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#BoardWatch PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”PAC does not agree with assessments being opt-in only #BoardWatch
This Sinner is Saved @onegodthrujesusπŸ”2 Corinthians 6:2
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This Sinner is Saved @onegodthrujesusπŸ”WHAT A RESOURCE...


#BoardWatch Rebecca Page @InnerMissionMomπŸ” PAC does not agree with assessments being opt-in only #BoardWatch
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”There are a few more items in the agenda, but #BoardWatch is signing off. Tune in to live coverage on KALW
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”No speaker cards for Public comment. Rev Brown takes the podium. #BoardWatch
SF Public School Mom @AliMCollinsπŸ”Strong statements by @HydraMendoza. Her speech is with watching. TY 4 standing w/ Black educators making a dif for our kidsπŸ’• #boardwatch
SF Public School Mom @AliMCollinsπŸ”The name calling takes some people off the rails. It’s not gonna take me off the rails. It’s gonna happen. Yes! #BoardWatch
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner Sanchez agrees that we need to declare a state of emergency with the city as well. One of the biggest r twitter.com esources we can offer is highly qualified teachers who stay
SF Public School Mom @AliMCollinsπŸ”Love @StevonCook comments re: the narrative of β€œfailure” coming from charter organizers tonight. Thank you for your leadership. #BoardWatch
SF Public School Mom @AliMCollinsπŸ”For everyone listening to public comment tonight. There were at least 10 folks here from Innovate charters. The folks twitter.com that were clapping were all Innovate folks.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner wants to acknowledge that there are people in this room who didn’t speak, school leaders that are as di twitter.com ssatisfied to see the results.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Comment continued: run Booker T Washington center, saw transcript of a boy with straight Fs and nobody had intervened twitter.com . Need to go and talk to the African American kids in the schools
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Rev Brown cont. We need intentional mental health services, don't need to reinvent the wheel. Assess all these progra twitter.com ms claiming to deal with the problem and hold them accountable, and let us know how you are doing, how spending money, who recruiting.
SF Public School Mom @AliMCollinsπŸ”Rev. Brown of @NAACP β€œThe time is always right to do the right thing.” - MLK. urging @SFUnified not to delay. #BoardWatch
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Timeline presented: begin implementation in February. Superintendent's presentation is over, time for public comment. twitter.com Starting with Rev. Amos Brown: "the time is always right to do the right thing"
SF Public School Mom @AliMCollinsπŸ”I love that @SFUSD_Supe is making a distinction between β€œhistorically underserved” schools and β€œhigh equity gap schools” #BoardWatch
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Detailed plan for african american outcomes: to be a great district we need every student receiving the instruction a twitter.com nd support to thrive in 21st century. Look at systemic barriers to equity: Racial/ethnic segregation, implicit bias, systemic oppression, new teachers
SF Public School Mom @AliMCollinsπŸ”During comments re: KIPP reauthorization, highlights we are measured by the same stick, yet there are different rule twitter.com s.
SF Public School Mom @AliMCollinsπŸ”. @marksanchezsf We might consider opening up convos re: which schools are incl. in β€œGolden ticket” enrollment. #boardwatch
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”The report will provide initial impressions and observations as well as recommendations based on interviews, observat twitter.com ion, review of data and documents
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Now it is time for Superintendent @SFUSD_Supe plan presentation! Report out on 90 days of listening and learning. #BoardWatch
Reynolds Cameron @reynoldscameronπŸ”Thank you & for holding corrupt politicians accountable twitter.com
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Board bylaw passed providing board must approve employment contracts of management employees as a separate agenda ite twitter.com m, during open session and only at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board
Reynolds Cameron @reynoldscameronπŸ” wants to end ability-based admissions in favor of CTIP and other EPC lottery preferences. twitter.com
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Next up will be a vote on changing the assignment policy to extend the existing HS assignment tie-breaker to students twitter.com attending in 6th, 7th and 8th grades.
Reynolds Cameron @reynoldscameronπŸ”Fundamentally NOT the same to deny empowerment to K-5 as 6-12. However, at least you are willing to side with kids wh twitter.com en you don’t have a choice. Bravo to the kids who testified!
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner : one of concerns about charter schools is about working conditions for teachers, some of our charters a twitter.com re unionized. Have not received complaints about working conditions, will support petition.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner says he was ready to vote no, but changed his mind based on comment. Would like to recruit principal to twitter.com SFUSD schools. Want students to feel that they have agency in improving schools for other kids who don't go to KIPP
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Student says he has never felt more at home than at KIPP. Felt very behind at first, over the last few years I feel twitter.com that I have become very prepared for college. Have been able to build strong relationships, male guidance.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”SF native who is a counsellor at KIPP shares story: was only able to attend college because my sister helped me, want twitter.com to level the playing field for people like me
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Student comments: KIPP students hold me accountable and make me want to do better; students talk about academic goals twitter.com and college aspirations; idea of college reinforced everywhere
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”KIPP leader wants to respond to some allegations about the school. Painting a false picture of the school of kids in twitter.com this room. We do not push kids out. We sit down with kids and families to create community and provide options.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Public comment: have sat behind kids on the bus that call KIPP "kids in prison prep." If you are a kid who gets pushe twitter.com d out you should know that it is not you, it is the system. Will fight with families to make sure rights are respected in charter and public schools
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Public comment on KIPP renewal: this is a racial justice issue but not for the reason you think. Want to speak about twitter.com Innovate that was formed by foundation money from Walton and Silicon Valley Community Foundation
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Board votes unanimously to DENY the petition for a new KIPP elementary school . Next up is the petition to renew the twitter.com charter for existing KIPP SF College Prep high school. Staff recommendation is to vote "yes" to renewal.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner Share concerns about the state of emergency, but charter schools are not the solution to that change. twitter.com Work in the bayview 24-7. Respect people's opinions, but this is deeper than the conversation in this room, this is not the answer.
Reynolds Cameron @reynoldscameronπŸ”Seems shares a lot in common with : both appreciate brown-nosers, while also punitive against those without same ide twitter.com ology, regardless of facts.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner appreciates the enthusiasm of all of those who came out tonight. Asking a question about the staff reco twitter.com mmendation, wants to fully understand on the record. Could you speak to concern around school discipline rates and student retention
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”@StevonCook @rpnorton @emilymurase Commissioner Sanchez not voting for this charter school despite supporting KIPP in the past. #BoardWatch
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner Sanchez more concerned about charter school law than about KIPP itself. By definition deny admission to twitter.com the most challenged students in our city, because those families cannot engage in the process
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner was hoping for a longer conversation about how we might partner but KIPP folks decided to move forward twitter.com with a charter request this year. Not supporting at this time.
Reynolds Cameron @reynoldscameronπŸ”So & are as corrupt as Hydra. Time for residents to secede from SFUSD. twitter.com
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner : I have family members who have been pushed out of KIPP. There is no make-up policy. Fundamentally diff twitter.com erent way that we approach education. Troubling suspension rates too. Committed to principals in Bayview schools.
Reynolds Cameron @reynoldscameronπŸ”GTFO! opposes local Bayview K-5 despite intense demand & proven performance. ruled by politicos who don’t care ab twitter.com out kids, edu or families.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner says this is a tough one. She lives in the Bayview has supported KIPP in the past and knows many people twitter.com who have gone through KIPP schools. SFUSD has focussed investment in the Bayview, commitment to that investment is critical.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Speaker who is a parent and pastor in the Bayview, has had a tumultuous time trying to find a place for in in SFUSD, twitter.com only admitted to schools that were below par, private schools had own issues. "KIPP has opened doors for my son."
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”KIPP student who is a senior says that opening an elementary seems like an amazing idea. It would make the community twitter.com in the Bayview come closer together.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”5th grade teacher at KIPP Bayview notes that she had heard negative stories before she started but now sees it as a b twitter.com eautiful "hope-filled" place. Provides extensive math and reading interventions and mental health support.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Vice chair of KIPP bay area: KIPP has proven that black and brown students are smart and just as capable of success. twitter.com Achievement gap stems from opportunity gap. Success of these children is all of our success.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Teacher and parent of student in both KIPP and non-charter SFUSD school: likes that the principal speaks Spanish and twitter.com as Bayview resident thinks there should be a new school with quality in the district
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Many speakers, time will be limited to 30 minutes. KIPP 5th grade teacher speaking about difficulty catching kids u twitter.com p when they start in 5th grade. Remind students "it is not about where they start, but where they are going"
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioners have approved the "consent calendar." now moving to votes on resolutions before the board. First up is twitter.com new KIPP elementary school charter petition. Recommendation to Deny. Lots of folks in the room wearing KIPP t-shirts.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioners note that the resolution on assessments was amended as of last night's Curriculum committee meeting and twitter.com addresses many of PAC concerns.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”PAC reports that the LCAP Data Forum is coming up on Nov 29 at James Lick MS. Dinner, Interpretation and childcare w twitter.com ill be provided. Dinner at 5:30, Meeting starts promptly at 6PM
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”PAC respectfully requests that a committee be formed to jointly develop recommendations before any changes to the cur twitter.com rent process of assessments
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner Cook also attended PAC meeting to hear ideas and concerns about the resolution he co-authored to further twitter.com reduce assessments. PAC believes that any resolution like this need to include parent voice from the beginning.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Parent Advisory Council Report: Dr Matthews visited the PAC meeting to receive input on search process for the new l twitter.com eader of the Special Education Dept.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Student Advisory Council is planning to help out in a program to identify stores selling tobacco to minors: based on twitter.com Fresno model.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Now it is the Student Delegate report: youth summit will be March 16, 2018 at Fort Mason Center. Invitations will be twitter.com sent out shortly.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”We will be live-tweeting tonight during regular meeting! Follow us at and see preview of the agenda here:
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Meeting adjourned. Next meeting will be most likely in January - no December meeting unless board refers business. #BoardWatch
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Chief Stephens: Office of Professional Learning and Leadership has been transformed over last several years, want to twitter.com take chance to praise him in front of this "massive" audience
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner Q: how do we ensure that teachers new to the school district know basic standards, compliance, etc. lik twitter.com e no fees issue in public comment A: have yearly trainings at all schools, some topics are built into orientation, also electronic trainings
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”. asks what role has played in the induction program. A: one partnership example: all teachers on special assignmen twitter.com t (TSA) in job description have responsibility to be a mentor to 2-3 inductees
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”A: Chief Stephens: like the measure of looking at cohort retention year by year in years 1-5. This is what the SF Te twitter.com acher Residency program uses.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner : excited to see how this has expanded; wonder if we have hit on how we stop the turn over. Recognize wa twitter.com ges are a big part. What would we see as success?
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner also curious about what the surveys given to new teachers has revealed. A would be happy to share frame twitter.com work of the survey
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner attended part of Bayview ignite - wonder if there was any formal feedback from participants. A: will a twitter.com sk cohort 3 team for data
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”@emilymurase Both @emilymurase and @StevonCook like idea of enlisting retired teachers to help onboard new teacher #BoardWatch
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”. How are we measuring success? A: retention data and also trying to survey new teachers before they leave twitter.com
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Comment from Commissioner - are we capturing data from employees who leave the district via an exit interview? A: H twitter.com R attempts to do exit interviews.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Public comment: teachers should understand the rules about not having fees for field trips etc. Comes up all the time twitter.com at my school.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Public comment cont. recommended training "Safety Care" - huge difference in classroom after teacher and para had thi twitter.com s training
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Public comment: thank you for providing an induction program for special ed teachers. Also happy to see that online c twitter.com ourses include special education courses. All teachers should have training around inclusive practices, not optional.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Special ed induction has increased from 10 teachers in 15-16 to 100+ in current year #BoardWatch
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Last topic is induction: Formal induction support has been shown to drastically diminish teachers leaving the field. twitter.com Provide support also to teachers who are on alternative credentials.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Also have created an online catalog of courses through google classroom platform. See potential to invite educators i twitter.com n to earn micro-credentials, badges, etc.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Additional 3 days for of professional learning through Bayview ignite: teachers in Cohort 3. #BoardWatch
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Mandatory and optional orientation sessions included: comprehensive approach to literacy, math core curriculum, posit twitter.com ive behavior support systems, universal lesson designs and inclusive classrooms
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Next up: informational item on efforts to improve on boarding of teachers. Goal is to make teachers feel "supported a twitter.com nd confident" and help retain teachers at SFUSD.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Hoping that MS redesign may help address this issue if move to a 7 period day to help build proficiency in arts. twitter.com
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner commenting on Ruth Asawa SOTA presentation: Are there other strategies discussed but not implemented th twitter.com at could "move the needle" on enrollment numbers?
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Payne says: There is some "tetris" with master schedule, hard to fit in additional electives. Did survey students to twitter.com see what type of classes they would want to add.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Response from Principal Payne: diversified hiring committees, have been able to hire some teaching artists of color twitter.com as full faculty. Do offer Ethnic Studies as an elective in senior year. Looking at expending to other grade levels.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner pushes to look at data about what elementary schools are represented. Focus education/recruitment earli twitter.com er. Also interested in data on faculty demographics. Questions about adding ethnic studies, more world languages
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Ruth Asawa SOTA has about 500 applicants for 200 spots. Have been reaching out to partner Middle schools to make sure twitter.com there is follow up to make sure students submit required packet in person.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Commissioner has questions about what the admissions goals are with respect to diversity? A (Stephens): have had di twitter.com scussions; think a starting point might be that school demographics align to that of the district.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Cont. Also wants to know why Willie Brown MS "golden ticket" wouldn't be expanded to include Ruth Asawa SOTA #BoardWatch
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Former artistic director for SFUSD Susan Stauter: must make audition process as comfortable for children as we can; h twitter.com ave diverse artists on audition panels, no kids on panel
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Public comment: parent of student who came from Everett to SOTA - appreciate the Saturday arts lab and the expanded l twitter.com ibrary hours offered this year. Question about what is the entrance process for special day classes students?
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Chief Stephens notes that despite all the work, the assignment data has not changed too much, (in terms of demographics) #BoardWatch
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Next steps include: hiring an outreach coordinator for RASOTA, pilot a VAPA/Beacon middle school extended day arts p twitter.com rogram and on-site summer program, standardize audition rubric across all departments.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Here is the timeline of the audition process for Ruth Asawa. Revised shadow program, reserved dates for all SFUSD m twitter.com iddle schools.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Have updated audition guidelines/policy with an emphasis on equity and fairness. No pre-screening. No report card re twitter.com quirement. More emphasis on recommendation. Revised website and outreach materials to be more clear, translated.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”@Ruth_Asawa_SOTA Have added several pathways including Jazz Vocals, Spoken Word, #BoardWatch
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Recommendations were made by a committee to expand equitable access to Ruth Asawa SOTA, including more K-8 arts educ twitter.com ation; better recruitment across the district and changes to the audition process
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Next up at the Curriculum committee: report on admissions at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts @Ruth_Asawa_SOTA #BoardWatch
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”Committee forwards to the full board with a positive recommendation. Will come for a second read at the first meeting twitter.com in December.
PPS-San Francisco @ppssfπŸ”@rpnorton Decisions that are not made for the next school year could continue to be made as years go on notes @rpnorton #BoardWatch


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