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Black TM 😈 @tm041947🔁 Kodak Black just dropped 'Project Baby 2'
Black Paul Gourley @Pau_Gour🔁 .@LILBTHEBASEDGOD is your favorite rapper's favorite rapper.
Andrea Collins @RKaatmann🔁black porn free video clips nude collection
Black J.Jay.Juarez @poisonloveheart🔁 here's a black cat
Belinda Flores @Belinda76050368🔁free naked black girl pictures
bitchymel @melissaaaa_08🔁 Kodak Black - First Day Out
Black Goliveira @lightspitter🔁 How the tentacles of jellyfish galaxies feed supermassive black holes
stan lee @TheRealStanLee🔁In 1966 we brought Black Panther to the pages of Marvel... Now this talented young man brings him to the silver scree n! You have my respect!
Zach Braff @zachbraff🔁This guy actually made a "me with Black People" collage.
AJ+ @ajplus🔁Two prison guards who are active KKK members have been arrested in Florida after conspiring to kill a black inmate.
Lelo @mpumiiii🔁Can I vent about the nonprofit industrial complex and how White people benefit from Black suffering real quick? Do y'all want this tea?
bunnyborg @bunnyborg🔁An arsonist destroyed Dallas's Black LGBT community center. I have friends who work there. Please help if you can.
TheDiceShopOnline @DiceShopOnline🔁Ive bought those black with red number dice at as a gift for a new player who plays a rogue.
Kuh-Leed @Aforlxbi🔁 How did you find 2 Black trump supporters but no Black actresses for your TV shows?
Super Duper Cas👾 @_DaviidXii🔁 Bitch that ain't no cramp that's them black fckn Beatles from the mummy
The Mrs @Kokoaddicted🔁 If u not black or Afro Latino/Latina u don't need to say nigga. Idc about the passes ur friend gave u.
arely @ImAQuickStudy_🔁Lmao if white people are gonna try to frame us, can y'all at least use phrases black people ACTUALLY use? "Black power" lmfaoooo
Product H @ProductHFilms🔁Putting quarter pieces in a black Caprice + make it holla
No policing me I got the beast in me I gotta
keep the decency makin TNT my product
hung ning @bueysoong🔁This Latina journalist interviewed members of the KKK in North Carolina. She's the first black person to ever set foot on their property.
Bby Camila @Annggee1🔁Girls trip made 100m with a 20m budget and GET out made 150m with a 5m budget ... black movies are out here succeeding and I'm here for it
Katherine @kegricey🔁 The misplaced arguments against Black Lives Matter
Elizabeth Duran @liz_kid🔁This is so disgusting & racist af. Taking away a Black woman's womanhood just bc the white women BEHIND her aren't fast enough. Trash ass.
alu 🏷🌸 @andaquarter🔁 Hire black women and change the name to Yams.
Vicci Ho ✊🏳️‍🌈 @vicciho🔁Been trying to write a "black people told you" piece but honestly that's all I have written down because it's the entire argument
Bob Geese @BobGeze🔁 :


Black conservatives MAGA

SouthernBelle♍️ @Alwayzsmilin8D🔁Breakfast Club sucks but Styles P was on there breaking down black fatherhood & the psychological effects absentee dads have on kids mental
🅱️eorgie 🅱️osete @georgierosete🔁 i wanna makeout while spooky black plays in the background
Vaervaf @ScottPogrom🔁@ShimminyKricket @CallMeCult Just try to avoid talking about percentages when it comes to black people. Never ends up in a good place


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