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#BlizzCon#BlizzCon#BlizzCon Gylfie🐦 Bird @Gylfie_🔁Awesome! Thank you @Blizzard_Ent #BlizzCon #warcraft
#BlizzCon BroStudios @Die_BroStudios🔁Neues Mount :) #Blizzcon #Warcraft
#BlizzCon Wildeheart @WildeheartLife🔁And a little <3 for the Horde too! #Blizzcon #Warcraft
#BlizzCon Les Pandas @WoW_Pandas_Cie🔁THE MEGA CLASSE !!! #Warcraft #WoW #Blizzcon #Blizzcon2017 #Mount
Aldristavan @aldristavan🔁Blizz: "Virtual tickets are now available on the bli--"


#BlizzCon Náia @DuduNaia🔁Finally BF and I have our own battleship, Legion is going doooown \o, #Blizzcon #Warcraft!
#BlizzCon Wowadonkey @thewowadonkey🔁Guess it's time to kill some Alliance. #Warcraft #BlizzCon
#BlizzCon Vic @vicbaldry🔁For the first time ever, I bought a #BlizzCon virtual ticket. Can't wait to use that sweet mount!
#BlizzCon Ammathrel Ravenwing @Ammathrel🔁Now that is TRULY a Lok'tar Ogar mount! I love it! Also, mount #281-ish! #Warcraft #Blizzcon
#BlizzCon Georg Klein @gwklein🔁This is totally the best thing in #Warcraft #BlizzCon
#BlizzCon Ammathrel Ravenwing @Ammathrel🔁My very own Horde blimp! Am a happy warlock now! #Warcraft #Blizzcon
#BlizzCon ♡Sweet the Crazy Cat @Missing_Feral🔁 Now that is TRULY a Lok'tar Ogar mount! I love it! Also, mount #281-ish! #Warcraft #Blizzcon
#BlizzCon Ammathrel Ravenwing @Ammathrel🔁The Alliance version is not bad either! #Warcraft #Blizzcon
#BlizzCon Ammathrel Ravenwing @Ammathrel🔁Oh no, just noticed that text... Blizzard pls! #Warcraft #Blizzcon
#BlizzCon NVIDIA GeForce @NVIDIAGeForce🔁Want to attend #BlizzCon, but missed out on tickets? We've got you and a friend covered:
World of Warcraft @Warcraft🔁Rep your faction with this year's Virtual Ticket mounts! Are you for the Horde or for the Alliance?


StarCraft Esports @esportstarcraft🔁 Montreal Round of 16 bracket is do-or-die! Seven players need to win the whole tournament to make it to 🥇
Benjamin Bolin @mancalledZ🔁Rep your faction with this year's Virtual Ticket mounts! Are you for the Horde or for the Alliance?


Nezius @Sreninator1🔁@Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft These #BlizzCon mounts are absolutely amazing. Really well done! 😱😁
ShiloTheSpacegoat @Spacegoat_Shilo🔁I'm so Ordering my Digital ticket on monday :o not cos mount but cos me and was planning on watching this year :D
Passion for Branding @Unique_Branding🔁.@Warcraft that is so cool, how about some love for thise who cant go to #BlizzCon but have been playing for years? Like a bank/mail mount
Stabby Rogue @ReciRaider🔁You might even see some friends in the BlizzCon crowd on the Virtual Ticket!

Sven Van Herck @SvenVanHerck🔁The goodie bag isn't appealing as a separate purchase so I'll get the new WoW charity pet (Red Cross). I advice to d o the same!
Kendall Boyd @Tickity🔁Something to continue to fuel my mount collection obsession. Hope to see everyone at #BlizzCon or tune in live!
Reciprocity Guild @ReciprocityUS🔁You might even see some @ReciprocityUS friends in the BlizzCon crowd on the Virtual Ticket!
#BlizzCon #Warcraft
Geek Girl Authority @GeekGirlAuth🔁Here’s What We Learned from the #BlizzCon 2017 Pre-Show Livestream Event
Emil Sayad @egeek84🔁This #BlizzCon is going to be legendary! Just placed my order for VT + Swag Bag! @michelemorrow @Blizzard_Ent @Malik4Play @alexalbrecht 📺
Twenty Pumpkins @rukakazeko🔁Who's going to BlizzCon? I'm looking for a place to stay. Join me for OW cosplay! :) #blizzcon2017 #BlizzCon
Sven Van Herck @SvenVanHerck🔁So what's new about the ticket? The bag upgrade is only major change I can find. #Blizzcon
Raymond Fish @MrRaymondFish🔁Got my #Blizzcon virtual ticket and epic goodie bag! NOVEMBER, GET HERE ALREADY!
WiZecraX @wizecrax🔁The Virtual Ticket is the biggest project I've worked on at ! I'm proud that it's official live! Enjoy the show.
Alexander Weszelovsz @Hyperion513🔁#BlizzCon So EXCITED
sunny 【o´゚□゚`o】♡ @mariasun82🔁@Warcraft Alliance #blizzcon
Colonii @jointhecolonii🔁#Blizzcon 2017: Blizzard Announces Virtual Ticket Details And Changes

Catherine Wong @WellPlayed_ETS🔁@Warcraft The only question I have is: Can an Alliance player ride on top of the Horde mini-Zep into Orgrimmar? #BlizzCon #BlizzCon2017
Tom Vitrano @Copperwise🔁@Blizzard_Ent Are the goody bag upgrades available to those attending or only if you buy an additional one? #BlizzCon
Joacim Palm @JoacimPalm🔁ORDER SUMMARY
BlizzCon 2017 Goody Bag Epic Upgrade. Can't wait :D :D #blizzard #blizzcon2017 #BlizzCon
Eric Lepack @The_Lpack🔁That #BlizzCon Warcraft mount is amazing! #WoW
Pachimari @OW_Pachimari🔁The #BlizzCon stream has concluded, now let's have a look at the #NintendoDirect in two hours! :D


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