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Drunk John Gibbons @drunkgibbons🔁Whoever tried to make Brandon Morrow a starter... oh wait...
J.P. Hoornstra @jphoornstra🔁Brandon Morrow is throwing in the #Dodgers bullpen.
Daniel Peake @DPeake17🔁 Whoever tried to make Brandon Morrow a starter... oh wait...
Silvio Sansano @ssansano7🔁 Whoever tried to make Brandon Morrow a starter... oh wait...
Andy McCullough @McCulloughTimes🔁Here comes Brandon Morrow, with one out in the seventh. Would imagine they are setting up a five-out appearance for Kenley Jansen.
Scott Miller @ScottMillerBbl🔁Brandon Morrow dialed it up to 100 mph in throwing strike 3 past Javier Baez there
Phil Brown @bropa187🔁@ChrisRose Don’t forget about Brandon Morrow throwing the 8th inning!
Sly @ThinkBlue47🔁The Dodgers bullpen has only needed 27 pitches to record nine outs. Brandon Morrow is the only RP with double digit pitches thrown so far.
19 @HumandChuck🔁Belated hi to Brandon Morrow- tonight's Ex-Jay in the playoffs.
Brandon Cohen @brandonco4🔁I will never give up on Brandon Morrow winning a Cy Young
Patrick Melbourne @PatrickMSports🔁It's beyond cool to see Brandon Morrow doing well, by the way.
Dino @DinoIsOut🔁@Wilnerness590 good to see some former #Jays close this is out in Brandon Morrow & Casey Jansen #cubsdodgers #PostSeason2017
Robbie @robflorindi🔁 Brandon Morrow being kinda great is pretty damn nice.
Pace of Play Tracker @MLBPaceTracker🔁#Cubs @ #Dodgers [T8-0o]

Pitching Change: Tony Watson replaces Brandon Morrow.

wandy vilorio contr @drwandy007🔁Cubs 2 Dodgers 5 [Top 8th] [0 Out] [0 balls] [0 strikes] ... No one on [P: #17 Brandon Morrow] [B: #56 Hector Rondon]
carlos @cxgonzalez_🔁Brandon Morrow got to hit and now Tony Watson is on the mound??
ajuarez @Angie4Dodgers🔁 Lefties against Brandon Morrow this season: 7-for-56, all singles, 19 strikeouts, 4 walks. .125/.183/.125
*mariposa* @_lil_mariposa_🔁 Brandon Morrow takes over on the mound with one out in the 7th.
Eddie Kwiatkowski @EddieK_Original🔁Takes on NCLS Game 1:

Cubs need to trade Schwarber to AL for a real OF, he's a natural DH

I like Puig now

Brandon Morrow was key to my fanatsy team in like 2011

How is John Lackey still in the league?

Charlene Guzman @ItsMamaGuz835🔁 Brandon Morrow is good. #Dodgers take their 3-2 lead to the bottom of the seventh.
Bobson Dugnutt @FFNatureBoy🔁Brandon Morrow, the answer to the question: Who had the best unsuccessful bunt of all time?
B @BChoung94🔁John Lackey and Brandon Morrow. I feel like it's 2011 all over again.
Mary Ann Ahern @MaryAnnAhernNBC🔁Dodgers RP Brandon Morrow keeps battling — on and off the field
liz @biggles14🔁 I wish any of the Jays could bunt like Brandon Morrow.


Paul Frank @pwgfrank🔁I wish any of the Jays could bunt like Brandon Morrow.


Dan Sol @thebowss🔁Brandon Morrow is a type 1 diabetic?! He's my new hero. Sorry Belly
Craig Boddy @cboddy57🔁My heart is full seeing Brandon Morrow pitching well again!!! The dude had so much talent when he was with the #BlueJays
dinergirl @Valeygirll🔁Brandon Morrow on the dodgers should have been named Tom
Ian Harrison @iananywhere🔁Brandon Morrow didn't show bunt on the first pitch. The Dodgers third-base coach ran down the line to... make his intentions clearer.
Today in the MLB @TodayintheMLB🔁 Brandon Morrow is . . . batting?
princess @emilytuccinardi🔁Brandon Morrow is beautiful
Justin Manikas @manikas🔁Great to see Brandon Morrow in the spotlight here... great story of perseverance
AussieDodger @aussie_dodger🔁@Dodgers we really need to lock down Brandon Morrow as @kenleyjansen74 setup guy. This pairing is legacy stuff.
Daniel @DanKalbacher🔁LOL Morrow is batting. First at bat since 2015.

"Hello Brandon, this wood thing is a called a bat."

Clay @clayparent11🔁Brandon Morrow is alive?
Boyd @TheMegaboyd🔁BRANDON MORROW AT BAT! @PavlovicNBCS
Ollie James @OllieNYankees🔁Cubs 2 Dodgers 4 [Bottom 7th] [0 Out] [0 balls] [0 strikes] ... Man on second [P: #38 Mike Montgomery] [B: #17 Brandon Morrow]
Dodger Blue @DodgerBlue1958🔁Brandon Morrow is batting.
Andy McCullough @McCulloughTimes🔁Brandon Morrow is . . . batting?
David Schoenfield @dschoenfield🔁The Brandon Morrow story, emerging as one the league's most dominant relievers, is one of the feel-good stories...
Freeman All Star/MVP @Suzzanne3475🔁@Dodgers Brandon Morrow's story of his fight with Type 1 diabetes needs to be talked about more often. This disease is tough. I have it.
Positive Residual @presidual🔁Look at the last two pitches thrown by Brandon Morrow to Javier Baez -- similar location, the first at 91 MPH and the second at 100 MPH.
Juliano cain @cain_explosion🔁@DARod1227 brandon morrow throws straight cheddar
powder_boo 👻 @powder_blue🔁Brandon Morrow. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Angel Gonzalez @angel_G96🔁My car automatic like Brandon Morrow in relief.
Daryll @daryll43🔁@Wilnerness590 how about that Brandon Morrow dude!!!
Nick Brooks @Nbrooks311🔁@Dodgers Brandon Morrow has been $$$ this year our best reliever next to @kenleyjansen74 #goDodgers
Mike Buenrostro @countonmike_🔁Fun fact: Brandon Morrow was drafted 5, Kershaw was drafted 7 in 2006 😳
DodgersDoggyDaddy @jhuntercomedy🔁🎶 Brandon Morrow 🎶 Brandon Morrow 🎶 I love you Brandon Morrow🎶 You’re always a K away! 🎶 #NLCS #Dodgers
Jen Mac Ramos @jenmacramos🔁Whenever Brandon Morrow strikes a dude out, do you think he says to them, “Parting is such sweet Morrow”?
🎃Hallogreen Man🎃 @sschreiber13🔁Brandon Morrow and Brandon Maurer are the same dude to me
#ThisTeam @Toneloke93🔁#Dodgers seriously need to resign Brandon Morrow for nxt yr, UNBELIEVABLE season
Taylor Grigsby @TaylorGrigsby🔁So cool watching Brandon Morrow pitch for the @Dodgers @CalBaseball @CalAthletics #GoBears #ThisTeam
Justin Volman @JustinVolman🔁 Brandon Morrow with a dominant ⬆️7️⃣🔥


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