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#BlizzardWorld ZexyQueen @thezexyqueen🔁No cow level? Are you SURE? #overwatch #BlizzardWorld #cowlevel
#BlizzardWorld Aco 🌸 @Danno_aco🔁Blizzard World is amazing!! 🎡♡
#Overwatch #BlizzardWorld
#BlizzardWorld IronBruhh 🏳️‍🌈 @BruhhIron🔁ITS HERE! 😍😍 @PlayOverwatch #BlizzardWorld
Orange Ocelot SUMMER EDITION @orangeocelotgam🔁Waiting for the new #Overwatch #blizzardworld to download update like... 😂😂😂😂
Shane G Hartnett @ShaneGHartnett4🔁Trip to Blizzard World with the kids #BlizzardWorld #PS4share


#BlizzardWorld Zesty Memes @TheMasterVancil🔁When ya wanna play on the new #BlizzardWorld map but hey psn can't get it together
DΣNTO @leedento🔁Found myself a cheeky new self destruct spot for D.Va ! #Overwatch #potg #blizzardworld #PS4share
#BlizzardWorld Amanda Nicole @buckeyemanda🔁I went 24 & 0 and PotG first time in my new skin & on the new map yeh 😗✌🏻🍬 xx #overwatch #BlizzardWorld #dva
#BlizzardWorld 🐲 Jaster Smols 🐉 Sneak Thief Extraordinaire @aKoborb🔁 Hopefully that map comes sometimes soon. #overwatch #blizzardworld
💀J!NX @JINX🔁Enjoy Blizzard World today! Look like you belong there.

Gear up, heroes: twitter.com

ComicBook NOW! @ComicBookNOW🔁 is now live in ! See all of the amazing new things to enjoy in the hit FPS with the video showing it all here!


Risto Risto @RistoSquared🔁I’m fighting so hard not to cave in and buy PS+ but my most played game just got a significant update, why is a multi twitter.com player only game locked behind PS+, I wanna cry. Blizzard you are missing out on me buying loot boxes
Sukimo @Sukimo76🔁#awesome won my #first #blizzardworld match #getonthepayload :) @overwatch
Shout Retweets @ShoutGamers🔁 Streaming


Mike 👌👌 @MikeyBoy575🔁 Twitch.tv Streaming


MAKO「トレーサー」 @SLN_Mako94🔁Along with the cosmetic update, Blizzard World is now open! Let's explore :) #Overwatch #BlizzardWorld live at twitch.tv
KC Walsh @TheComixKid🔁Yo, is now open and some dope new skins have dropped! I need that skin, It's got a Ann Takamaki/Har D.Va ley Quinn vibe to it.... and that Reaper and Zenyatta though. 🔥💯 Alright, screw it I need all of them.

Tag🐯 @TagYourI7🔁 Are you still planning on doing a Year of the Dog event? Because at this point the first month of the year is nearin twitter.com g an end and we just got with all of its goodies
BigSwift @BigSwift96🔁AAAAaahhahhh is now available off PTR!!
I will be live in 20 minutes!?

Twitch.tv href="https://twitter.com/i/web/status/955914426603003904" target="_blank">twitter.com
GoodVibesRT @GoodVibesRT🔁Going with the new map! Let's visit with new ! twitch.tv
Angel Margarito @Angel_The_Twin🔁Hey My First Look at the New Cosmetics is up check it out youtu.be #Overwatch #newcosmetics #BlizzardWorld @YTRetweets
Dwayne @mannequinrocks🔁Fortnite ain’t got shit on #overwatch #BlizzardWorld #PlayStation
Jareth Purcell @JarethPurcell🔁Haven't had a chance to play it but took a stroll through it and looks amazing! Incredible job - it feels uncannily l twitter.com ike a theme park. The best thing I've found so far are the "hidden" speakers.
Patricia O'Neal @MrsPugPuffles🔁#onfire and match won all while #breastfeeding my baby #overwatch #BlizzardWorld #multitasking
Nickie @NickDano🔁I sucks sooooo much that I have to be sitting here at work. While people are having fun in #BlizzardWorld.. 😭😭😭
OVA:done @OVAdoneblog🔁Is it me or is defence of #BlizzardWorld really hard 😂
Jordan Evans @Jordanevans_97🔁Just when your about to win, bad luck comes your way🖤😉🎮 love my Black Cat DVA skin and most importantly...LOV twitter.com E FOREVER❤️🐱
Alex Alistair @TheP2BNL🔁New map is sweeeeeet 🌐 I've been saving credits since the Halloween event! Of course my first legendary was a defau twitter.com lt winston skin tho lol
Brie🦄 @briestreams🔁I’ll be home in ~40 minutes and I’m SO EXCITED🏰🤗 #BlizzardWorld
Cleebus W. @ebola_cereal🔁Inside sources rumor that is actually just Junkertown with a couple of inches of snow and the payload is the bobsled twitter.com from Cool Runnings.
CM9/G/GR @chrismada9🔁Making a Pre-BlizzardWorld Sketch for the channel at the moment!

Actual video on hold momentarily! Working tireles twitter.com sly this evening!!


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