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boston college Joshua Colon @joshsmellgood24🔁 FACT: The last time Boston College knocked off a ranked opponent was 2014 against Syracuse!
Danielle⛄️ @DanielleCzigler🔁 Boston College students stormed the court after beating Duke on Saturday.
Lorenzo Perez @LPerez400m🔁 Boston College fans storm the court after knocking off No. 1 Duke.
boston college SgrA* @michaelshekar🔁 Boston College does it!

No. 1 Duke is undefeated no more.

boston college Ç 🚶🏽 @siroslim🔁 Down goes No. 1!

Duke upset by Boston College 89-84 for its first loss of the season

NCAA March Madness @marchmadness🔁DOWN GOES DUKE!
Boston College does the unthinkable and UPSETS No. 1 Duke, 89-84 in ACC opener!
boston college Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Down goes No. 1!

Duke upset by Boston College 89-84 for its first loss of the season

boston college ESPN @espn🔁Boston College does it!

No. 1 Duke is undefeated no more.

Dida Phone @DidaPhone🔁Coach k needs to play zone more with the length he has. REAL duke fans know duke can't guard in open space. ANY team that has athletes can beat Duke. Look over the years at the teams duke shouldn't have lose to(Mercer,Leigh Boston college and South Carolina) he has to play zone
Maryland is a basket....lacrosse school @TestudoDave🔁Just finished the Duke-Boston College tape. Jim Christian basically ran three sets the entire second half. Two involved high-ball screens looking to force a switch on Robinson/Bowman. Bagley/Carter/Bolden were ... not great on the defensive end.
SB Nation College @sbncollege🔁What Does the Win Mean?
Ash🤞🏽 @Worldhoops_🔁 It's a guy from Clay Co that hoops at Boston College. Just wanna put that out there
Boston College Wx @BCWxSTEM🔁It just started raining at Boston College.
angelomaltese @Amalt_21🔁Here at Conte Forum on the campus of Boston College for as they take on the Eagles! I will be on play-by-play alongside beginning at 1:05 on . Turn your dials to 89.5 FM or tune in on the app!
WSOU Sports @WSOUSports🔁At the end of the first quarter, @SHUWBB leads Boston College 14-11. Jaquan Jackson leads the Pirates with six points in the first quarter.
b @HOUDlNlIIl🔁Bye bye Duke. I am now a Boston College fan.
Ash🤞🏽 @Worldhoops_🔁Congrats to Alum and Boston College Freshmen Avery Wilson on Their win today over #1 ranked Duke!
Josh Nielsen @DJnellyNell22🔁REPORT: For defeating Duke, Boston College players have won the right to take turns tripping Grayson Allen as he tries to exit the building
Chris Raba @coach_raba🔁 Quick Hitter that Boston College ran yesterday to get two wide open 3s during their upset of #1 Duke
Dammit Dawn! @jerseygirl2you🔁I know! I have friends in Boston...ugh for them. And my son wants to go to college there...ack!!!
ALEXA @AlexaDevon🔁2017 Seasonal Snowfall (thru Fri AM)

Syracuse 5.2"
College Station 5.0"
Denver 2.8"
San Antonio 1.9"
Buffalo 1.9"
Austin 1.3"
Corpus Christi 1.0"
Houston 0.7"
Seattle 0.4"
Chicago 0.1"
Boston Trace

Brad Martens @bmartens26🔁 Thanks to all the Boston College fans.
WSOU Sports @WSOUSports🔁We have reached the media timeout in the first quarter. Seton Hall leads Boston College 11-7 with 3:44 to play in the opening quarter. Pirates are shooting over 71 percent from the floor early.
Jeff Kaczmarczyk @JKacz🔁Late to the game but wow, Boston College. What a school!
Clay Murray @murrayPGA🔁 What Does the Win over Duke mean for BC’s program going forward?
Layton @LaytonH10🔁 What a great game Boston College played. Only going up from here #DukeNation
Kyra FaLaLaLaFaye @kayeldee_🔁 Duke LOSES to Boston College. Celebrate accordingly!


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