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Lisa Evers @LisaEvers🔁#breakingnews @Ruleyork arrives NY City Hall to support suffering NYCHA tenants @HOT97 #hot97 @BreakingLu @fox5ny
Julian Röpcke @JulianRoepcke🔁
For the first time ever, right-wing and partially neo-Nazi is the second-strongest party in , according to the twitter.com latest INSA poll.
CDU 32%
AfD 16%
SPD 15,5%
Greens 13%
Left 11%
FDP 9%
Others 3,5%
CBS Los Angeles @CBSLA🔁: CBS2's Jeff Nguyen reports that missing Uber and Lyft driver Joshua Thiede has been found alive. Two of Thiede's fr twitter.com iends texted Nguyen that Thiede is in Good Samaritan Hospital.
CBS Los Angeles @CBSLA🔁: Police have found the car of the missing Uber driver. Sky9's is above the scene in Koreatown with the details. twitter.com
aanie 🇲🇻 @aanisa_hassan🔁: Opposition MPs boycott the parliament session after realizing that they do not have the numbers to reject the government's proposal to extend the state of emergency.
Scott Charton @ScottCharton🔁 @ScottCharton @KMOV #BreakingNews It’s raining.
Robert Balderman @bobby_brackets🔁@realDonaldTrump “To the best of my knowledge” I’m pretty sure I’ve heard those words before. 😂😂 #breakingnews
Alicia Coad @acoad1111🔁🔥🔥

reporting new :

Mueller charges attorney from law firm, Scatt & Arps, with lying to special counsel about interaction with .

More to come

Alexandre Spatuzza @A_Spatuzza🔁Read : ‘Smarter’ grid-build needed if EU to hit targets: @ goo.gl
Lauren Trager @LaurenTrager🔁@ScottCharton @KMOV #BreakingNews It’s raining.
JuiceeNews @JuiceeNewss🔁Yukon's warning labels that drew a link between drinking and cancer gone twitter.com
ROXFORDRADIO @DJROMANROXFORD🔁: In Tweetstorm, Trump Denies Knowing Woman Who Accused Him Of Forced Kissing: President Trump's raging weekend tweet twitter.com storm metastasized into a non-stop fusillade of angry outbursts on Tuesday as he lashed out at many of his favorite targets…
Breaking News @N_BreakingNEWS🔁Damian Green says Kate Maltby incident was not inappropriate europeworldnews.com #news #BreakingNews
Bryan @daventrian🔁 Life support for Alfie Evans can stop, judge rules - Alfie was born in May 2016 and has suffered from an unknown d twitter.com isorder
Kevin Dean @kdean965🔁 : says that her national anthem at the "didn't strike the intended tone".

She also stated that the Titanic cruise twitter.com was "a little shorter than expected" & the Hindenburg flight went well but "the landing was a bit off".

Bangladesh News 24 @bdnews24🔁Florida school shooting survivors are demanding gun control from legislators at the state capital twitter.com via
Marianne Taylor @vrealityworkout🔁: CBS2's Jeff Nguyen reports that missing Uber and Lyft driver Joshua Thiede has been found alive. Two of Thiede's friends texted Nguyen that Thiede is in Good Samaritan Hospital.
Säkpol_SE @Sakpol_SE🔁
Turkish forces seem to fire (warning shots?!) at an -backed military convoy (NDF) on its way to to support the against forces.

Bangladesh News 24 @bdnews24🔁South Korean Cryptocurrency Regulator Found Dead at Home An official who guided South Korea’s regulatory clampdown o twitter.com n cryptocurrencies was found dead at his home. Colleagues said he had been under heavy stress in recent mont... via
ABC11 EyewitnessNews @ABC11_WTVD🔁: Adoptive parents to be charged with murder in death of Rowan County girl, Erica Parsons
Lynnelle Pittet @LynnellePittet🔁: Wave and form global strategic collaboration to advance therapies for disorders
Dmitri Perovskia @dmitriperov1🔁

🔥Keep dreaming and bitching little girl ...We, , will still duly elect OUR in 2 twitter.com 020 .......60,000,000 of us. Take it to the bank!
BTW, we have been call worse. 😛
Bangladesh News 24 @bdnews24🔁Pricey New York City is causing millennials to live above their means Millennials are likely to exceed their budget o twitter.com n housing in NYC, New York Journal reports. via
AaMaldives @Al_Maldives🔁 police use against , arrest 2 rsf.org web/status/965986043957714944" target="_blank">twitter.com
JuiceeNews @JuiceeNewss🔁Fergie is apologizing after trying something different with the national anthem twitter.com
aanie 🇲🇻 @aanisa_hassan🔁 : Militant activists of opposition MDP are trying to hijack the parliament. They are urging their followers to gather around the parliament. Maldivian security forces have increased the security of the area around the parliament.
Rhonda Mangus @rjmangus🔁LIVE: Ohio 7th-grader shoots self at Jackson Memorial Middle School, students held in lockdown twitter.com
Bernd Radowitz @radowitz🔁Read : New study led by former UK energy minister Michael Fallon to eyeball UK offshore wind local content policy
Belgiancabbie @belgiancabby🔁

Another Minicab Driver Guilty Of Attempting To Meet Girl Under 16 After Grooming Her

Breaking News @N_BreakingNEWS🔁Phil Neville names Anita Asante in first England women squad europeworldnews.com #news #BreakingNews
Jon Fischer @skullsinconline🔁 !!
Yesterday on
President Trump unveiled his plans for the… instagram.com
Jacob Rider @Jacob_Rider🔁 / should be stripped of its Royal Warrant for bringing the fried chicken industry into disrepute. twitter.com
GRACE5778❤🇺🇸 @5778GraceUS🔁CNN and MSNBC Helped Russia Sow Discord by Promoting Fake Anti-Trump Rally


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