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Black Lightning Flash @TheOne_MrKallay🔁 “Last night I saw a superhero he was black. He said this is for the streets Black Lightning’s back”
The Dope Spot (Hip-hop Blog) @TheDopeSpot2🔁 I still don’t know why The CW went with Black Lightning instead of Static Shock...
CADERADE @cade_black_🔁 I still don’t know why The CW went with Black Lightning instead of Static Shock...
Jordan @jordanpball🔁I still don’t know why The CW went with Black Lightning instead of Static Shock...
Black Lightning Shopping 4 All @shopping4all101🔁Anker PowerLine USB Lightning Cable 0.3 m, Black -
Black Lightning Chris Mobbs @chrisifg🔁Anker PowerLine USB Lightning Cable 0.3 m, Black -
Black Lightning ComicBook NOW! @ComicBookNOW🔁'LUKE CAGE' showrunner CHEO COKER on the success of 'BLACK PANTHER' and 'BLACK LIGHTNING'

Jonathan Capehart @CapehartJ🔁The advice Deval Patrick, the last Black governor of a state, gave Andrew Gillum: "Go where they don't expect you."
BryanEdwardHill @bryanedwardhill🔁Break the habit!

You're gonna want to get DETECTIVE COMICS issue by issue because you definitely want to BE THERE w hen it happens.

And it happens. Batman. Cassandra. The Signal. Black Lightning.

They're going to war.

Edward Swaine @edswaine🔁Van Morrison--Brown Eyed Girl (>Into the Mystic)
Rod Stewart--Maggie May
B-52s--Deadbeat Club
Richard Thompson--1952 Vincent Black Lightning
Frank Sinatra--My Way, like it or not
Daniel @boywivthepower🔁 Black Lightning > Luke Cage S1
🤴🏽 @JarronBonillaa🔁 Black Lightning need a new season or something !!!
Super Dave @_5kywlkr🔁Black Lightning literally just as formulaic as Arrow, it’s ok doe
BLT 🥓🥙🍅 @TheBOOKofBLT🔁Finally finished Black Lightning... @NafessaWilliams was amazing!
🇩🇪🇨🇭🇯🇵 @The5thEmperor🔁Listen to some songs from Ride The Lightning album, they’re way better than this. ‘Fade to black’ is a similar song t o these two you listed so you’ll deffo love it
josh george TNnnnninja tc - -Cap’t Hook ||| @joshgeo93076508🔁RIGHT BUT PLANK, EXCEPT THE OFFER mORNING lATER THAN SUNSHINE, ATTACK OR, a mistap, but uneasy to see the weapon. ALthough, it wasn’t no SUNSHINE, but when hit Lightning it’ll do flips, attack orphan or being able to sit tight black magic shows, with no weapon in hand
♡♡♡♡ @kcithkoqane🔁the only ones who deserved that much of screentime is black lightning... why is cw being sucked in rivershits’ ass?
𒀗ᎪᎶᏁᎬᏕ/कㄑ˝ねན༄༅ @Lightning_N4🔁Would you be interested in seeing Call Of Duty: Black Ops Remastered? Remember, we’ve already seen - So it’s a possibility!

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🅰️ @angelomagtibay4🔁Black Clover Page 162: Lightning of Rage V.S Friends
Dahkim @dahkim14🔁@TeenChoiceFOX Nafessa Williams from black lightning
Wakandan Wunderkind™ @RandyS0725🔁Black Panther
Black Lightning
Black Goliath
Luke Cage
Amanda Waller
Nick Fury
Misty Knight
Mr. Terrific
Brother Voodoo
Green Lantern
Blue Marvel
War Machine
michaelnontonmulu @mikenontonmulu🔁Just posted my views of the series from which I think was very enjoyable and entertaining. Definitely a worthwhile series to watch and cannot wait for second season soon.
Reggie Brigham @ReggieBrigham🔁My is and my is . Black Lightning is a superhero show at it’s core without revolving ships. It represents POC and strong WOC and LGBT rep.
Andy @andyecono🔁@r0saryb33 Black Lightning has a lesbian in the main cast, and she’s a stone cold bad ass.
🇭🇹zoe kid🇭🇹 @diaryofaZOEkid🔁@jordanpball bro we all know black lightning is static shock all grown up! they aint fooling nobody lol
Peaches @PeachesHeck🔁2nd season of Black Lightning, Tobias Whale @KRONDON will be stronger and meaner.
Bryan🏳️‍🌈 @BryanDobain🔁A deleted scene from Season One.
Black Lightning The Complete First Season will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD June 26.
Leah Weah 🤸🏽‍♀️💖 @OGLeahSwanky🔁Black Lightning need a new season or something !!!
Darius @Flea_Breeland🔁luke cage would fuck black lightning up in a one on one street fight 👊
Beren Sönmez @BerenSnmez6🔁 Black Lightning
as Tobias Whale from Black Lightning

PLAY DAVIS 🤷🏾‍♂️ @OGPLAY_🔁@Jennessy_ Im still watching black lightning so I’ll probably start watching after i finish that
GTArajgaming 🐝 @GTArajgaming🔁@Jason_Mason123 @EmperorBigD @Guntank081 Nope the form copied what was in the heroes video game, no pupils, black lightning etc
STANLEY CUP CHAMPION ALEX GOATVECHKIN @J_Hardiman23🔁 Luke Cage just seems like it tries too hard to be hip and that makes the show so lame. Black Lightning is a way better show.
coco t 🍫 @TDFG_🔁is luke cage really that bad lol i watched black lightning and loved it
Muse Cam💎 @YearOfTheMuse🔁Up watching Black Lightning
Si Botak Berambut Gondrong @_gblk🔁'Luke Cage' showrunner Cheo Coker on the success of 'Black Panther' and 'Black Lightning'

ENZ0 @LegendaryCaine🔁 people really comparing Luke Cage and Black Lightning like Luke Cage has some quality drops but never that far lmao
ENZ0 @LegendaryCaine🔁DATES - The CW dévoile ses dates de rentrée.
09/10 - The Flash / Black Lightning
10/10 - Riverdale / All American*
11/10 - Supernatural
12/10 - Dynasty / Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
14/10 - Supergirl / Charmed*
15/10 - Arrow
22/10 - Legends of Tomorrow
25/10 - Legacies*

* = nouveauté

Bobby Zimmeruski @_GentleGiantGio🔁Black Lightning probably one of the best comic book shows out right now though. That’s what I need a season two of
JUNE 18TH ♊ @BootyClap4me🔁. reveals what's in store for ’s unapologetic, badass lesbian superhero in Season 2
JUNE 18TH ♊ @BootyClap4me🔁'LUKE CAGE' showrunner CHEO COKER on the success of 'BLACK PANTHER' and 'BLACK LIGHTNING'

fat legend 🦂🌹 @07ssw🔁 ugh can they please just make black lightning funkos so I can buy thunder @appleshopcom🔁RND Apple Certified 8-Pin Lightning to USB cable (.5M/1.5 feet/black) made for iPhone (5/5S/5C) iPad iPad Mini iPod T ouch Reviews


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