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Taee" @JavontaeRhone🔁 In honor of Black History Month, I’d like to put this gem back on the TL 😂
AJ+ @ajplus🔁Illinois GOP Gov. Bruce Rauner drank chocolate milk to prove his commitment to diversity at a Black History Month eve nt.

After taking a gulp he said: “It’s really, really good. Diversity!”

Black History Mandy Harris @mandy_hawks🔁Guess who I was at my school black history program.
Khaleesi🔥 @_vinaaaaaa🔁 In honor of Black History Month, I’d like to put this gem back on the TL 😂
Mark Warner @MarkWarner🔁Carter G. Woodson, the “father of black history” was born to former slaves in New Canton, Va in 1875. Despite not att ending school until later in life, he went on to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard and found what eventually became known as
Henrico L.I.F.T. Mentor Group @DeborahGHayden2🔁 HHS’ L.I.F.T Mentoring Group had a great day of gaining knowledge of Famous African American of Richmond at the Blac k History Museum and Culture Center!!
3ric the Great @3ric_the_Great_🔁Check Out My Song I did As a dedication to you and Black history month Guwop-3ric the Great
Album; Players Anthem . .. Available everywhere
Cindy Bass @cindybassphilly🔁Black History month program at Barrett Playground tonight!
Marcus T. Coleman Jr @MTColemanJr🔁The 's Top 25 PR Millennials including & New PR Director celebrate Black History Month with Exclusive Spotify Playlist. Check it out here:
BBBS of NWA @BBBSnwa🔁Whether it's to see the newest blockbuster or a movie nominated for an Oscar, a trip to the movie theater can be a m emorable experience with your Little. We suggest Black Panther, since it is Black History Month and all.
Sappho @nursejulies🔁Remind:
Black history didn’t start with slavery
Black history didn’t start with slavery
Black history didn’t start with slavery
Black history didn’t start with slavery
Black history didn’t start with slavery

Ric Parks @ParksRic🔁“We have to be thinking not of Black History in the past, but the
Black History about to happen...I too can change the course of history, by virtue of what I do today!” - speaking at our John Davison Lecture Series Powered by
DawnDLOLopez @DawnANjax🔁TUESDAY: Don't miss our Celebrating Black History special. We're talking about the Black Panther challenge and the movies impact on STEM. Watch on CBS47 at 7pm Tuesday


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