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the sav @kallmeed🔁 “Black Men When Boo’d Up By Ella Mai Comes On”
σ.g. fα$нισи кιℓℓα @Fashion_Flexxin🔁@bobbywuzabi @black_cleopatra we wouldn't last 10 minutes
BlackBlackBlackBlack ANIM PO PANDESAL NI JUNGKOOK @JOJUNGSHOOKT🔁 They are those black hooded men, they're just reflecting as themselves


Marty McBrundlefly @caledonis🔁 When my phone shuffles from the Black Panther soundtrack to the Moana soundtrack
Travon Free @Travon🔁The NFL is 80% black. Imagine if they all sat out a Sunday or two...
Samuel Sinyangwe @samswey🔁A policy adopted by white people, for white people, to punish black people for challenging white supremacy.
Jemele Hill @jemelehill🔁Also: Fans are quick to tell black athletes they don’t have a right to speak up about anything because they’re rich. But they’ll gladly listen to rich white guys all day who they have nothing in common with, who wouldn’t give them a sip of water if they were dying of thirst.
raiderjim40 @raiderjim40🔁 The governments always trying to hold a black woman down. 🤦‍♂️
Jasmine 💞 @x_goodviibees🔁i’m CRYING. y’all know how AMC theaters have assigned seats?! so this group of like 5 white girls were sitting next to me, why this black lady walk up to them w/ her daughter & say “Alright colonizers get tf up. I paid for these mfs.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i couldn’t breathe.
willie trill aka J.R Spliff aka Sweet Peter Jeter @williekillah🔁Also: Fans are quick to tell black athletes they don’t have a right to speak up about anything because they’re rich. But they’ll gladly listen to rich white guys all day who they have nothing in common with, who wouldn’t give them a sip of water if they were dying of thirst.
Matt @mchildress_🔁All black ops 4 multiplayer map DLC are going to be free. If you get the season pass it’s for zombies only. They are said to possibly release 2 zombies maps every DLC.
📻.™ JEREVAN 너구리 @STALININST🔁No, it's black again
yea thats me. idk if those are apple slices or not @Lettuce_Begin🔁Don’t sing the N-word
Don’t rap the N-word
Don’t shout the N-word
Don’t whisper the N-word
Don’t yodel the N-word
If you use sign language don’t sign the N-word
Cis Lord 🇺🇸🇮🇱 @ChildOfSowell🔁Black liberals, easy test to see if ur being lied 2

Ask a liberal why voter ID laws r racist

Once u hear how "black don't have ID's/most arnt smart enough2 find a dmv"

Then, research wht illegal immigratio's doing 2 black neighborhoods,Then check out

148 3-3-6-9 REPRESENTIN THE ABQ @alexisnecolem🔁The NFL wants to profit off of black players but won’t let them speak out against cops killing them for no reason. Imagine, for real, being a part of that thinking. Fuck the NFL.
hackernation @808hacker🔁@BrandonMStone @GolfinoUSA Blue top with black pants!
Matt @TheRealPest🔁I bet she actually felt black, but she she shouldn't hijack being black, I'd like to see how she grew up, her daddy r elationship, so many factors in determining our mental makeup.
The Undertaker @Painandpaper🔁 Y’all be testing black people like we don’t have super powers
Radio-WIGWAM @Radio_WIGWAM🔁Machines Dream @MachinesDream - Black Science #nowplaying
𝐓𝐚𝐧𝐲𝐚 @LustfulBlacked🔁@VidelLewd « You quickly forget your faithfulness when it comes to my big black cock~ »
Beth Cope @BCpoliticsmores🔁White Minnesota student accused of brutal beating that left black teacher on life support released without bail

Rwyn Marc Laizer Roa @rwnmrclzrr🔁I can't wait for SY's opening. And show how ugly and black I am. Yaw q na.
Mike @GTRLIFE24🔁This black man was pulled over and handcuffed for "vegetation" in his car window. He broadcast the encounter on Facebook Live.
Amy Upham @amesters1🔁"The new NFL anthem policy may as well call black players sons of bitches - The league will now punish players who choose to protest during the anthem. The NFL owners have given into fear and Donald Trump"
Katherine Nero @CinemaNero🔁The NFL, as a business model, cannot survive without black bodies and black patronage. Players and fans alike absolutely have the power to collectively disrupt their bottom line. Let’s use it.
chris ✨ @IndiaCarneyFTW🔁Top 4 women

1. Black women
2. Women who are black
3. Black people who are women
4. Humans who are both black and women

Honorable mention: Black Women

natmoeketsi @natmoeketsi🔁 this is why you fucks need Black writers/editors. that’s clearly a bonnet, not no goddamn scarf.
noor @glassanimalism🔁white person: "i think that.... black people have the right to live"
Princess Consuela @AmaBeeee🔁Other foolish statements:

'I like soca but I don't like the events because they're ratchet'
'I got my bum done because that's what the guys who I go for like but now that's all they care about'
'I'm only into black men but I just keep meeting all the fuckboys'

Girl bye.

Deals Mata @DealsMata🔁🔥 !
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Green Sekayi @healthysekayi🔁Yo does Tidal have all the same shit as spotify? I might pick up a third streaming service just to support black business
StevieNAK @valdeznak🔁National Review editors condemned the 1963 bombing of a black Birmingham Church that killed four children, but because it “set back the cause of the white people there so dramatically,” the editors wondered “whether the explosion was the act of a Communist, or of a crazed Negro”.
Fashion @ShoppingBlogger🔁Great Stuff - Poons Lattice One Piece - Black - Large Black
jove ⚡️ @Nerd_oftheYear🔁Why y’all want black men to get away with rape cause white men do? Why are white people your moral compass when the majority of them have shown you they have no morals
Tee ✨ @TierraDarshell_🔁 She better say; I’m really white or her faux black A** going to jail. 🤷🏾‍♂
Russell Caluri @rjcal01🔁@jemelehill It’s not black athletes it’s athletes in general they don’t what to listen too.
circe tejada flores @CirceTejada🔁 "Attitudes" are only illegal on Black people.
Adrienne Curl @MidgeLee619🔁In America, we treat black women like their lives don't matter at all.

But the truth is black women are fighting for us every single day — including Chikesia Clemons — and it’s about time we started fighting for them, says.

Cheryl Mettler @cherylmettler🔁Bravo! Trump Pardons Jack Johnson, Boxing’s First Black Heavyweight Champion -
Harkaran Singh Bagga @karanbagga95🔁Woah! Too much generalizing my friend. Calm down! Are there a few Sikhs living abroad not well wishers of India? Yes . But all? That’s too much. And it’s not only Sikhs. They’re so many People white, black or brown from different religions who’re not exactly supporters of India.
Pam Maranda @pam_maranda🔁@GayRepublicSwag @RobChristie11 Because we don't see gay, black, or white etc. We see people and what's in their hearts.
Capt. Morgan @hrod17🔁This man runs his own fries restaurant in downtown Reykjavík and he is so cool and funny and nice and he only plays 90s rap and the fries were so damn good we love to support black owned businesses I will come thru EVERY time I’m on the island
Klergyman 🧐 @Kingin_k🔁 Black ppl pick on you about anything "Nigga in here washin clothes" 😭
Melina Henna @_Loving_Vampire🔁@Nowaru_Black //look, sorry... I just have a very short fuse with people who keep talking about killing themselves. I acted without thinking
Begaria @Begaria🔁So let's recap the last month:

Stop North Korea Nukes

Stop Iran Nukes

Stop mass shootings in school

Stop Black NFL players from peacefully protesting police brutality

Sure there's nuclear threats & our kids are dying—but yay no more kneeling!😑

AnikaClark✌🏾 @orangespatula14🔁Everyone PLEASE SUPPORT MY FAMILIES NEW AND ONLY BLACK OWNED👨🏾‍🍳BUSINESS! ON THE NEW STRIP OF THE WHARF in WASHINGTON,DC . 🍦🍧🥤 FOLLOW offering icecream ,shakes,floats,Soda for reasonable prices !
Green Transport Initiative @GreenTransport5🔁Mr.Modi despite coming to power in Delhi thanks to Hazaris agitation and tons of black money poured by ambani and Ada ni,and not due to any truth. Hasn't in 4 years been able to find a"lok ayukt" that bhagwat approves.
Jason Lin @jasonhlin🔁if you think you're a bad gift-giver just know that one time my dad bought a Black Eyed Peas CD even though literally nobody in my family is a fan including himself


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