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Puerto Rico lives on @yolo_pinyato🔁brad stevens right now.
NBA TV @NBATV🔁"He's unbelievable. It's ridiculous."

Brad Stevens on @KingJames


Brad Stevens bill bellamy @wristofer🔁 Brad Stevens didn’t coach to win. He coached to protect Kyrie and Hayward.
Mutty Ranks @3rdcoastliving🔁 Remember when having Brad Stevens was better than having a superstar?
Boston Celtics @celtics🔁Brad Stevens on Marcus Smart’s comments abaout how tonight’s game will be physically demanding: “When Smart says ugly and physical - in his mind, that’s beautiful.”
Boston Celtics @celtics🔁Brad Stevens on coaching in a Game 7: “When you coach in college, every game (in the tournament) is a Game 7, so you’re kinda used to it.”
William Lee @Mavericks619🔁Brad Stevens, six of the seven best players on the floor. Home court in a game 7. Opposing team's second best player was Jeff about some credit for Ty Lue?
Dean Machine @matt_wilden🔁The GOAT. Well said Brad Stevens... 🐐🐐 🐐
The Nature Boy Zach Marshall @zachmarshall50🔁 "The pain is part of the path." - Brad Stevens


TK @tk_thaibball🔁I feel like Brad Stevens is going to going to have one hell of a coaching tree of his own.
And he’s still soooooo you ng.
Mike Anderson @m_anderson2015🔁Dan, you going to hammer Brad Stevens or what? He gets away scotfree from the debacle we saw with the past two games . Yet his game plans revolve around spacing the floor and jack up threes. Very predictable. Tyronn Lue was smart and didn't even challenge shooters.
evelyn @evelyngiselle34🔁@PAndM_WMLN can the Celtics loss last night be blamed on specific players or on Brad Stevens' coaching job?
Chad Olson @bucky787878🔁Brad Stevens did not have a good game. I'm sorry but in my opinion when you have 2 different teams based on being at home or on the road, some or that responsibility falls on the coach
Tyler Pellom @Tyler_Pellom🔁Remember him at Butler. 28 years old - Brad Stevens disciple.
Jack Kelly @JackKelly111🔁@ChristianArcand That is on Brad Stevens. He should have demanded the ball get in Tatums hands. He got out coached
Jay Kyle Mann @jkylemann🔁we're already getting brad stevens disciples
Lucas @lucasgaynor_3🔁Brad Stevens coaching tree has been planted
panhandlin’ phil @PharmersOnly🔁Unless something crazy happens, the Boston Celtics will be the clear frontrunners to win the East next season: Kyrie, Hayward, Tatum, Horford, Jaylen Brown, Rozier, Marcus Morris and (maybe) Smart. With arguably the best coach in the NBA in Brad Stevens.
Rich Jensen @RichAJensen🔁First sprout on the Brad Stevens coaching tree.
John T. Odle @odlejohnt🔁“I don’t have the 5 positions anymore.

It may be as simple as 3 positions now… you’re either a ball-handler, a wing or a big.”

- Brad Stevens

A N I @anihustles🔁"The pain is part of the path." - Brad Stevens
🇧🇷 @matewsfc🔁This is how you put the NBA on alert. Asked what he takes away from Jayson Tatum's incredible rookie season, Brad Stevens says, "He can get a lot better."
#AnythingIsPossible @WatWouldJermzDo🔁Danny Ainge, Brad Stevens, the TD Garden, and the Celtic fans are amazing . #SpecialCloth
🇧🇷 @matewsfc🔁 What did Brad Stevens tell the team after tonight's defeat? "I talked about the pain is part of the path," he says.
🇧🇷 @matewsfc🔁"It was a pretty incredible run by an incredible group of guys," says Brad Stevens. "An absolute privilege to be around them every day."
Wes @wesfrdrk🔁Celtics Fans all season: Tatum is a superstar! Brown is a star! Horford is an All-Star! Scary Terry! Brad Stevens is God!

Celtics fans when they lose: Whats so impressive about beating a team without their 2 best players? Tatum & Brown are just kids. Terry Rozier sucks.

Sam Malcolm @SJMhogs🔁Brad Stevens told me that your culture is not just your tradition. It’s the people in the locker room who carry it on. He did an incredible job developing relationships with his players and built a connected team that carried on the great Celtics tradition.
Z @ZTheJustOK🔁 Brad Stevens is in awe of LeBron like everyone else
Kevin @Durant_Larry🔁It's unreal how horrific Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier, Marcus Morris and Marcus Smart were for the Celtics. One flaw in the equal opportunity offense Brad Stevens runs is it gives the freedom to inferior players to hoist bricks at the rim instead of feeding the star: Jayson Tatum.


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