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Popular tweets tagged with Brandon Powell: 🐊 Florida Gators news @onlygators🔁Florida just fumbled the punt. South Carolina ball in the red zone. Total meltdown by the for the second straight we ek. Brandon Powell.
JHAYMFNBILL$ @_hotboyjhay🔁 Brandon Powell so busy feeding the fam his hands still have grease on them. That's why he fumbled that punt
Shawn Crall @cralldaddy🔁 Brandon Powell dropped ANOTHER punt. Gamecocks recover.
#BeatUSC (MusChamp) @gatorscliff🔁Gators: 1st & 10 BALL ON: SC 18 DRIVE: 5 plays, 57 yards
Last Play: Feleipe Franks pass complete to Brandon Powell f or 17 yds to the SCaro 18 for a 1ST down
Michael Phillips @michael_sports5🔁#Gators go for it on 4th and get it, good catch by Brandon Powell
Anthony Sills @AnthonySills1🔁Franks hits Brandon Powell for a first down…Jordan moved to C after McCoy’s exit. Johnson now at RG, Harkless LG.
Brad Crawford @BCrawford247🔁Chris Lammons, South Carolina's best DB in coverage, beaten by Brandon Powell on a strike from Franks on 4th. Great play.
Edgar Thompson @osgators🔁Feleipe Franks and Brandon Powell with nice hook-up on 4th-and-7.
Andrew Spivey @AndrewSpiveyGC🔁Nice catch by Brandon Powell there
Emery Glover @EmeryGlover17🔁Franks finds Brandon Powell for the first down. Gators inside the red zone again.
Al Kapone @2_kontagious_🔁Bro im so tired of the coaches actin like Brandon Powell a real threat...🙄
Finnz7 @Finnz722🔁Tyrods good man..last year woods was hurt most the year and so was Sammie..even when returning..his consistent pass o ption was Charles clay...Brandon Tate Walt Powell n Goodwin arnt scarin nobody I don't blame him for not taking chances...
William Allen @wallen_13🔁Brandon Powell makes me want to cry
Adam Burton @TheDurtyBurty_🔁Brandon Powell....please take a seat.
Alex @alxndrwst🔁Bench. Brandon. Powell. Expel him FFS
octavius parker @optimump🔁Post Grads improved to 1-2 with 83-54 W over Central Pointe Christian. Brandon Powell 19 pts, 7 reb. Octavius Parker 16 pts.
tim tebow @JonnyTsunnnami🔁Florida just fumbled the punt. South Carolina ball in the red zone. Total meltdown by the for the second straight week. Brandon Powell.
Tanner Dennie @TannerDennie🔁Brandon Powell smfh...
Anthony Sills @AnthonySills1🔁 Brandon Powell fumbles the first punt he fields for the second straight game.
Terri0806 @Terri0806🔁@gatorhoops I guess Brandon Powell doesn't want to go to the nfl. I hope that he is studying hard and taking real classes.
Michael P @mike_prid15🔁 Next time Brandon Powell touches the ball, he muffs the punt. #karma
SportsJusticeWarrior @PandaKnight811🔁@pat_dooley Brandon Powell needs to stop fielding punts, Nord should be relieved of his job at the quarter break as well
Jonathan Arnholz @JArnholz🔁The fact that Brandon Powell continues to "return" punts shows how unbelievably dense this coaching staff is. All of them.
GT2 @Terry_904🔁Brandon Powell and T McFadden are the same person I swear
Jason L Richards @bamf1188🔁@GatorsFB @cecejeferson7 Brandon Powell, Please wait for the pop. That will be your head coming out of your ass. Go Gators!
SportsJusticeWarrior @PandaKnight811🔁If Brandon Powell is ever back for a punt again, Stricklin needs to go down to the sidelines and fire the coach immediately
The Worst Guy Ever @IAmFloridaBorn🔁Brandon Powell is terrible.
Paris 🗼🇫🇷 @sdbu1k_🔁brandon powell & cj henderson got some explainin to do.. dey both got fxck ups n back to back weeks!
Ran @RanTheFunnyMan🔁Can’t wait for us to go 3 & out so Brandon Powell can drop the punt again
A1exander Grau1icK @alexgraulich1K🔁Why is Brandon Powell still receiving punts?
Pne.Gerald𓅓 @prinxGo🔁@GatorsFB stop putting Brandon Powell at kick return
Stephen The 2️⃣nd @_slw2🔁Brandon Powell. Take a seat. TAKE A FUCKING SEAT....Chauncey, thank you
Brooke Stubbs @MBStubbs_🔁Brandon Powell fumbles for the second week in the row on a punt return and then CJ Henderson intercepts the next play . Powell got bailed out by Henderson's
Womb Busta @armogator21🔁Brandon Powell is ass. And fuck his brother I know you searching his name right now. You ain't shit as well
torresssss⚾⚾ @atorresssss🔁Brandon powell is so trash
Al Kapone @2_kontagious_🔁Why is brandon Powell still returnin punts 🙄
jacob @jacobweiss1818🔁Brandon Powell should kiss Chauncey Gardner
Bill Braxton @MARtian_58🔁 Brandon Powell second muffed punt in two weeks, sets up SEC on the #Gators 13.
Caroline Glass @glass_caroline🔁Not surprised. Good job Brandon Powell


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