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HyruleRaven @jmdow92🔁 Live look at LeGarrette Blount owners in #FantasyFootball
Philadelphia Eagles @Eagles🔁.@LG_Blount for six!

#Eagles lead 33-7 with 10:22 to play. #FlyEaglesFly

Blount NFL @NFL🔁.@LG_Blount is IN for an @eagles TD! #FlyEaglesFly
Blount Oct 31st 🎃 @_BlackRob_🔁The eagles can now roll a Jay or a Blount #EagleNation #BleedGreen 🦅
Pablo S. Torre @PabloTorre🔁Ajayi is what an Australian person calls a Blount
Cam @_hooch94🔁 Now the Eagles can roll a Jay and a Blount.. #FlyEaglesFly
Jared McLemore @jmac_21🔁@Norydizzle Solid pickup for em. He’ll just take some of the load off of Blount.
frank veneziale @frankveneziale🔁LeGarrette Blount is averaging more yards after contact than Le'Veon Bell is averaging total. But Ajayi for a 4th is a damn steal.
7-1 (3-0 Div.) @iggleshive🔁Im told Howie Roseman talked with LeGarrette Blount to let him know about trade for Jay Ajayi
All about putting together best team possible
Haas Delgado @Colm_Dempsey🔁Jay and a Blount, eagles are lit
austin, Philly 7-1 @lilaustinvert🔁Source confirms the plan is to use Ajayi & Blount to pick up Wentz like this and run downhill to the end zone on every play.
Zac Newcomer✌🏽 @newc88🔁Blount has 1.55 million of incentives in his contract, and now with Ajayi, he has no chance to achieve that money...gonna have to handle him
Trash Bandicoot @Ty_TooFly🔁Eagles got Jay Ajayi, we need to get LeGarrette Blount
Tom(7-1) @IrishWhisky_🔁 @JayTrain23 Welcome to Philly! Rolling a Jay and a Blount !!!
Reddington @JayAsika89🔁Wow.. sick pick up for Philly. Blount and now Ajayi? Bruv
Jackie Keifer @JackieKeifer🔁 Ajayi is what an Australian person calls a Blount
Bradley Mason @bradthetruth🔁Dolphins trade Jay Ajayi to Eagles / joins a crowded backfield LeGarrette Blount, Wendell Smallwood, Corey Clement and Kenjon Barner.
Calum Steedman @steed90🔁@wckiwi Feel like he cuts into Blount. Ajayi caught 5 balls on third down this year - he’s a two-down banger mostly
Jake @jpoulos12🔁We got Blount, Jay, now all we need is the bowl
Opinionated Jerk @Glogthecaveman🔁@MatthewBerryTMR drop Blount?
Ace Boogie @its_SHABOYY🔁Eagles have done great this year when you have a great QB you get weapons in Jeffery,Smith,Blount,Ajayi and sure up the defense with Darby
troy riley @injuredmijet🔁@hopetwitch Cause now blount is gonna steal all his tds
phillyfansince88 @phillyfansince8🔁Classy move but Blount has also earned that respect with the way he's carried the load.
Steve Wyant @stevenwyant_🔁The real loser about this trade is that I have Ajayi and Blount and if who is gonna be the #1 back
Mr. Sean Pletcher @SeanPletcher🔁@d_godwin32 I really like it. But what I don't understand is I've heard rumors suggesting we're not dishing Blount...
Jimmy @JimmyLeo_🔁Eagles got a Jay and a Blount in the backfield now, where’s the lighter ?
RETRO_ROOZ @SmashGamerTO🔁 @SportsCenter Welcome to Philly! Rolling a Jay and a Blount !!
#FlyEaglesFly @EaglesQ120🔁 Eagles are not moving Blount from what I gather. He'll have a role there even after this trade
Dave Loughran @Loughy_D🔁@Cra8456 @TodfromPa @BTray75 Better than Blount and a better pass blocker than Smallwood
Michael Blaum @Michael_Blaum🔁 The Eagles lacked talent and dreads. Added:
- Blount
- Jones
- Darby
- Ajayi
Mike Whalen @mikewhalen76🔁 Should we roll the jay? Or should we the hit Blount?
The Breaking Hype @thebreakinghype🔁@SportsCenter a Blount-Ajayi backfield is scary sight for the rest of the NFC East #FlyEaglesFly
🦅WINGMAN🦅 @spk632🔁Ajayi is a big boy too, 6’ 230. Him and Blount are tanks
Trace Leonard @6Miami6🔁@SportsCenter Welcome to Philly! Rolling a Jay and a Blount !!
Went💤 #1 @ProtoTyler🔁Sure. I just mean in general it's a good practice, but Blount has been around enough that he understands the nature o f the business
Mac @MacWtheCheese🔁 New game: Everytime Jay Ajayi scores a TD, smoke a Jay.
Everytime LeGarrette Blount scores a TD, roll a Blount.
Mike Materacky A2D @BigMikeySmallz🔁QB: Wentz
RB: Ajayi/Blount/Smallwood/Clement
WR: Jeffery/Smith/Agholor/Hollins
TE: Ertz/Celek/Burton

This is the best offense in the NFC.

Fuego Red Ranger @PeteyCrack_🔁Roll the Jay or hit the Blount? Nothing wrong with both. #FlyEaglesFly
Kung-Fu Kenny @emmettconnors🔁 Unlikely but what would happen if Eagles put Wentz in the backfield with Blount and Ajayi on some plays lol
Jason Kelce's Beard @JkelceBeard🔁Source confirms the plan is to use Ajayi & Blount to pick up Wentz like this and run downhill to the end zone on eve ry play.
Childish Filipino @_AlexJames07🔁We got a Jay and a Blount. We going all the way. #FlyEaglesFly
Oscrape @Officialoscrape🔁Selena Gomez and The Weeknd We Felt It Coming ... That's A Breakup Happy Halloween Wendy Williams Jay Ajayi Blount
Tré Schalmo @treschalmo🔁@_JoshKozma It will they traded for a franchise RB, Blount will come in on goal line and short yardage plays
Eric @e_beet🔁@cj_wentz @JayTrain23 Yeah man! Welcome to the team! Nice pairing with Blount Force Trauma. Let's get those big yardage carries going!
🆒Cole @coolcole26🔁Best part about Blount/Ajayi/Smallwood/Clement?

None of them are high first round picks suspended 6 games because they abused a woman.

THE WOLVERINE @KAV1K🔁Blount hasnt been getting a lot of touches, along with his lack of versatility. Jtrain wont get the rushing title this year. But he will add
champagnepapi🇦🇱 @ktahirllari🔁Never forget when Blount was firing Jacoby up in the locker room 😭😂

That “Jimmy shut cho ass up” had me weak lmfao


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