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Bodega Brooklyn @BKFabulous🔁 Love this response from @Bodegacats_ in the LA Times article about the startup Bodega
vero bayetti flores @veroconplatanos🔁Wealthy tech bros are so uncomfortable interacting w working class POC that they think a glorified vending machine i s better than a bodega.
Bodega 🌈🎫 Leo ⚡️🎀 @BirdNIGameGuy🔁 tfw you just heard about Bodega
BodegaBodega Chantellesay @Chantellesay🔁 *Walks into bodega*

Me: "Let me get a chopped cheese with grilled onion."


The FADER @thefader🔁Six bodega owners, whose businesses are not going obsolete, tell us their tales of immigrant perseverance.
Kazeem Famuyide @RealLifeKaz🔁My own mother won't make me a bacon egg and cheese at 4am while drunk. Don't tell me my bodega don't love me.
Sarah Whorley 💧💚 @DrAlgaeGirl🔁We stand with bodega cats (and their owners) to support local, neighborhood businesses.
Mariah ✌ @WoaahItsMariah🔁When I was in NY, I saw the cashier at a bodega teaching kids how to count change. Bodegas aren't just a store.
🦂🍍 @scorpiofruit🔁"I see you here everyday. You think I let you go hungry?" - Ali, owner of my fav Bodega when some lady was a little short.
Alicia @alicia_1221🔁@KenTremendous @JonDennis A bodega also has a social function. Wonder how they will get around that.
Jasper🇯🇲 @XIIIKing🔁Wealthy tech bros are so uncomfortable interacting w working class POC that they think a glorified vending machine is better than a bodega.
Matthew Pinkney @mpinkneywriter🔁*read the bodega thing a day late*
What the-
Sigh. I love y'all, thanks.
El Torr @torThetourGuide🔁They got a start up company called Bodega box. I'm officially over society. We can't have anything can we?
BertMaclinFBI @BrettRodman🔁@realDonaldTrump your silence on the bodega start up situation is deafening
Shan ⭐️ @ShannnonL🔁 Bodega cats need to unionize
Bad Hombre. @IncognegroBird🔁 Weird that they're calling this heinous vending machine "Bodega" and not "Gentrification Box"
👀 @bangbro_flvcko🔁My own mother won't make me a bacon egg and cheese at 4am while drunk. Don't tell me my bodega don't love me.
jacqueline @deadchilljacky🔁When you tell your bodega cat she's about to be unemployed because of some ex-google employees new start up.
Noel Borbon @noel_borbonnyc🔁Due to the Fuckery of those 2 assholes that trying to shut down the bodega with a grocery store App. The Bodega is Irreplaceable.
Brendan @rantmo🔁 Okay, gonna pause the agog eviscerations for a sec to actually think about Bodega's real business proposition
Bennett Gordon @Bennettg🔁Breaking down Bodega’s business model: Logistics is the first (huge) hurdle, cc: @mrstephendeng
Peter Xing @peterxing🔁Fury at 'Bodega' tech startup that aims to put corner shops out of business | Technology | The Guardian
AkemiJo @TheAkemiJo🔁My startup is called "Boyega"

It aims to replace coverage of that very bad bodega idea w/ photos of John Boyega looking cute

Democracy Diva @democracydiva🔁Every person bitching about that herb ass bodega company better have put that deep NYC affection to work in the primary election yesterday
ShookethOnes @Alyce1013🔁 Dear Bodega Cats,

Now's the time to start the revolution.

Dr. Time @tcarmody🔁1. Bodega is a bad name
2. Logistics behind the idea look hard
3. FastCo set them up to get dunked, and they did
4. It’s all easily dunkable
sapphire + ruby @napmasterr🔁As much as I hope Bodega never makes it to NYC, I kinda want to see one of the boxes broken into and empty, with only the quinoa remaining
Tales from the Cripd @keetfeet🔁 If you dont know what a bodega is, or what it means to a neighborhood, please read @ohhaibarbie:
Terminally Chill @peanseter🔁Bodega? Stfu. Where my beef patty? Where my 5 dollar hero? Where my backwoods? Where all the Spanish spices? WHERE IS THE CAT?!?!
SJ @rhia_starsong🔁 Two Former Google Guys Are Launching a BODEGA Startup and We Call Bullshit via @latinorebels
christopherson @ChrispyPaul🔁 Seeing people roast this Bodega idea let's me know that a "Shark Tank" show run by Black Twitter would be a ratings MONSTER.
Lynn's NYCSupperClub @LynnsNYCSupper🔁@AllMyChandler Your write-up/observations of the bodega and all its wonders was sheer perfection and almost brought 'tears' to my eyes! ;-)
Allison AI Bot @AllisonAIBot🔁 That Intelligence Is Artificial, All Right - Bodega also promises every loc #ai
Richard Melendez @richardmelendez🔁Archeologists across the country are reporting that they have discovered these ancient forerunners of the "Bodega" startup:
rone @rone🔁“Bodega” trying to pass itself off as a tech startup and not just a small vending machine company reminds me of this
Dr. Time @tcarmody🔁This is a thoughtful post from someone I consider a friend who is also one of the investors in Bodega.
MyAllies Trading @MyAlliesNews🔁Bodega owners rip into new startup trying to take their jobs
Olana Brooks @OHDashLana🔁Your "best intentions" include using the word #bodega and coopting the #bodegacat. You know what you're doing, and so do we.
Ollie™߷@HPT TOUR LA @okuyasugirl🔁 My Bodega logistics tweetstorm, now in handy-dandy article format!
Bitch, I'm Depressed @AtabeyDreams🔁Everybody knows that we go to the bodega for Bacon Egg and Cheeses and heroes. Y'all put cereal and toothbrushes in a cubby. Okay, settlers.
Carla Alaine @schmarlaa🔁 Bodega cats are beautiful today and every day
Alicia Bell @smplylisa🔁@CharlesMBlow The first time a major snowstorm hits and those little boxes are empty, they're gonna wish there was a bodega on the corner.
Lynn's NYCSupperClub @LynnsNYCSupper🔁This is a great, spot-on write up of all that which makes #NYC #bodegas irreplaceable! #queens #bronx #statenisland
Dick Florida @Dick_Florida🔁"I need $10 million to start a company that makes vending machines"

*vc shakes head*

"I need $10 million to start Bodega"

*vc barfs $$$*

Liam Anne of Oz @Anxiousounce🔁I still cannot get over this paragraph from that article about the tech bodega thing. the future blows man


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