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Blue Apron oliver: I BITE TRAITORS @poorhouseinmo🔁 "Blue Apron" SNAP #TheResistance #MAGA #Trump #FoxNews #Resist #ImpeachTrump
Ezra Klein @ezraklein🔁Like Blue Apron, but for humiliating poor families and increasing opportunities for government corruption.
Clint Smith @ClintSmithIII🔁Seeing some of these headlines is bizarre: If the White House cuts $200 billion worth of food from people in poverty & calls it the new Blue Apron that doesn’t mean you run a headline calling it the new Blue Apron.

You’re supposed to call them out on their BS not just repeat it.

Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid🔁And by the way, calling this wretched idea "Blue Apron style" is an insult. I've gifted Blue Apron to friends, and t he great thing about it is that families get to CHOOSE the meals they want. This isn't that. This is a grey box designed to toss poor people some cast-off starch.
Karen #SPNFAMILY @karen_jesser🔁Check the pattern. First, they cut SNAP programs & take away the ability of low income families to eat healthy foods, then they cut Medicaid. This isn’t blue apron, it’s a systematic way to kill poor people, plain & simple.
Antionette D. @2nd2none3D🔁And by the way, calling this wretched idea "Blue Apron style" is an insult. I've gifted Blue Apron to friends, and the great thing about it is that families get to CHOOSE the meals they want. This isn't that. This is a grey box designed to toss poor people some cast-off starch.
ET @ET418🔁Every idea out of the Trump administration is a 3rd grade answer to a complex problem. People need food? Send them blue apron style boxes. Immigration problem? Build a wall. They fail to see the underlying complexities, resulting in failure, waste and zeros added to our debt
Neptune78 @OhmsLaw78🔁Trump's "let them eat cake" moment couldn't get more stupid via @MotherJones
Growing Up Gaptist @EllisHKeast🔁SNAP recipients have the right to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables just like everyone else.

The GOP is making "being poor" a punishment by offering a crappy "Blue Apron-type" solution.

SNAP recipients vote too.

Make sure you do, and PUNISH the GOP at the polls.

Serena Webb @madewithrealgin🔁For the people who think SNAP recipients getting a box of cereal, peanut butter, canned goods and NO FRESH VEGETABLES is somehow like , here’s an image of what blue apron boxes look like:
Joanna Kelly @GrowinJo🔁 Trump wants to eliminate food stamps in favor of government-selected boxes of food |Via Salon
President Derin @PresidentDerin🔁@SirLarr They just want to use your blue apron deal man... 10/10
Everett Baker @EverettBaker13🔁 This Blue Apron comparison is like being invited for tea but actually it’s just getting t-bagged...
C! #KatesLaw @N8VNYCD🔁The Trump administration has devised a plan to replace food stamps with a Blue Apron-style food box that is delivered to the door steps of the needy.

Before food stamps, churches & local communities stepped up to aid the poor.

It’s not the government’s job to feed people.

Jim Carpenter @sportsfan_james🔁Brilliant!
'Donald Trump's Nasty Budget' will ensure parents feed their children healthy Blue Apron style meals instead of selling their ebt cards for drugs, cigs, booze, nails & tats. It is sinful that American children go to bed hungry because of irresponsible parents.

Yong Soo Chang @hammerhawk1🔁Hey didn’t your dad recently say he wants to replace SNAP food benefits with a “Blue Apron” style food delivery service? You crooks are actually planning on making money to feed the poor? You people have NO MORALS, NO SCRUPLES WHATSOEVER.
Paula Sue Glashauser @SueGlashauser🔁Blue Apron food stamp scam has got to be something cooked up to kick back money to Trump. He has so many shell companies & of course the grifter who already wasted 100 Million of taxpayer money playing golf has ways to steal more. Mobsters are crooks & Trump is a 100% mobster!
TreesnShrubs @mickerxm🔁After our son died in 2006, we lost everything. Wife unable to work and I in school, we were getting food from Church at one point.
Don't tell me how "degrading" it would be to have food delivered to home through a genius "Blue Apron-style" program instead of food stamps.
Debby Shadoff @debrachel🔁 Saying canned meat and vegetables is “Blue Apron” would be like saying being locked in a dark room is “Disneyworld”.
LORENA ECCLES @simplyredpuller🔁Roses are red,
My apron is blue.
I'm a Freemason,
And you can be too... 😉

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Charles Lawrence @Charles64091277🔁"Blue Apron" When I see people keeping track of their food stamp balance on an 800 dollar phone I ask how they got the food stamps. Blue Apron is a great idea to cut down on fraud and make sure the poor kids are eating right.
Carol Sulcoski @Blackbunnyfibrz🔁Seeing some of these headlines is bizarre: If the White House cuts $200 billion worth of food from people in poverty & calls it the new Blue Apron that doesn’t mean you run a headline calling it the new Blue Apron.

You’re supposed to call them out on their BS not just repeat it.

Michael Gibson @Gibforddaddy616🔁"As a single mother who relied on food stamps to help feed my boys, I can’t overstate how offensive this proposal is," Rep. Barbara Lee tweeted. "Low-income families need more access to fresh produce & healthy foods, not less."
Drakken Kami @drakkenkami🔁 Just enter code IAMPOOR at checkout for 20% off your dignity!
Nathan D Daly @BattleSwine🔁liberals who say blue apron meals delivered to the home for SNAP is demeaning, and say you can't have real food mailed to you......

.... sure have no problem ordering food off Amazon pantry, blue apron, wegmans and Wal-Mart 🙄🤔🤔🤔

Really, what's the difference? 😂👍

Puppet String News @NewsPuppet🔁 SpaceX Blue Apron
John Hennessy @jhennessy_nj🔁 I bet Blue Apron is thrilled to have their name associated with Orwellian Victory Beans.
Kim Crawley @kim_crawley🔁It's strange how willing headline writers can be to accept the White House's comically absurd framing, like their calling a monthly box of packaged cheap food that is nothing like Blue Apron a "Blue Apron-type program."
Jas Hands @AgentMayDay🔁So if Trump gets his way and the govt starts sending 'Blue Apron' boxes to the poor -- it's going to be a grand day for Graft & Shaft and the poor people will be stuck with crappy inedible food.
Ethan @NicholsEthan🔁"Blue apron style."

I can't ... WTF.

This reads like a Lex Luthor plot to scam Metropolis out of millions.

Where are you, Superman?;

Bertha Williams @nodramatoday🔁His ideals definitely not for working people and the poor. Ideals out of the 1940’s. Wow!
Mrs. Rowland @OGFirestarter🔁A visual warning about that Trump "Blue Apron" style delivery of gubmint cheese and sundries to needy families instead of cash-equivalent EBT benefits. This was from Trump's FEMA in Puerto Rico.
Arun @Arun31552314🔁Delivering non-fresh, no-choice food boxes to poor SNAP recipients is a "Blue Apron-type program?"

What will the White House come up with next?

ICE = "Uber for DREAMers"

Bringing back coal = "TaskRabbit with black lung"

GOP tax scam = "Venmo for the 1%"

jules @julimsw_juli🔁The idea for food stamps was borne out of economic necessity and a tragic paradox during the Great Depression
krichardson @speckiemom🔁Hey, fiscal Conservatives!

Explain to me how a Blue Apron-style food delivery program that requires all the logistics, bureaucracy, & inefficiency issues of a major corporation will be cheaper than food stamps? Blue Apron admits it's the truth.

Donald Trump's Nasty Budget:

brt @Brtbeach🔁Let me guess... these Blue Apron-style meals that Trump wants to replace food stamps with, will only take into account the food that white Christian men prefer.

Heck with Jews who keep kosher, Muslims who don't eat pork, vegans, pregnant women, etc.

Audrey @maddiehbabe🔁I think reforming SNAP with a Blue Apron-style meal delivery system is a brilliant idea.

This way, we ensure that families are eating nutritious foods, and are simultaneously cutting back on waste within the program.

Vegas Tracy 🇺🇸 @VegasTracy🔁The Blue Apron Approach the Trump Administration has proposed to replace Food Stamps is Brilliant. The people who won't like it. Those large Corporations Making Billions off EBT Cards, etc. This is a great plan, and it keeps it simple.
Dave DeMunn @drdavewho🔁The President's budget cuts SNAP and replaces part of it with food boxes.

They don't include fresh fruit.

They might not account for allergies or age.

They're a giveaway to big farms.

They take away free will.

And that's just the beginning.

Katie Feeney @Planelady1🔁I don't mean to be paranoid but at this point it seems likely that 's idea to switch from food stamps to a mass government distributed "Blue Apron" box of food is a great way to "accidentally" poison a whole lot of poor people at once.
Penny 🤷🏻‍♀️🆘 @hellokitty11277🔁This screams Ivanka, bet she ordered Blue Apron or Hello Fresh and told her Dad not only could they save the paper on tax forms by using the postcard but a food box would save paper and stamps, bet the box has to reused. But nevertheless medicine is through the roof.
RogueLemming @ForgeRat🔁 Important thread of Trumps blue apron of shit for disabled snap recipients 👇👇 👇
Jerry Barrett @JerryPolitex🔁Food Stamps: The ‘Blue Apron’ SNAP proposal showcases the worst of the Trump administration. Emba, WP


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