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#Braves Geoff Morris @geoffmorrisfilm🔁 Add the #Braves new mascot to the list of Georgia sports fails.
#Braves john casey watford @johnwatford94🔁 Atlanta #Braves Announce 2018 Spring Training Non-Roster Invitees:
#Braves ✭jPat✭ @jPatATL🔁 Good on them for bringing Matt Kemp back RT @GabeBurns_: Here is Blooper, the #Braves new mascot.
TRUPATSFAN75 @PATSFANIVLYFE🔁 Street art at its #Braves finest at #ChopFest.
#Braves john casey watford @johnwatford94🔁 #Braves Hall of Famer @DaleMurphy3 receives a special autograph! 😊 #ChopFest
Josh Brown @santoniobrown🔁 Josh’s scouting report on Charlie Culberson. #Braves #ChopOn #MLB #Scouting
Live! @ Battery ATL @livebatteryatl🔁 👋👋👋 Blooper! Welcome to @Braves Country!

Watch the new #Braves mascot debut at #ChopFest.

Atlanta Braves @Braves🔁Premiering on February 13th at 9PM on : “Atlanta Rules, The Story Of The 90’s Braves”

Tonight: Alumni are in the h twitter.com ouse at for the exclusive premiere!

Atlanta Braves @Braves🔁Now introducing #Braves Hall of Famer, Tim Hudson! pscp.tv
Liz Accola Meunier @laccola🔁The should have taken the opportunity to give a fun color like , , or , but instead he(she) kind of looks like ano twitter.com ther white dude.
Sleepy Harold @Sleepy_Harold_🔁Teams with the most "Prospect Points":
423 -
407 -
359 -
345 -
295 -
Complete list:
Jordan Campbell🎙 @CamOnAll🔁We digging #Braves New Mascot Blooper?
The Rollout @therolloutshow🔁How cool is this? GA Chalk Artists Guild out here drawing these inside of the stadium at .
Shelly @whatsalemke🔁New team Hall of Famer Tim Hudson is one of just 21 pitchers in history with 200 wins, 2,000 strikeouts and a .600 winning percentage.
Jay Vassar @BamaSwoosh🔁 Now introducing #Braves Hall of Famer, Joe Simpson! pscp.tv
Jason Bailey @mrjasonbailey🔁Blooper the new mascot and people are bitching...just be happy you 1) have a MLB team in the city and 2) that is loo twitter.com king to make positive changes for their fans.
Wade Chapman @WadeC99🔁 Tim Hudson is one of 15 pitchers to defeat all 30 teams. #Braves
Moss Miller @MossMil1🔁"The first time I saw him...I knew he was special." Former Gold Glover Andruw Jones on current Gold Glover Ender Inciarte.

Cory McCartney @coryjmccartney🔁"There's a lot of reasons for optimism." legend likes what he sees w/ the young .

Bryan Diffendal @BravesLiferInKS🔁@FOXSportsBraves thank you for televising today so I can watch in Kansas! #braveslifer #chopfest2018 #Braves
EDGAR ALLAN GATSBY @ttredraider🔁 Tim Hudson: In my opinion, Bobby Cox is the best manager to ever put on a uniform. #Braves
Zach Rice @zsrice🔁The have successfully changed their mascot from “Homer the Brave” to “Blooper”. Hey let’s name our mascot after a twitter.com weak hit! You can’t make this stuff up.
Adam Wiggins @wigginsadam80🔁 It's #Blooper cousins #Braves twitter.com
Craig Gordon @RockyTopSkiBum🔁I would rather have #TimTebow start EVERY game on the #Braves than see that new mascot #Blooper! AA needs to DFA Blooper right now!
john casey watford @johnwatford94🔁 Now introducing #Braves Hall of Famer, Tim Hudson! pscp.tv
john casey watford @johnwatford94🔁 Team awards LIVE from the #Braves Hall of Fame and Awards Gala! pscp.tv
john casey watford @johnwatford94🔁Premiering on February 13th at 9PM on : “Atlanta Rules, The Story Of The 90’s Braves”

Tonight: Alumni are in the house at for the exclusive premiere!

Jaymes Reed 💬 @DigitalCAPS🔁Don't get me wrong, I love my #Braves baseball, but this new mascot sucks ass 8D #ChopOn
Liverpool Trojans Baseball Club @LiverpoolTrojan🔁' Ronald Acuna, who has a limitless ceiling, ranks No. 2 on our 2018 list after an unbelievable 2017 campaign. Watch live:
FOX Sports: Braves @FOXSportsBraves🔁"There's a lot of reasons for optimism." legend likes what he sees w/ the young .


680 The Fan & 93.7FM @680TheFan🔁 Big thanks to @culberson37 for stopping by and talking baseball w/us! #Braves #ChopFest twitter.com
Beau Johnson @JediSportsRadio🔁 fans, should we start a petition to “Promote C change.org hopper to the majors, and forget Blooper ever existed”?
Cory McCartney @coryjmccartney🔁Ronald Acuna wants to be in Atlanta as soon as possible but said he’s all too aware of contractual benefits of keepin twitter.com g him in minors for even a couple weeks into season.


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