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#BoomerSooner#BoomerSooner VonteTango🛩〽️™️ @GeoGyo🔁 Blessed to receive an offer from the University Of Oklahoma 🙏🏽 #BoomerSooner🔴⚪️
Kurt Keeley @KrimsonKurt🔁 One pitch at a time. #BoomerSooner
#BoomerSooner Stacy Beckett Riedel @staycdbr1🔁A little pre-game 💤 @OU_Softball #boomersooner #girlpower #beattexas
Cody Buechele @Honkey_Lighter🔁 One pitch at a time. #BoomerSooner
Melissa Overcash @OvercashMelissa🔁 One pitch at a time. #BoomerSooner
Jason Belzer @JasonBelzer🔁#1 overall NFL Draft Pick Baker Mayfield will make approx $33,158,294 on his rookie contract with the Cleveland Brown twitter.com s, including $22,185,523 in guaranteed money via signing bonus.
CeeDee 2x @_CeeDeeThree🔁Goodluck to the bros today as they lives change forever 🤞🏾 #BoomerSooner
Sean Larkin @Sean_C_Larkin🔁So true...gotta fight for what you want in life....it isn’t always easy. The grind is worth it! #BoomerSooner twitter.com
Carson Meier @cbear_redmats🔁The Arm. The Accuracy.

The Shake. The Bake.

The Heart. The Swagger.

The Walk-on. The Heisman.

The Legendary Story Gets A New Chapter Tonight.

Give 'Em Hell, .

B. C. C. @Soonerbclaytk🔁Baker Mayfield was asked if he had anything he wanted to say to Ohio State fans about the flag plant while sitting next to Ohio State's Denzel Ward. 😬

Mr. Carter @deecarter_11🔁Blessed to say I received an offer from Oklahoma University
Allen @usafdirtboyz🔁 #BoomerSooner What up🔥?
seth carter @carterseth97🔁Cleveland's left tackle [Joe Thomas] retired after the season and they have three 2nd round picks. 🤔

❗️QB NIGHTMARE ❗️ @LanceBryant_🔁From earlier today: 2020 Shadow Creek DE landed a big offer from Oklahoma. Showed quick moves as a pass-rusher earlier this spring at the Dallas .

| | |

👤 |

Kyle Davis @TheDaringPastry🔁So Baker is playing with an Ohio St guy he beat at home and Nick Chubb who completely ran over OU last season. 😂 twitter.com this is nuts
Keith Wyrick @kewyrick🔁UTEP and UTSA have players taken before UT. #hahahaha #boomersooner #NFLDraft18
216 Sports Hub @216SportsHub🔁WATCH: Kirk Herbstreit loves Baker Mayfield to Cleveland.

"I grew up in Ohio and I just want to say, I feel the Browns pain — one of the most loyal fan bases. Fellas, congratulations on this pick. Baker Mayfield will fit into that city perfectly."

JeanieMichelle @JJ6314🔁Baker Mayfield was asked why he openly stated he wanted to come to Cleveland.

"These fans deserve a team that has success, so you want to be the guy to lead that. For me, being as competitive as I am the bigger the challenge, I think, the better for me."

⭐️curtisleefarmer @curtisleefarmer🔁Watched Baker’s Instagram story last night to see one side of this conversation. Fun to see the split screen today t twitter.com o hear the whole thing. Really cool.
Bobby @Bo_Knows11🔁Still can't believe Baker went #1 overall. I feel like a proud parent still #BoomerSooner
Clay Robbins @XxDawg_PoundxX🔁If Cleveland drafted nothing but Sooners and Buckeyes this whole draft, instant turnaround!! twitter.com
Tyler Thomas @TylerEThomas🔁This is going to be a fun ride! #DawgPound #BoomerSooner twitter.com
Straight Outta Pali @jslemaker🔁@Browns @OU_Football @bakermayfield By future you mean late September, right? @Browns #BoomerSooner
Bruce#OUFan @fultonbruce1🔁@ColinCowherd lives with his head up his ass! What a dumbass!
#DawgPound #BoomerSooner twitter.com
b. moore @bmoore4music🔁Bad News: The Big 12 Championship Trophy was broken today.

Good News: We have 9 others.

Derek Morton @MORTONLB53🔁Red River Shootout Softball style!!! Let’s do it!!! Go get em girl!!!! #BoomerSooner


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