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Brewers Wisconsin State Journal @WiStateJournal🔁Brewers' Jimmy Nelson pitches in while he works his way back from shoulder surgery
Max Heil @mjheil2🔁 Also, hey again @LucasErceg17 cannon. #Brewers
Travis Heier @TravisHeier🔁 Also, hey again @LucasErceg17 cannon. #Brewers
Jason Ochart @Jason_cOchart🔁 Also, hey again @LucasErceg17 cannon. #Brewers
Brewers Jens Arneson @TheSodfather13🔁 Ah, the sound of summer. ⚾️
Brewers CIG@R @MakironX2🔁 Happy #ShoheiDay! #LAASpring

Game Preview:

Brewers Zesty Brewers News @zesty_brewers🔁Broxton welcomes Ohtani with long homer
Brewers Moeller Crusaders @LetsGoBigMoe🔁 . @bruter24 & the #CactusCrew are ready to #PlayBall here in Maryvale! #MILvsChC
Brewers Angels @Angels🔁Happy #ShoheiDay! #LAASpring

Game Preview:

BrewersBrewersBrewersBrewers Chicago Cubs @Cubs🔁The two best words you’ll read all day:

Play ball!

⚾️ ⚾️

Angels @Angels🔁 win!

Zach Gibbons' walk-off single lifts Halos over Brewers by the final score of 6-5!

Jaymes L @JaymesL🔁 Boras Corp isn't technically a rival of the #Brewers
Keep It Surly @surlyurbanist🔁 What did you see first in the old school Milwaukee Brewers logo?
Rebeka Acosta @bexthinks🔁"It taught me a lot about myself and just kind of put things into perspective last year." opens up about his daughter Ryann's CHD diagnosis.

Read more:

百澤 泰雅 @Momo_B225🔁Where did the offseason go?... As if we cared 😏

Relive our Home Opener at

Brian Willis 🔥 @RealBrianWillis🔁My newest, latest greatest Brewers pitching rotation projection until Jimmy gets back:

Chase Anderson
Zach Davies
Corbin Burnes
Brandon Woodruff
Jhoulys Chacín

brew crew @BrewCrew_Talk🔁 GET A DAMN PITCHER, BREWERS
Angry Bucks Fan @TheBrewCrewFeed🔁GET A DAMN PITCHER, BREWERS
Chris Withers @Chris_Withers🔁@annanamshirin @salishsea86 @CapsOffside @macdaley360 On behalf of beer enthusiasts, please stop encouraging brewers to focus on not-beer.
Jacque Brellenthin @triathlete2210🔁Former outfielder, Gabe Kapler managing the Phillies?! I guess watching Phillies games with Eric might be more bear able now! Go go, Gabe! 😏🤗
Mr.Splashteen #WakandaForever @Mr_Splashteen🔁For those who care. The #Dbacks will have a Spring Training Broadcast tommorrow vs the #Brewers

Baseball is Back!

Fantasy GM from Wisconsin @jgreget🔁@ChrisArcher22 We have a lot in Milwaukee. They'll be written about you when you help us get to WS #brewers
Brewbound @Brewbound🔁New #beerjob: Field Sales Representative- WA Part- Time @PfriemBeer in Seattle, WA
Big4all @big4all🔁Brewers’ Broxton homers off Ohtani in loss to Angels
Scotty Ray @ScottyRayJ🔁What did you see first in the old school Milwaukee Brewers logo?
CraigLeg @cnbkta🔁 Brewers boys locker room
Aaron Schneider @aronontherun🔁We're less than an hour away from the start of Bob Uecker's 48th season calling Brewers games. Ueck had an interesting offseason -- he was bitten by a brown recluse spider here in Arizona in October and needed surgery. But he's full-go for the start of Spring Training.
FOX Sports Wisconsin @fswisconsin🔁Keon Broxton homered off Shohei Ohtani, but the #Brewers fell 6-5 to the Angels. More in tonight's #StoryOfTheGame:
Church Buddeh @ChercheBuddy🔁@R_Franks @Super70sSports The current unis are just crap, wise up @Brewers !
DJ T. @cwsdjt🔁 Keon Broxton homering off Ohtani reminded me that the Brewers have like 38 good outfielders right now
wissportsfan @wissportsfan🔁Shoutout to this fan we spotted in Tempe!

We honked but couldn’t get your attention; if you’re reading this, send us a message. We’d love to send you some swag.

Neal Wolk @JayFan🔁The concern at the time was the amount of injuries that Molitor had suffered from during his time with the Brewers. Clearly, the Jays received the best of Molitor.
Keith Mayer @mayerke🔁I grew up on South Side of MKE...didn’t the Brewers hold an open contest where a fan actually came up with the ball/g love MB? I seem to remember submitting something I made in crayons that was probably terrible when I was 5.
Nick @brewers_nick🔁 I am not huggin nobody in no fight buddy...I know that 4sho
[] @JadzOfAllTrades🔁Debating on adding sling tv blue via their Roku stick promotion mainly for foxsports for Brewers/bucks games. How i s your Hulu getting to the TV so I have lots of info on this decision.
Joe Glasgow @jsph1959🔁 rival exec: brewers must add a starting pitcher if they want to compete with cubs
Evan Mudroncik @EMUD91🔁rival exec: brewers must find fans who will show up to games if they want to pay their electric bill
Caleb Kellough @caleblastname🔁If I'm a @Brewers fan, and none of my friends here seem to be a die hard, I'd be PISSED they haven't signed Arrieta or Cobb already
Corey Lenz @Brewlenz🔁@ChrisArcher22 @BrewCrewBall It’d be great if you found some of those in Milwaukee! Go #brewers
Nick @brewers_nick🔁Milwaukee loves book stores
DigitalPour on Tap @digitalpourtaps🔁Brewers Republic (@brewersrepublic): Ommegang Three Philosophers (@BreweryOmmegang) is on, replacing Station 26 Juicy Banger IPA
Brew’s On First @MILBrewsOnFirst🔁In today's notebook, what Keon Broxton and the Brewers had to say after getting their first looks at Shohei Ohtani:
Nadine pineda @Nadinepineda2🔁 win!

Zach Gibbons' walk-off single lifts Halos over Brewers by the final score of 6-5!

Nathan Procek @Pack_Runner_Cr🔁I’ll get this vanity license plate off your hands
Ray Duke @ray_duke27🔁At this point it probably does not make a lot of sense for brewers to trade for a pitcher or sign a high priced free agent. They got a few weeks to see if any of their low price options could be a good fit for year.
a MUG COffee @amugofcoffee🔁If you like Craft Beer, this Daily covers news from many different brewers. #craftbeer #beer
Daniel @DanielAutograph🔁FS! Some updated MLB cards FS by team! PM if interested in any! Singles or lot- ALWAYS comes with nice extras from your team! (3 of 3) RANGERS, MARINERS, METS, DIAMONDBACKS, BREWERS, A’s, PIT, MARLINS, GIANTS!
John Barry @The_real_JB__🔁People forget the brewers are undefeated against the cubs this year. Haven’t lost a game against that sorry organizat ion. And the cubs are winless against the crew. Haven’t won a game against the future champs
Tony Wilson @tforTN1984🔁@Super70sSports Milluakee Brewers Baseball.. in a glove..and 2018 World Series Champs
rBrewers @r_Brewers🔁sources say the rBrewers have absolutely nothing going on right now.
leisa2 @leisa2🔁@MLBFanSupport why can’t I access the FSWI feed on today’s Brewers game. It is listed as an option.
tony d @tdodd24🔁@TheCubsReporter @JonHeyman @FanRagMLB Nah.... Brewers don’t need anyone else. They are just fine
Jeff Maillet @jeff_maillet🔁Milwaukee Brewers prospect Keston Hiura wastes no time getting in the hit column.
Nick @brewers_nick🔁Buddy was LOST at the plate. He was absolutley fooled
Riverhead Tomcats @RHTomcats🔁 And yeah, @Burnes16's inning in the 4th merits mention as well. That was exceptional. #Brewers
John Weber @johnweber23🔁How exactly did he star? Got taken yard by Brewers’ 6th best outfielder and had control issues his whole outing


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