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Rodrigo Sánchez @Sanchez09R🔁 The Jimmy G trade has Brady figuring out the backup QB situation himself. 😂
Jake Renie @TheRen_Machine🔁 The Jimmy G trade has Brady figuring out the backup QB situation himself. 😂
Brandon Bosworth @Brandon__Brady🔁 What a snag 😲


Brady 96.9 The Game @969thegame🔁Garoppolo Will Have to Overcome Brady Backup Curse
BradyBradyBrady Brady Mr Sunshine @brady_sunshine🔁Brady Archangel
BradyBradyBrady Steve Johnson @stevej493🔁 Brady Archangel
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁With Jimmy Garoppolo traded to SF, the Patriots now buying into the idea that Tom Brady can play well into his 40’s.
Bill Simmons @BillSimmons🔁“I believe in Tom Brady, pliability, avocados, resistance training, water and high second round picks.”
—Bill Belichick
Skip Bayless @RealSkipBayless🔁I suspected Belichick wanted to keep Jimmy G, show he could win without Brady. But Brady has been better than ever at 40. BRADY WINS AGAIN.
The Fantasy Leak @thefantasyleak🔁Garoppolo living a charmed life: learns at knee of Brady, benefits from Belichick + creativity of McD. Now goes to NFL’s best offensive mind
Sammi @sammisen3🔁The Patriots wanted both Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo long-term. On Monday, they recognized that wasn't realistic.
Joey Neumann @jneumann522🔁@JonOlson62 @AlbertBreer You spelled Brady incorrect
Grant Gilchrest @Gilchrestsports🔁I'm just layin in the weeds waiting to see the whole narrative fall apart when Brady retires. Never going to stop re minding them of it
#BenSimmonsSZN @_Noaaaaaah🔁 Patriots trading Garoppolo to the Niners just means Tom Brady's gonna play another 10 years
Luka Amato @luka_amato🔁I had to double check because with all the hysteria on twitter I thought Bill traded away Tom Brady a 5x champ not a back up 6 qtr QB
AlecZeoli @CarBombs4Evry1🔁Tom Brady on Westwood One (re: Garoppolo trade): "He was a great teammate & a great friend. Always will be. He earned trust of teammates..."
Charneil @Charneilb🔁White folks really go out of their way to be fucked up. You know how easy it is to just be Tom Brady or a fckin cat?
Joey Jo Jo @hoejamilton🔁Is it bad that I kind of want Tom Brady to suddenly retire and leave BB without any developing QBs?
The Fantasy Leak @thefantasyleak🔁 Patriots’ latest trade ensures that Tom Brady will finish his NFL career in New England:...
daniel kaplan @dkaplanSBJ🔁With the 2nd Circuit decision in Brady in its pocket, the NFL now holds all the high cards. Deeply unlikely that Zeke will escape suspension
MiamiDolphinsFan @BryanAnderson20🔁@AlbertBreer @BenVolin you should read this Cus your take on Tom Brady playing for five years because of the trade is still blowing my mind
William Martin @Martinbooks🔁I don't know. How long can Tom Go? "Trade means Tom Brady is not retiring any time soon" via @BostonGlobe
Chris Rowland @chrisrowlanduk🔁Tom Brady is the GOAT, but this is still rolling a die🎲 - he's not immortal.... we have checked right?
Jon Dixon @conuys🔁.'s trade deadline winners, losers: Win-win for Jimmy Garoppolo + Tom Brady?
Nick Sikirski @nickski24🔁Wentz, Watson, Jimmy G. Browns better get the second coming of Brady next year if they’re willing to pass on all tha t
GrantGrey @GrantMamba🔁 1) BRADY FOREVER


Ryan Hannable @RyanHannable🔁Column: Patriots go all-in on Tom Brady after shocking Jimmy Garoppolo trade
Scott Ferson @scottferson🔁 I've got a little too much riding on Bob Mueller and Tom Brady without much in the way of backup plans.


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