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DrellokTV @drelloktv🔁LIVE! Finishing off Bloodborne DLC today (hopefully) and maybe some base game progression.

Bloodborne Kamui @xkmui🔁 i didn’t realize i was a bloodborne boss
Bloodborne real emo™ hours @LocoCommotion🔁 Bloodborne on Switch
Bloodborne Nine Inch Nails - Closer @triceragoth🔁 why have a dark souls gf when you can have a bloodborne gf
Falconbox @_Falconbox🔁Gotta love seeing #Bloodborne trending thanks to #AGDQ2018.

An amazing game, and among the best of the generation.

Bloodborne Whamukars @Whamukars_SA🔁 Bloodborne dog

#drawdogs #AGDQ2018

Dave Letcavage @holchasaur🔁Bloodborne boss victories make for the best reactions. Apologies to your speakers. #PlayStation #PS4
Bloodborne jeanne @grandcrossdelta🔁 cant sleep

too many eyes or something #Bloodborne

Bloodborne ✧ nox ✧ @Conclusit🔁 Never forget this totally accurate Forbidden Woods map from Bloodborne.
Bloodborne Danny Grimpe @DanielGrimmig🔁 @GamesDoneQuick @heyZeustoast @theyetee that bloodborne run, though
Bloodborne Games Done Quick @GamesDoneQuick🔁Thank you @heyZeustoast for an amazing Bloodborne run! Time: 1h37m49.8s #AGDQ2018
Games Done Quick @GamesDoneQuick🔁Prepare for some hunting actions with , currently running ! Come join us at and watch him maul throu gh the game!
Games Done Quick @GamesDoneQuick🔁*Really long ladder section*
SNAKE EAT-- Oh wait, wrong game. We do have three ladders in a row though. #Bloodborne #AGDQ2018
JEB | TZ @Hazama95🔁In honour of the Dark Souls III & Bloodborne runs at Here's a look back at my two favourite paintings I've done thus far for each game!
Both acrylic on wood!
Extremely Soft and Cuddly Floof @Waffliesinyofac🔁watching the Bloodborne part of AGDQ' stream

this zeus guy is great
fantastic beard, too.

ChaniiChico @ChaniiChico🔁More bloodborne. Especially after Zeus bloodborn run on LETS GOOOO
Paty @_Kittenstoes🔁As of last night, I have beaten:

-Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3
-Demon's Souls

All on stream. Thank you for sharing the journey of me experiencing this series for the first time c:

Miss💀Massacre @minervamassacre🔁 bloodborne is a game where you go to the worlds shittiest city on a quest of redemption because your blood fucking sucks
Alex @ Read the Tokyo Ghoul Manga @beneaththew0ah🔁bloodborne:

yharnam citizens: get outta here, we don't like strangers 'round these parts
good hunter: ok can i leave
yharnam citizens: NO.

Ɖjinn 活力 @DjinnVitality🔁I liked a @YouTube video Bloodborne All Bosses Speedrun in 1:45:01 IGT with Walkthrough Commentary
Scott Frederick @Searos_Elite🔁@heyZeustoast you make me want to go find new ways to destroy my favorite game #Bloodborne
Slampoodle @Slampoodle🔁 Alright, Saturday morning. New Bloodborne hacking thread, LETS GO!!
Ehsaan @Kxrishima🔁Really looking forward to Code Vein this year

Anime bloodborne goat

Slampoodle @Slampoodle🔁Well, here's the answer to one of Bloodborne's oldest questions. What happens if you remove the locked door behind the cleric beast boss arena?
Kanon "Bill "Dollar Bill" Williamson" Dieba @Kanon_Dieba🔁(Really I probably didn't even need to say this, I just wanted to get in another shot at Bloodborne.)
Kanon "Bill "Dollar Bill" Williamson" Dieba @Kanon_Dieba🔁Y'know I feel I should clarify something from yesterday. I'm not saying that there haven't been cases of JP devs' lac k of consideration dragging a game down massively. Just look at any single element of Bloodborne for proof of that. Just saying it's much more a Western thing.
where is clint barton 🏹 @strifesodos🔁“souls games are designed to fuck you”
Bloodborne is literally the game that teaches you to not try to attack 47632 enemies at the same time and not go too fast or something will ambush you out of nowhere
Also it’s not like enemies don’t have a designed pattern
SeEpiN @SeEpiNgLiGhT🔁I liked a @YouTube video Bloodborne by FatB in 46:49 - Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 - Part 158 [1440p]
Sarah @_linden_🔁Earned 1 PSN trophy (1 bronze) in Bloodborne -
Sam @VirtualSoulss🔁chilling here watching some #Bloodborne
Devilman Crybaby 4: Special Edition @Kayshire_Cat🔁If by dark souls 3 you mean bloodborne
HEAVENSARMY @HEAVENSARMY777🔁I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Bloodborne: E5 (Woo Cainhurst Castle Done)
Tommy Truong @green2814🔁I agree with that. I feel like that they have gotten better at making the difficulty more manageable in the later Sou ls and Bloodborne games
Vahlok, the Lightbringer @VahlokWasTaken🔁@ScarizardPlays Dark Souls 3 or Bloodborne!
ali ***BIG THE CAT RESPECT ZONE*** @ali_west🔁@Bboy_Izilla Because Bloodborne is good
Luwe @FabulousFreek🔁@tbcphantom @Octopimp (Especially Bloodborne)
Luwe @FabulousFreek🔁Haven’t beaten DS2, Bloodborne was amazing, DS3 was also amazing, gunna play Dark Souls remastered. Don’t know about Demons souls tbh.
Apollo 🎲 @misterkingdice🔁Might switch over to a Bloodborne themed URL if I can think of a good one :0
Andrew DeSilva @A_DeSilva🔁Did ya enjoy those DS3 & Bloodborne speedruns? Go give the runners some love!

(Dark Souls III) (Bloodborne)

Great job, runners! <3

any armys here @sugarkinqueer🔁I didn’t realize Bloodborne has chromatic aberration. My eyes hurt
Stephanie @Stephan16506171🔁 Now for the Bloodborne portion of the broadcast 🦄
Ryan Franklin @theBIGry🔁Alright you've inspired me to give this another go. Hopefully I can get past the starting area this time...
8BAW Gaming @8BAW_Gaming🔁Bloodborne Playthrough Pt. 8 Featuring Micolasshole: via @YouTube
Owen \[T]/ Nelson @theomn🔁I may take a break soon and play a little bloodborne. I'm getting worn out.
Snow Princess 👸❄ @gwen_no_fear🔁Unlike Bloodborne, Dark Souls punishes a lack of patience, not a lack of aggression. But neither is particularly gentle at its core.
Katbtw @Katbtw🔁I can't decide which to play next, Bloodborne or Dark Souls 3. Please help me decide!
Dave Gedarovich @entropy_phi🔁That Bloodborne run by was by far the best one I saw at AGDQ this year. Very entertaining and easy to watch, despite the deaths.
🧛🏽‍♀️ @meredithmerina🔁in the music video for John Rick Ross shows up in an armored wheelchair and he looks like a bloodborne enemy
PhysicalEmbodymentOfThirdWheel @bloodborne_5🔁I can’t believe people. If they don’t respect your decisions then they aren’t true fans. I’m sorry that some asshat was so rude and disrespectful. People these days.
Swish @SwishAndShoot🔁Now for the Bloodborne portion of the broadcast 🦄
kalonZombie AKA Eat the Rich @kalonZombie🔁I'm all caught back up in Bloodborne.
Agnew @AlwaysAgnew🔁Ah. I gotcha. Well, that's just indicative of the people themselves. That's the best jokes they got. Where as that Bl oodborne run was brilliant. Great fun, great personality with some lovely back and forth.
super jpeg 64 @2DCOLA🔁extremely sudden urge to play bloodborne
🈲Takeshobo🉐 @Yakurusu🔁I want to play Bloodborne but I think someone stole my PS4 controller
Vio @ North Pole 🐧 @VioTCZ🔁@heyZeustoast watching back your playthrough of bloodborne and holy crap this is amazing. Thank you for that entertainment my dude
Dakk Passerida @DakkPasserida🔁@biglewser you should've seen the Bloodborne run
it was a hoot
Namru Casterly @NamruX🔁Dark Souls is kinda like Bloodborne. can...guard.



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