bad puns
Malcolm Johnson @XOflectX🔁That's lyk saying the Milwaukee Brewers had the worst ERA in the American League. Yeah but they've been in the Nation al League for 20 years
Aliotas Pub& Grill @AliotasPub🔁 #Brewers had not scored more than three runs after fifth inning in any of previous 26 games this half.
Mark W. Biefeld @MarkBiefeld🔁@Brewers

Get Woke!

Molly @packbrewcowchez🔁@Brewers Is it too much to hope for a win tonight? Feels like it has been awhile since we managed to do that.
As The Whirl Turns @DraughtWorks🔁#HELENA - If you're looking for something FUN to do, stop by the MT Brewers Summer Rendezvous in Memorial Park tonight at 5pm! #MTBeer
That-One-Beer-Guy @That1BeerGuy🔁To hate the beer or the game, that is the ? 10 Reasons Why Brewers & Drinkers Hate On Hazy IPA via @thefullpint
Phil Heilman @sportsheilman🔁First batter for the brewers this inning is struck out
FreePicks17 (45-47) @SportPicks17🔁MLB:
3* Cubs -110
2* Rockies -118
2* Twins -125
4* Brewers TT over 4.5 (-140)
2* Nationals -124
3* Rams (ML) +125
3* Raiders (ML) +150
The FemALE Pint @TheFemALEpint🔁Are there too many microbreweries popping up? Is it supplying demand or are there just too many? #craftbeer#homebrew
Baby Face @BabyfaceBets🔁MLB Featured Pick @Reds vs @Brewers OVER 9.5 -110. Overall record 26-23-3
Kenzie @fruitygarlic3🔁Mr. Brightside just came on the fucking radio at the Brewers game and now I'm fucking bopping
SheboyganPress Media @SheboyganPress🔁In the home clubhouse at Miller Park, it was finally time for a meeting.
David M @redbaron057🔁Really, really good & in-depth report on Austin Rubick from . Huge strides in just 2 months as a pro.
DFS Gorilla Gang @DFSlineups10🔁@SFUnite_N_Cali but other teams to look at are brewers, and dodgers
Skip @LadiesLoveSkip🔁Brewers suck
Bharath @kbharathca🔁Why Brewers Are Putting Wasp Yeast in Beer
Geoff Latham @LeaffGotham🔁What a coincidence. Crossing from/to Georgia looks okay, maybe +South Ossetia, Adjara then over to Azerbijan. Must b e brewers somewhere.
Paul Ruane @PaulRStoke🔁Drinking a Plum Porter by @Titanic_Brewers @ Edgbaston Drive On Trentham Lakes —
John Starzynski @john_starzynski🔁Celebrating with a box w/4 cards?!
Phil Heilman @sportsheilman🔁The double steal executed to perfection, brewers take the 1-0 lead. Two out now on a groundout. Runner on 2nd
Packers Trump @PackersTrump🔁Wisconsin just can't wait for football season - believe me! They are tired of watching the #Brewers...desperate for a winner!
102.3 JACK FM @JACK1023ldn🔁Kegs are tapped and the craft beer and cider are flowing! Come downtown London to try delicious beverages from over 2 0 different brewers!
Ladysmith Chronicle @LC_Chronicle🔁This weekend is the Cowichan Craft Beer & Food Festival! Over 35 brewers offering 100 beers to try!

Mike @MikeGrosso26🔁I know it's a small gap, if it wasn't 4 teams crammed in there I'd have more hope. Even though it looks like the brewers are falling off.
robloxcity34567799 @nfl_384🔁I am going to Milwaukee for the Milwaukee Brewers game
Bunter @BigBlueCrew17🔁@CelticsFan9429 @Brewers Lol guess so
Tampa Bay Brewing Co @TBBCo🔁Live at the Brewers Bar at TBBC Westchase... Greg White Jr.
Mark W. Biefeld @MarkBiefeld🔁@1057FMTheFan @BillSchmidRadio It's very hard. Being a @Brewers fan.
Black Iris Brewery @BlackIrisBrewer🔁Now serving Bitter Brummie plum porter bajan breakfast Butty Bach all on cask!
Richard Cusack @RichardCusackBM🔁@DerekWainwright Indeed Derek - Brewers giving them a game and could say they were in the ascendancy until Jacko's second yellow...
Oshkosh Northwestern @onwnews🔁In the home clubhouse at Miller Park, it was finally time for a meeting.
Wausau Daily Herald @wausauherald🔁In the home clubhouse at Miller Park, it was finally time for a meeting.
Bryan Born @borno23🔁Drinking a Brewers' Series: #003 Coconut Porter by @lakefront -
The Full Pint @thefullpint🔁10 Reasons Why Brewers and Drinkers Hate On Hazy IPA
Mark Schommer @CoachB_Rad🔁@JamieDier @Brewers Exactly
Lordele @lordele🔁Dear @brewers coming in from Canada. How do I get to go down the beer slide? #feelthebernie
Daily MLB Lineups @DailyMLBLineup🔁#Brewers 8/12 Lineup
J Villar 2B
E Thames 1B
R Braun LF
T Shaw 3B
D Santana RF
O Arcia SS
K Broxton CF
A Susac C
B Suter P
richard bellamy @richardbellamy🔁Publicans are driving brewers because they don't want a beer they can't sell right away and crafty keg is a name that appeals.
Josh Melnick @CelticsFan9429🔁@BigBlueCrew17 @Brewers Whenever they decided they didn't want to win the division anymore
Jamie Dier @JamieDier🔁@Brewers Fitting tribute in the wake of atrocities in #Charlottesville
MLB Lineups @mlblineups🔁8/12 @Brewers lineup vs CIN
Villar 2B
Thames 1B
Braun LF
Shaw 3B
Santana RF
Arcia SS
Broxton CF
Susac C
Suter P
Jj @msjburch🔁Negro Leagues tribute and nazi violence in #Charlottesville
Bharath @kbharathca🔁Why Brewers Are Putting Wasp Yeast in Beer
Nev @bignevster🔁Lovely double IPA from my local brewers👍👍👍👍👍 - Drinking a Revolutionary @ Tooti ng -
The Trop SRH @TropSRH🔁#Rays WATCH: Brewers' Pina, Thames hit multi-run homers against Reds #SportsRoadhouse
Jamall Mattox @13jmall🔁Man I really hope Polanco somehow avoids the DL. Especially with the Brewers & Cardinals coming up. Teams he seems to traditionally kill
The Brewer Nation @BrewerNation🔁Tonight's #Brewers lineup:

2B Villar
1B Thames
LF Braun
3B Shaw
RF Santana
SS Arcia
CF Broxton
C Susac
P Suter

Bunter @BigBlueCrew17🔁@Brewers What happened to scoring in the first so much? They never do that now.
Goblet of Rock @Goblet_of_Rock🔁Drinking a Plum Porter by @Titanic_Brewers @ El Parso Casa — #photo
TheVictoria @TheVictoria🔁Now serving @brumbrewery Bitter Brummie @Titanic_Brewers plum porter @BlackIrisBrewer bajan breakfast @WyeValleyBrew Butty Bach all on cask!


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