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Black Panther Troy Powell @CalebJeremiah🔁 Journalists Offered Reward to Ask Trump About US-Wakanda Relations
Black PantherBlack PantherBlack PantherBlack Panther Zionn @Jodibrownn🔁 the women of black panther breathe if u agree
Black Panther Duncan @AvatarFreaks🔁 Kendrick Lamar and Isaiah Rashad have a new collab that'll be on the "Black Panther" soundtrack
Black Panther johnmarcial @johnsaligan🔁 Kendrick Lamar and Isaiah Rashad have a new collab that'll be on the "Black Panther" soundtrack
Black Panther Period Comics @PeriodComics🔁Avengers #87 Bronze Age Origin of Black Panther Key Wow
Clint Smith @ClintSmithIII🔁I had a dream that the entire Black Panther movie suddenly appeared on all of our Netflix accounts & we called it the Martin Luther King Day miracle.
BuzzFeed News @BuzzFeedNews🔁This man raised over $30,000 for kids from Harlem to watch Black Panther in theaters so they could see powerful black characters 💪🏿
T.James @t_ravin_🔁 couldnt handle black panther, i get it
Mary, Queen of Scots @crownnmekingg__🔁 Y’all ready for the fake African accents in Black Panther?
jamie @iam_lii🔁You watching Black Panther tryna pay attention to a sudden turning point in the movie but don’t know what’s going on around you cause niggas swag surfing in the theater
KrisnaTheLegend7 @Krishna120798🔁I liked a @YouTube video Marvel Studios' Black Panther - Entourage TV Spot
Fleece Johnston @bigmunch33🔁I liked a @YouTube video BLACK PANTHER King Of Avengers Trailer NEW - REACTION!!!
Thr @Desambaius🔁All the Black Panther posters are hideous. Goodness!

With the possible exception of the first one, where he's stand ing on a Vibranium panther.

Ralph Wahome @wahomeralph🔁 Looking forward to Black Panther but knowing I'm going to wince every five minutes at those gross "African" accents.
Otacon. @BobbitosWave🔁Black Panther drops on a payday so I'll be somewhere between ghostface in the orange Enyce windbreaker with the cuban links and raekwon in the nike sweatbands, just incase I have to explode into an athletic position and help protect Wakanda
Huglori @Huglori1🔁I was just browsing around on Etsy and found a bunch of Black Panther kid's birthday stuff and CAN YOU IMAGINE BEING A LIL BLACK KID AND GETTING A BLACK PANTHER THEMED BIRTHDAY PARTY? I WOULD HAVE DIED.


Ava Howard @AvaAvahoward123🔁2018 is going to be a good year:

-Infinity War
-Black Panther
-Incredibles 2
-Antman 2
-Maze Runner: Death Cure
-Jurassic World Sequel
-Wreck-It Ralph 2
-The New Mutants
-Deadpool 2
-X-Men: Dark Phoenix
-Fantastic Beats: Crimes of Grindelwald
-Hotel Transylvania 3

hayley 30 @darephiI🔁the cast of black panther is absolutely beautiful i can’t wait to see it on screen in a month i am sososo excited
Gabbi @moveslikekame🔁I can't wait to see Black Panther
Donovaan @donsibbss🔁I've said it before and I shall say it again. When Black Panther comes out, I'm going to the premiere wearing a Dashiki
Russell Eastlake @Russ_Mac876🔁When ya date says she's ready to go 20 minutes into Black Panther cuz she "ain't even into comic book movies like that".
BlackBeltJones @TheRealPielberg🔁If the government wants an accurate head count of how many black people are in this country they can just wait at movie theaters for Black Panther to drop.
X @XMatt____🔁 A video of niggas swag surfing in the theater for Black Panther gonna hit the TL and that’s when ima delete my account
YOUNGQUEEN @Glam_Girl84🔁The women of Wakanda are one of the main reasons I'm excited to see this film! If it's rare to see a white woman...
Mayor McCheese @_Beenard🔁Every time black people who don’t read comics start talking about Black Panther like it’s finna solve our racial problems in America


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