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#BladeRunner2049 Karsten Schreurs @grobi_grafik🔁#bladerunner2049 -fanart. Can't wait to see this movie! Tickets for tomorrow, but it's still a hard time...
#BladeRunner2049 Hammad Chaudhry @hammad_c🔁#BladeRunner2049 - out in Pakistan cinemas today! #HKCEntertainment
#BladeRunner2049#BladeRunner2049 Metaeb_alazmi @Metaeb_alazmi🔁 Stream @HansZimmer's masterful #BladeRunner2049 score in full: cos.lv
#BladeRunner2049 RockyDrago66 @RDrago66🔁 #BladeRunner2049 is now playing in theaters - read our review! screen.st
#BladeRunner2049 Martin Carey @MC_Comms🔁@bladerunner just watched #BladeRunner2049 what can i say - outstanding.
#BladeRunner2049 Rick Deckard @rdd_deckard🔁 @bladerunner just watched #BladeRunner2049 what can i say - outstanding.
#BladeRunner2049 diogo @jackierboy🔁 New work for @bladerunner ✨🦄✨ made with iPad Pro + Apple Pencil + @Procreate #bladerunner2049
The Charming Bandit @charmingbandit🔁Watched #BladeRunner2049 last night and it was better than I imagined it would be. #MovieReview
#BladeRunner2049 James Jean @JamesJeanArt🔁New work for @bladerunner ✨🦄✨ made with iPad Pro + Apple Pencil + @Procreate #bladerunner2049
#BladeRunner 2049 @bladerunner🔁We’re all just looking out for something real. in theaters today. Get tickets: twitter.com
Rattan @The_Dizzz🔁I've genuinely never seen lighting play a more integral role then it did in and be done that well #BladeRunner2049
JDB @JaxBivens🔁I'm actually gonna buy some 🍿 and a beverage for #BladeRunner2049 today. @TowerCityCinema
Mido @MahmoudKhalid_🔁 is projected to open to $45M or more in North America & could easily clear $100M globally by Sunday
gotthammer @gotthammer🔁I just learned there are three shorts to watch before :

- 2036: Nexus down
- 2048: Nowhere to Run
- Blac youtube.com k Out 2022

The last one directed by Cowboy Bebop's Shinichiro Watanabe <3

Mahmood Hossain @MoodyVintage🔁#BladeRunner2049 reaction on #StardustApp app.stardust.co
Melissa @meliss_vb🔁 #BladeRunner2049’s showing beats the debuts of past October movies #TheMartian, #Gravity thr.cm
Andy L. Kubai @andylkubai🔁Catch up on the ins and outs of Blade Runner before you watch #BladeRunner2049.
DayeSoundDiego @DayeSoundDiego🔁I gotta find time to see #BladeRunner2049 this weekend. Perhaps Sunday? It’s not like I have an NFL team to cheer for these days.
ʀᴇᴘʟɪᴄᴀɴ'ᴛ @luisishere🔁ANYWAY, waiting for #BladeRunner2049 to start. In an IMAX theater.
🙋🙋butterfly🙋🙋 @aartee0064🔁Here is the last question. Answer now and you could win movie voucher 🎬🎞️🎟️

🙋🙋butterfly🙋🙋 @aartee0064🔁@bookmyshow A3) Ryan Gosling



Jonas Barle @resident1🔁Bliding down a Replica of a Pint prio some premium #scifi 👌 #bladerunner2049 #premier @ Bio Rio instagram.com
Evi Meyer @evimyr🔁Can't wait to see ! We recreated on of our favorite scenes of the trailer using and twitter.com
SHP @Senlac_Hill🔁 is projected to open to $45M or more in North America & could easily clear $100M globally by Sund… …
Andrew Neil @afneil🔁Seven brilliant things to do in October; , , London Cocktail Week () and more
iMartian @_Arkadia_🔁What. An. Incredible. Film. #BladeRunner2049
BoxOffice @BoxOffice🔁BLADE RUNNER 2049
$4.0M from Thursday pre-shows
Michael PJ McDermott @MpjMcD🔁 tomorrow and + Satelite Q&A on Monday. Probably the most audacious beautiful films of 2017! twitter.com
🙋🙋butterfly🙋🙋 @aartee0064🔁We hope you have tagged your friends with your entries!
Here is the third question.

Colby Bryant @colbyrbryant🔁#BladeRunner2049 is masterful filmmaking! An instant classic!

@bladerunner @RyanGosling


Hollywood Reporter @THR🔁#BladeRunner2049’s showing beats the debuts of past October movies #TheMartian, #Gravity thr.cm
🙋🙋butterfly🙋🙋 @aartee0064🔁@bookmyshow join


@RudraSaysNow @djshivamanuja @mohit626 @hetalrawat @D_NERD_ @ohhhhISea

Laugh Track @TheLaughTracks🔁This opinion might change with time but I prefer to the original. It takes the world & tone but adds much more humanity...
Bryan Guthrie Jr. @B_tothe_Ryan🔁Won’t stop me from seeing it. I love both the original film and the director.....and Ryan Gosling... 🙄🤷‍♂️ #BladeRunner2049
Kyle Hovanec @KJHovanec🔁#BladeRunner2049 is one of the greatest sci-fi epics I have ever seen on film. I am already dying to see it again.
JoJCast @jojcast🔁Very excited for
Although w/ 3 hours til showing, I feel wine will flow like tears in the rain b4hand 🍷😂 twitter.com
Laugh Track @TheLaughTracks🔁 I really dug #BladeRunner2049!
Laugh Track @TheLaughTracks🔁I am upset at how good is on every level. I am dumbfounded how it exists, how beautiful it looks, how affecting it is.
PhantoMantis @PhantoMantis🔁ICYMI: Villeneuve's is Emotionally Affecting, Artificially Intelligent via firstshowing.net
Najlaa ( 나즐라 ) @najjmusic🔁#BladeRunner2049 is it good?? My timeline is keep showing tweet regarding this movie.
Laugh Track @TheLaughTracks🔁I had such extremely high expectations & this film completely surpassed them. is the cinematic zenith of this generation.
MAD DAD! @thartsalot🔁#BladeRunner is in safe hands @M_Star_Online review on sci-fi classic sequel #BladeRunner2049 morningstaronline.co.uk
Hurricane Eddie @Hurricane_Eddie🔁"It’s stylistically different." Roger Deakins ignored the original for , and could win an Oscar:
Bo Palinic @bo_palinic🔁. brings his art to life using iPad Pro + Apple Pencil + .
is now in theaters.
Peter A DeLuca @AKAPAD🔁It's time. That time. the sequel to
WARNING do not listen to this… instagram.com
richard early @EarlyRichard🔁Off to see #BladeRunner2049 with Rebecca, very excited!
Tintaglia @Yasmeeeeeeeeen🔁So I saw #BladeRunner2049 last night, twas a good movie fer sure, but rlly the original was better
Manta-Bluray @MantaBluRay🔁I'm going to choose the IMAX version of #BladeRunner2049. Best way to support this $185 million film & those visuals will only look better.
Mattie Wright @Matt_Tao🔁Hell #BladeRunner2049 still has me thinking and looking back over the film today haha. Really enjoyed it, hats off to Ryan Gosling.
A Chosen Generation @acgmusic_🔁 is a complex, audio-visual experience. Smart sci-fi, rich with ideas that are perplexing and inventive at once.
ดีงามพระราม8 @abbear111🔁 is projected to open to $45M or more in North America & could easily clear $100M globally by Sunday …
Mattie Wright @Matt_Tao🔁#BladeRunner2049 was no doubt one of the best sequels I've seen yet. It's the Aliens to Alien, Road Warrior to Mad Max.
Marco Antuzi @marcoantuzi🔁@Ana_d_Armas #BladeRunner2049 is a must, a little bit inferior to first blade runner but is a masterpiece and one of the best sci-fi ever!
abucketlistoffilms @ABLofFilms🔁Blade Runner 2049: A definitive sequel to an epic classic.
Ken Harvey #57 @transition57🔁The latest Ken Harvey's Transition Journal! paper.li Thanks to @NolanHarrison74 #bladerunner2049 #nlds
LovingJlaw @alis_onfire🔁 Big $4M THU pre-show debut for #BladeRunner2049 beating $2.5M of OCT sci-fi hit Martian. Shd play more upfront though.
🙋🙋butterfly🙋🙋 @aartee0064🔁@bookmyshow A2) @RyanGosling & @HarrisonFordLA as Officer K & Rick Deckard


@Gopal29 @Racer_Veb @Aritri_007


Eric Addison @EricAddison🔁If there's a more appropriate shirt for today, I'd like to know what it is. Ditching work & going to a 10am showing.

ٰ @RMR7_🔁The pressure Denis Villeneuve was under to make good only adds to brilliance of it. He's knocked it out of the park! Superb
Karin @karinawinss🔁@HansZimmer myLord~ 💕
Kizu @Amaryllis_Kizu🔁#бегущийполезвию2049 #bladerunner2049 (at @CineplexxRs in Beograd) swarmapp.com


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