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Greg Brewer @brewer_x🔁 📺 Jurgen doesn't quite understand the English culture of pre-drinking just yet...
OKC THUNDER @okcthunder🔁Corey Brewer 🔥 👌
10/18 from three over last 6 games #ThunderUp
Brewer R Duff @regidnuffa🔁NICOLE BREWER

Brewer Homeward Real Estate @homewardre🔁BRENDA BREWER-JONES would love to show you the #listing at 3423 S DREXEL AVENUE #Tampa #...
Rob Perez @World_Wide_Wob🔁Even Corey Brewer laughing when refs ejected Casey for what fan said
Troy Stavers @troystavers🔁I knew it was Gordon Brewer but I asked who the Politician is? The Politician is suggesting we could get access to t he SM. GB is saying otherwise unless we accept all the freedoms.
I'll ask again. Who is the Politician. ?
jess @elizcliff🔁Congrats to on sweeping all four of the Outdoor Athlete of the Week honors! Brandon Smiley, Malik Stuart, Doneasha Brewer and Cheyenne White were this week's winners.
coach mert @merrett_brewer🔁 Offset lookin like he waited his whole life to dance like that lmfaooo
Charlotte Raynor @CHRaynor🔁Brewer drove unlawful policy, and Brnovich ignored the rule of law in his fight to preserve it. At least this phase of their partisan agenda against young immigrants with DACA is done. We'll end it for good come November.
Jacob Bible @JacobBible🔁Another fun fact, Brewer has a long history of hiring Okies.. Ben Davis has strong okie ties. Uncle Bob.. Brad Hill, who is now the HBC at Moore HS, spent time at Brewer as well. Love the Brewer admin.. they helped me tremendously in being ready for this new role I’m in!
Gary Grado @geegra🔁The U.S. Supreme Court this morning rejected the last-ditch plea by Attorney General Mark Brnovich to uphold a 2012 executive order by then-Gov. Jan Brewer to deny licenses to DACA recipients. The justices gave no reason for their ruling. via
Raekwon Gotti @BrooklynRaised_🔁 Just when OKC needed it...

Proyecto BBRAVO @proyectobbravo🔁The Supreme Court refuses to hear ADAC v. Brewer, finally ending Arizona’s discriminatory & unlawful attempt to deny driver’s licenses to recipients. Arizona defended this policy for 6 years across 2 Govs. & other DACA recipients went to court & won.
HLN @hl1616🔁@Brewers @TheEllenShow ~you have to watch this! You need these Brewer players on your show.
Steve Analyst @EmporersNewC🔁The interviewer is Gordon Brewer, and since the politician isn't talking in my clip and it's not related to my point, you don't need it to answer the question of why the question is being asked.
DigitalPour on Tap @digitalpourtaps🔁Taplands (@taplands): Anchor Brewer's Pale Ale (@anchorbrewing) is on, replacing New Glory Gummy Worms (@NewGloryBrewery)
Taplands @taplands🔁Anchor Brewer's Pale Ale (@anchorbrewing) is on, replacing New Glory Gummy Worms (@NewGloryBrewery)
Paul Illa @zip100473🔁I wonder if @northern_brewer will ever have Fast Pitch canned wort again??? I'm almost out.
Mark Reynier @markreynier🔁In this week's WhiskyCast, 's mentioned his distillery's mash filter - not common in distilleries. Thought you might like to see what one looks like, so our Whisky Photo of the Week shows a Waterford brewer cleaning the mash filter.
COLIN ALSTON @COLINALSTON1🔁Julia Heartless Brewer always reminds me of one of those pushy middle-class parents that can dominate the Parent-Tea cher-Association in a school where only a minority are middle-class. Controlling, aloof, arrogant, snobbish, shouty, selfish and unlistening. With thick kids.
LOWER YOUR CELL BILL @Smoove_702🔁@bballbreakdown What’s the Thunder since adding Corey Brewer
Malone Commercial @malonecbMaine🔁21,000+ SF property with 30 commercial units and 6 -in bays Located in the East-West Industrial Park in .
FantasyPros @FantasyProsNBA🔁Corey Brewer steals three more versus Toronto via @Mlstrong610 #fantasybasketball
Ind. Tech Warriors @INTechWarriors🔁Congrats to on sweeping all four of the Outdoor Athlete of the Week honors! Brandon Smiley, Malik Stuart, Doneasha Brewer and Cheyenne White were this week's winners.
Caralyn @Brewer_Caralyn🔁 me going to my pillow when I’m sad because that’s all I have
Youwei Chen @YouweiChen🔁@joshuasyhwang1 @LakersNation I thought Brewer got traded?
Steve @Myndbender_7🔁@jemerewade @True_Tdot_Fan That’s for trying to 1-up me. And @True_Tdot_Fan I share your hate for Brewer but it’s 2019.....
Supreme Court rejected Arizona request to hear ADAC vs Brewer. This means DACA recipients will keep...
Robert Jolly @MainelyRob🔁A former state welfare official says DCF failed to call 911 last April after receiving a report that Evan Brewer hit his head and "had no pulse" before being revived.
👑마틸다🌈 @matildataere🔁Madeline Brewer, star of 's hit show The Handmaid's Tale wears a pink dress from the SS18 collection in LA.
Jane Brewer @jane_brewer🔁@LCherrett ((Hugs)) 💐
Jean-Jacques Taylor @JJT_Journalist🔁WSISD hires most sought after Texas High School Coach as new Brewer Athletic Director and Head Coach; Former DeSoto Head Coach Todd Peterman to Lead the Bears
Joe @jfiresports🔁 is cutting LaVine and option? Tendinitis in his surgically repaired knee makes me nervous, possible Dillon brooks, valentine or brewer? Thanks
Jennifer M. Thompson @JennThompson73🔁Former DeSoto football coach Todd Peterman accepts job at Fort Worth Brewer |

Keurig @Keurig🔁What a treat! Don't forget to register your new Keurig at to qualify f or our special offer. Happy Brewing! ☕️☕️☕️


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