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Suzanne Fleming @KirstayyBrownn🔁 Blair Walsh watching that missed kick to win the game
Ashley Sevs 🍁 @Asevs1986🔁 Blair Walsh all over again

Freezing Cold Takes @OldTakesExposed🔁(Search Twitter: Blair Walsh) 🙃
12up @12upSport🔁Guess we missed when Blair Walsh joined the Crimson Tide
de_JEN_erate @de_JEN_erate🔁Blair Walsh cared so much about losing a playoff game for the that he joined the team that beat him just to ensure they didn't make the playoffs. What an American hero.
Irie @rastaimpastah🔁 Alabama kicker just went full Blair Walsh. NEVER go full Blair Walsh!!
Kyle Smith @KSmitty596🔁 College kickers are terrible compared to NFL kickers..

Blair Walsh: "Hold my beer"

Sea Hulk @Sea_Hulk🔁Thanks Blair Walsh...
Hunter Jenkins @HJRock22🔁 I love how a college kicker misses wide left and Blair Walsh starts trending
18 @jbudd_18🔁@deshaunwatson Blair Walsh 😂😬😬

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2) Another Jags vs Bills
3) Georgia blew 20-7 lead
4) When did Bama recruit Blair Walsh?
5) Bama QB benched.That Hurts
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7) Kiffin sliding into Hurts DMs already

18 @jbudd_18🔁@580Naro_ No not Blair Walsh
Curt on a grader @coalminercurt🔁@nielsonTSN1260 Blair Walsh may have something to say about that
Tbaills @BaillyTrevor🔁@Dane_Robinson21 It's funny because it's Blair Walsh
curran froman @_curranfroman_🔁 Blair Walsh is so clutch
Fake Adam Schefter @FakeSchefty🔁#Vikings considering signing Blair Walsh so he can help them exit the playoffs early.
King Till 👑 @Till_Da_Thrill🔁Bama’s kicker gets a ring after kicking like Blair Walsh’s left footed son smh 🤦🏻‍♂️
Benjamin Taylor @BenJaminTaylorS🔁 Did Blair Walsh sneak on the field for that kick
Chitty²Bang² @willchitty4🔁Even with the season in the rear view, Blair Walsh continues to haunt me
DaVinci @DaVirinchiCode🔁@kirtanrpatel20 Billy Cundiff and Blair Walsh learned very well from them
TDL Energy LLC @TDLEnergy🔁Hilarious Twitter in : Blair Walsh comments during the CFP National Championship
Johnny Goehring @jgoehring25🔁 Blair Walsh really playin for Bama
#StillAJetsFan @acandrew17🔁 Blair Walsh really can’t escape the slander 🤣🤣🤣they said he suited up for Alabama tonight
Sea Hulk @Sea_Hulk🔁Thanks Blair Walsh... 2013 NFC Championship: Sherman's pass breakup clinches win
Young Gene Wilder @Range_Boy618🔁 Idc young Blair Walsh ain’t getting a deal like Blankenship
Ryan Nelson-Cain @ryannelscain🔁I have seen Blair Walsh miss in crucial situations. I lived through Gary Anderson. I've seen kickers on every team m iss extra points. I almost witnessed a college kicker cost his team a title last night. Kickers are paid just fine.
Shaun Waage @swaage24🔁@BrandonSor3nson Blair Walsh is now a thing of the past after something like that...
Viraj Patel @iamvirajvpatel🔁Didn’t know that Blair Walsh started playing for Alabama.
NTS @NTS78833483🔁Which miss FG was more comical? Gary “Snickers Bar” Anderson’s only miss of yr vs ATL in 98’ or Blair “ Finkle” Wal sh’s shank vs Sea in 15’
Edward L. Smith @EdSmith313🔁Russell Wilson trending in Seattle because everybody is comparing Tua Tagovailoa to him. Blair Walsh trending for less favorable reasons.
Blair Prince @Blair_Prince🔁Blizzard coming in Boston

"Schools are closed!" - Mayor Walsh

"Stay off the roads!" - Governor Baker

"Leave early for practice." - Bill Belichick


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