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Bonga Manqeezus @_Bonga🔁 This is a why the #ThaiCaveRescue is so difficult.
Jamir @jamulmer🔁 🎥 Alex Caruso gives his thoughts on the team’s defense and his first impression of Isaac Bonga.
Bonga Manqeezus @_Bonga🔁 PAC 1994 Poster. The struggle has always been about land. Klarity.
Tyricccccc @TyTyfor3🔁 🎥 Alex Caruso gives his thoughts on the team’s defense and his first impression of Isaac Bonga.
Los Angeles Lakers @Lakers🔁🎥 Rookie Isaac Bonga looks back on his debut in the #LakersSummer Las Vegas opener.
Mike Trudell @LakersReporter🔁Bonga’s first action on offense came at the top of the key, when he took a Philly defender off the dribble and drew F T’s. The 6’9’’ German PG split the pair. Very intriguing prospect the Lakers loved when they scouted him in Europe.
Trevor Lane @Trevor_Lane🔁In person, Isaac Bonga stands out physically. One of the biggest guys on the court and his wingspan looks crazy
Manqeezus @_Bonga🔁 new research suggests Fuck You Pay Us
† Kasović @MatthieuGst🔁So in a year we’ll have LeBron, Kawhi, Ingram, Lonzo, Kuzma, Hart, Wagner, Svi, Bonga’s hair, $15M in cap room, and ...

Paul George will be firing Aaron Mintz.

Aux Alaio @AuxAlaio🔁@_Bonga Lmao right!?
Njabulo Ngidi @NJABULON🔁@Bonga_Z Yep. And he sulks too much.
Manqeezus @_Bonga🔁 mandela anything rn tbh 😩
Manqeezus @_Bonga🔁Yikes 💀
Manqeezus @_Bonga🔁The blind leading the blind to oblivion
Manqeezus @_Bonga🔁Stop this Gangstar Gangstar Trap Talk niggas. WAKE UP!!! This is South Africa!!! This shit ain’t cool!!! You guys are very talented and people love you. Please stop with the don’t care attitude cause it’s only going to hurt you and the guy you say is your brother. HELP HIM!!!
Manqeezus @_Bonga🔁These Mandela concerts are annoying.
Jay🌊 @252Jay_🔁LONZO BALL


Steve Kyler @stevekylerNBA🔁The Lakers are sending $1.5 mil to Philadelphia in the Isaac Bonga trade - they have 45 days from July 6 to get that done
Manqeezus @_Bonga🔁Mageba 🤣🤣? ?🤣
Manqeezus @_Bonga🔁No stories from the Durban July weekend guys? I’m so glad we’ve reached the “What happens in Durban stays in Durban” stage on this App.
Manqeezus @_Bonga🔁 No fake screenshots of people who are supposedly stranded in Durban. Well done SA, niyakhula 😘
Manqeezus @_Bonga🔁Excessive traveling is not an excuse to use drugs. Don’t make us popeye’s so early in the morning
bukar danyaya @BukarDanyaya🔁an advice for the wise @el_bonga @Yadomah @ShehuSani @Abdulrahmanleme
Lebo_VT @TankVon🔁@CulpritEnter @_Bonga I’m dead🤣
bonga mdolo @bonga_mdolo🔁Before you overthink, stress out, and worry, just remember that this experience is momentary. Make the best out of life and take it easy. Whatever it is that's consuming your mind won’t last forever. Have a "this too shall pass" mindset and everything will be okay.
New Car Deals @gr8newcardeals🔁Hi Bonga, visit
Lot of discounts!
UNTOUCHABLE @KingJamesSZN🔁Can Isaac Bonga still be stash in Europe? If so he should stay overseas 1-2 more years. Still needs plenty of work...
Manqeezus @_Bonga🔁Camel trying to cancel its Uber trip


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