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Tyler 🙅🏼‍♂️ @TylerHouston33🔁 Hey Blue Jackets.. just remember.. ...”At least you didn’t have to play Pittsburgh”...
mike darnay @MikeDarnay🔁the Columbus Blue Jackets are the only NHL franchise to have never won a playoff series
Pete Blackburn @PeteBlackburn🔁The Blue Jackets
Brendan @bfretyy🔁This GIF is actually from game 6 of the Capitals/Blue Jackets series
NHL @NHL🔁If and the keep this up, they'll punch their Second Round ticket.

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Mr. West (y - 3-1/x - 4-0/12-11) @RJWestYT🔁I liked a @YouTube video The Columbus Blue Jackets: A Step-By-Step Guide to Franchise Ineptitude
NHL @NHL🔁A strong start to the playoffs ends in disappointment for the @BlueJacketsNHL. #StanleyCup
Tyler Cornect @Cornect57🔁 The Columbus Blue Jackets are the last team in the NHL to never win a playoff series.
Nathan (Graviteh) @NathanGraviteh🔁Washington Capitals vs Columbus Blue Jackets Playoff Series Review via
MyersHateAccount @Jojobrownie57🔁The chokin’ Columbus Blue Jackets should be so very ASHAMED of themselves. Leading 2-0 over the Washington Capitals, the jinxed Jackets failed badly and lost 4 straight games. The meek and mild mannered John Tortorella should change his attitude and become more INTENSE! Too bad!
BIG 104.7 @big1047🔁Love this guy!
Puckbook @PuckbookNHL🔁Alex Ovechkin nets pair as Capitals eliminate Blue Jackets
Mark Brower @browcoww77🔁How did the blue jackets playoff run go? Like this: 😁😀😄😌😑😶😔😞☹️😢😭
Naomi Corrie @naomicorrie🔁Honored to help kick off day 2 of Leadership Conf. Inspired by these young leaders in blue jackets!
Natty @Navajo_natalee🔁“At Least We Don’t Have To Play Pittsburgh” - Fan On The Local News After They Were Eliminated From The Playoffs 😂😂😂

IndignantBeaver @IndignantBeaver🔁I liked a @YouTube video Ovechkin scores twice, Caps eliminate Blue Jackets
Mark @f3_francis🔁"I did what I could. I work hard. I battle hard. And I thought I gave a chance for my team to win."

Ethan Ritter @_ethanritter🔁 #CBJ ->> Bobrovsky pushes back against criticism: 'I was good in the playoffs' via @NHL
JacketsTradeCentral @CBJtradecentral🔁The Columbus Blue Jackets: A Step-By-Step Guide to Franchise Ineptitude via @YouTube @UrinatingTree #CBJ
Emma Fulk @emmafulk🔁the blue jackets are the only team in the 4 major sports to have never won a playoff series
conor 👻 @cahearn11🔁For the first time since 1990, the Capitals won four straight playoff games. Down 2-0 in the series, players never doubted they could storm back against CBJ.
jord @jordan_ney🔁I was pulling for the Blue Jackets but I'll be honest. If the Penguins really are gonna win 3 straight CUPS, I'd want it no other way than by sending the Caps home in the 2nd round for THREE. STRAIGHT. YEARS.


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