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Bob Stoops BOOMER SOONERS @TroyKeywon🔁 When Lincoln Riley sees Bob Stoops...
Bob Stoops Brooke Pryor @bepryor🔁Bob Stoops is at the Rose Bowl, taking it all in
Heath Williamson @HeathWilliamso3🔁 Blake Griffin
Bob Stoops
Boomer Sooner
SmittyMaHomes @kcsmitty24🔁 OU Fans: Bob Stoops gone we will win big games now

Bob Stoops:

ESPN CollegeFootball @ESPNCFB🔁Blake Griffin
Bob Stoops
Boomer Sooner
Spencer Tillman @SpenceTillman🔁With each passing series, Bob Stoops looks like an unselfish genius!
Tom Gilmartin @gilmartin_tom🔁I almost thought that wouldn't blow the since Bob Stoops wasn't the head coach, but they didn't disappoint & blew a big time bowl game again
Doug Grajczyk @DougGrajczyk🔁 Lincoln Riley really is the second coming of Bob Stoops
Artiethe1manparty @Artie_1manparty🔁@JeffCaves OU was jinxed after @ESPN showed Bob Stoops on the OU sideline in the 2nd OT - bad karma
Paul Anthony Osbourn @innovateNGV🔁Bob Stoops and Riley - Joe Mixon Karma
Reggie Bellamy @Mr__Bellamy🔁 Stoops Factors got me: Mike calling defenses and Bob rooting on the sideline.
Ryan Hight @rhynnno🔁Bob Stoops was pretty solemn after the game. Declined comment, was in the equipment room watching the Sugar Bowl mostly by himself.
Nuckin Futs @nochance56🔁Bob stoops biggest fuck up was firing BrentVenables and keeping Mike. Family over skills.
Thee Bears @theebears🔁The karma of WFPU, "retired" big game Bob stoops, "retired" President Boren & some actions caught on tape and covered up by OU is glorious 🤣
Somewhat Deplorable @SomewhatDeplora🔁We don't have Bob Stoops to blame for Sooners choking in big games this season.
Mosheccah @Mosheccah🔁It's like he's kinda good, but never any better than kinda. Which is kinda bad but no one will pull the plug on Sto ops. Stoops blows
twood3 @twood3🔁Please don't let the Stoops Factor get me again. I liked Bob very much personally but wasn't the biggest fan of his. His brother Mike still coaches the OU defense. Gulp.
CN @ChrisNoble_15🔁Lincoln Riley gotta go, He’s “Big Game Bob” Jr. mike stoops needs to go too 😂 defense atrocious 🤮 for sooner fans sake
Bill Gibson @billokc🔁#Sooners looked too much like a Bob Stoops team in overtime. Very disappointing!!
Captain Tim @timmyhustle25🔁@OziPerv Lincoln Riley did his best Bob Stoops impersonation, big game bust
Nuckin Futs @nochance56🔁Bob stoops made a horrible decision to fire Venables and kept his brother as DC. Sooners had bad defense scheme and poor tackling.
Pete Russey @BrandNewWes🔁Bob Stoops can’t win the big games. #CFBplayoffs #CollegeFootballPlayoff @PardonMyTake
Josh Oakley @JoshOakley3🔁 thanks for giving them the free FG at the end of the 2nd quarter Lincoln, glad you have a little Bob Stoops in you.
Depressed McGuire @Soonerbeast14🔁thanks for giving them the free FG at the end of the 2nd quarter Lincoln, glad you have a little Bob Stoops in you.
Chris Gentry @CGentPharm🔁If mike stoops doesn’t have the dignity to resign, and continues to force Riley’s hand to fire Bob’s brother, I have little respect for him
Jason jr. @TheOvenBoy🔁 Kinda stunned they let Bob Stoops coach in OT for the Sooners
whitewater moose @whitewatermoose🔁@chengelis If by chance Harbaugh decides to leave for the NFL, Mich needs to look at Miles, Pelini, Shaw, Richt, and Bob Stoops.
Bob Bonfiglioni @rphil10246🔁Seems that OU doesn't need Bob Stoops to choke away big games..


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