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zz @osantisimo🔁 Gwen Stefani hacking People Magazine to name Blake Shelton the sexiest man alive
Blake SheltonBlake Shelton Izzy @shiraizawa🔁 blake shelton ROBBED lee donghae's sexiest man alive title
Blake Shelton Matthew Goda @mgoda35🔁 Did I get the wrong copy? Everyone keeps saying Blake Shelton got this award
Sway @SwayZeePop🔁Really? Blake Shelton? Not in my book. I would like to present exhibit A
Blake Shelton (ง'̀-‘́)ง @topshopgoth🔁 Y'all: Blake Shelton is the sexiest man alive


Blake Shelton ❂Tori❂ @Torirrelevant🔁 The employees of People magazine being forced to write about Blake Shelton being the sexiest man alive
Blake Shelton pari ✨ @sansaslady🔁 Blake Shelton isn’t even the sexiest Blake Shelton alive
DESUS & MERO @desusandmero🔁Blake Shelton? Define "sexiest."
nathan zed @NathanZed🔁the fact that blake shelton won sexiest man alive while im still breathing smh
Stephen Colbert @StephenAtHome🔁“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” There comes a time when one can no longer stand by quietly as our society chooses a dangerously unqualified man. So today, I break my silence to ask… Blake Shelton? Really?
Madison @japrilotp🔁Blake Shelton replacing the Rock as the Sexiest Man Alive is the exact equivalent of Donald Trump replacing Barack Obama as president.
adam @EvesBetterHalf_🔁Man Blake Shelton was probably feeling himself like “yeah I’m sexy and I know it” and then the whole world is like “No, Blake. No.”
98.1 The Hawk @981TheHawk🔁So this is super funny!
mandi gills @MandiSGills🔁 why name Blake Shelton sexiest man alive when A$AP Rocky is alive and well
Lourdes pons @Lourdespons001🔁Do you think Blake Shelton is the sexiest man alive?! Find out what people on the streets think! Be sure to tune into tomorrow night and watch 'Justice' at 9P!
lil turban @persianstripper🔁I understand that we live in a racist country where a white man must be sexiest man alive but why does that white man have to be blake shelton
lil peep 💔🐥 @GinjaNinjaFlow🔁I still don’t know how People voted Blake Shelton the sexiest man alive knowing DAMN WELL that exists.
Aimee Quenneville @aimeeque🔁Sharing the silver lining of my week on media:

Even though “People” voted for Blake Shelton, THE PEOPLE of comments sections across the world have voted for Mahershala Ali, Idris Elba, Jason Momoa... none of these people is a trash white boy.

You go, humans of the internet.

🐸 phillip green 🐸 @phillipwithaP🔁"An individual white person being portrayed as desirable, talented, or fashionable can be tolerated, but only if that person signals against the collective interests of his or her people." - Gregory Hood

Ann Dearnley @annied9393🔁Wonder what those Libs operating sexiest man of the year competition would’ve thought of Blake Shelton had they bothered to research quotes generated by Mr Sexy. Here’s one found for this
‘Trump says what he thinks &proves you don’t always have to be afraid.’
Coffee Bean @blonde_nuisance🔁To be honest I feel bad for Blake Shelton since he was announced as People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive and so many women said “Really?”
Gwendolyn Clare @gwendoclare🔁I'm blissfully unaware of who this Blake Shelton dude even is, and yet I can't argue with any excuse to celebrate hot Asian guys.
Leslea Tash @LesleaTash🔁I had no idea he was so hateful to gays! Sad.
Eddy Does @soyinusual🔁So..... apparently blake shelton is the sexiest man alive? ...... clearly we have a better winner... agree?
🖤Thorny Rose🖤 @BitterRosie🔁 Idris Elba was runner up for sexiest man alive 2017...Blake Shelton won. Thats qwhite interesting, yes?
Tired Allana @AllanaRogers12🔁How did People name Blake Shelton the “sexiest man alive” knowing damn well that Zayn Malik exists...
Elijah 📼 @idontknowelijah🔁 just saying, warped was still going strong until Blake Shelton got announced as the sexiest man alive
Colleen @CRoseJ🔁@PattiMurin I'm starting to feel bad for Blake Shelton.
Jungkook Lover @CHERYL_070406🔁[ARTICLE] 171115 Jimin and Jungkook mentioned on FLARE’s “15 Under-Appreciated Hunks We’d Choose over Blake Shelton” ()
jamie @jemeh🔁I feel bad for Blake Shelton lol why did people magazine set him up like that
Nancy Farmer @NCfarmer321🔁The reason we're all mad is bc women are held to *impossibly high* beauty standards just to walk down the streets, and boiled chicken breast Blake Shelton is somehow ?

no. screw that, mag.

boogie woogie woogie @cynicaIromantic🔁 the fact that blake shelton won sexiest man alive while im still breathing smh
Jamie Clark Ⓥ @jammawamma🔁 they named blake shelton 'sexiest man alive' like papa john isn't still breathing smh
*..._...* @BryleyPetzoldt🔁I feel bad for Blake Shelton. Named sexiest man, and everyone just roasts tf out of him.
Karla @kareolha🔁maybe People went with blake shelton because their top fifty choices for sexiest man alive were all recently outed for sexual assault
Erik Stanger @erikforCO🔁“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” There comes a time when one can no longer stand by quietly as our society chooses a dangerously unqualified man. So today, I break my silence to ask… Blake Shelton? Really?
Micaela Yoder @micaelayoder🔁 This is funny. @blakeshelton

Andrew Wheeler @Wheeler🔁I was looking for an article I'd seen on Twitter about Idris Elba, but a search for his name just turns up people angry about Blake Shelton!
🌞 @psychosykesss🔁A few examples of men who are better looking then Blake Shelton:

Ryan Reynolds
Harry Shum Jr
Matthew Daddario
Isaiah Mustafa
Chris Evans
Sebastian Stan
Tom Hiddleston
Tom Holland
Paul Wesley
Grant Gustin
Darren Criss
Stephen Amell
Prince Royce
Every dude I see at the mall

jolly honey✿🎄 @MoonlitDream_🔁Blake Shelton is not even the sexiest:

1) Gwen Stefani spouse (Gavin Rossdale)
2) country singer (Steve Grand)
3) Voice guy (Adam Levine)
4) Blake (Blake Lively)
5) Racist (Dean Cain)



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