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Black A \_ i @roIlerCosta🔁 This is not black excellence. This is just black.
Black AnonymousArmy @AnonymousNewsHQ🔁#Ohio Middle School Teacher Threatens 13-Year-Old Black Student With Lynching
BlackBlackBlack UREK MAZINO @Toomisin🔁 Black girls and yellow they say 🌝💛
#21today 🎉
Black Faab @faabseo🔁 Amalfi Bed 4ft6" Double Black Faux Leather - Modern Bedroo £227.99 #Furnitures
Gibby 💛 @htpgab_🔁 White privilege vs Black excellence
🌹Raven🌹 @nastycrippp🔁 White privilege vs Black excellence
Lou Dobbs @LouDobbs🔁The stock market has gained an incredible 7.8 Trillion dollars in market value since was elected! Looks like 4% econ omic growth in 4th quarter, lowest level of claims for unemployment benefits in 44 years, and black unemployment rate is the lowest (6.8%) on record!
Newsweek @Newsweek🔁Trump told not everyone on welfare is black: “Really? Then what are they?” he responded: Report
David A. Clarke, Jr. @SheriffClarke🔁It would be an ACT OF LOVE if DEMOCRATS, LIBERALS and LYING LIB MEDIA had HALF as much concern for BLACK KIDS trapped in ghettos, failing K-12 public schools, crime ridden neighborhoods, entrenched poverty like they do for DACA recipients. How about amnesty from those conditions?
✨ @NylaaSymone🔁 on behalf of sensible black people I'd like to say as a collective we do not condone this
Jules @JulesMcLester🔁., there's a man who's father was a Muslim from a "shithole country." He became the 44th President. Unlike you, he won the popular vote - twice. His name is Barack Hussein Obama. And they'll never love you as much as they love him - a black man.
thiebaut laurent @funklopedikproj🔁This is another rare gem: In the Name of Love by EARTH, WIND & FIRE on your funklopedik sation
You can buy this son g on:
Dr Alex Concorde @DrAlexConcorde🔁Reuters: Plane skids off Turkish runway and plunges towards sea - ISTANBUL (Reuters) - A Pegasus Airlines flight skid ded off the runway of a Turkish coastal airport and plunged down a steep slope on the edge of the Black Sea, ending up only metres fro...
Barbara Montes @gmabambam🔁Sickening racist abuse of Meghan Markle by British political leader's girlfriend: “Prince Harry’s black American fiancée will "taint" the Royal Family with "her seed" and pave the way for a "black king."
FOREST ✨ @PowlAbraham🔁 I get distracted by people’s eyes mid convo.
It’s like seeing a black hole inside a galaxy.
CoachIsaac @CoachIsaacRKBC🔁Special mention to Emilie Black who has 2 back2back 24points Games this weekend. Keep it up Emilie. Keep working hard for that 2nd chance. 👊🏾
musa mansa @wordsworthrmkgd🔁Dr. Boitumelo Phakathi was in 2014 recorded as SA’s youngest black female surgeon. Has Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (UKZN) & Master’s in Surgery from UP. Currently PhD candidate at Wits. She is a specialist in breast surgery. Give her 🙏
Tamara Winslow @tlwinslow🔁trump claims 2be patriotic, but doesnt know words 2 our Nat'l Anthem.
trump claims 2be Christian,but doesnt know any Bible verses.
trump claims he's not racist, but doesnt know any black ppl.* *Diamond&Silk,MarkBurns&ParisDennard arent black ppl,they're caricature house Negroes
siren. @Ohigwabby_🔁do you know who'll have to clean this up?
black employees.

do you know who'll be held responsible for this?
black security guards.

do you know who'll lose their jobs if the store is shut down?
black people.

do you know who'll remain a billion dollar corporation after this?

Jesse Hollingsworth @jeselaineh🔁I hate girls who are like “WOW I LOVE THE COLOR YELLOW AND SUNFLOWERS AND RAINBOWS”
Well bitch I love the color black, whiskey and being kicked right in the forehead. Take your happiness somewhere else
Trisha @trishamargolis🔁 Nope just black
Attorney Sandra @Applelaw1Sandra🔁RT if you agree an 8th grade teacher should be fired if they tell the only black kid in their class a lynch mob would be waiting for him if he didn’t finish the assignment.

Then contact and ask her why she gave the teacher a slap on the wrist for racism.

James Haveman @jshaveman🔁Let me get this straight.

You’re mad that a little black kid wore a sweatshirt that said “Coolest Monkey in the jungle” so you then go to an H&M store and act like a zoo animal... 🤔

Lindsay Baran @lindsay_baran🔁It’s a fact that doctors treat black women/girls differently when it comes to controlling pain. Our complaints are usually brushed off and we’re made to feel ignorant as if we don’t understand what’s going on in our bodies.
Ricky Nehring @rnehring31🔁I think his jokes were well crafted, he is after all a master of his art, how come it’s not an issue when people make gay jokes? Or black jokes? Or jokes about religion and politics? Your issue seems to be that he just isn’t trans
ahlon. @foxychocolate🔁 me:

white guy: i've never liked a BLACK before you're the first i've even been attracted to LOL :)

Zion Destiny 💕 @destinedzionxo🔁Black petiole have every right to be mad about the “colest monkey in the jungle hoodie” considering the fact that bla ck children were literally in zoos back then. However attacking H&M stores and their workers is just unnecessary
Nora smith @Norasmith1000🔁his shirt says "I'm rooting for everybody that is black" ~ I am rooting for every American citizen! Frankly Bruce Franks, your idea of liberty is shallow! and disgusting.
📌 unf spree @1stbusan🔁Me : *didnt login for 2 days*
Bts : black haired bangtan, best of me choreo pied piper choreo, hixtape soon joon will release his mixtape too, tae working on new songs, bts will cb tomorrow, album finished, 68368 songs seokjin got married and has 2 kids
cgritz @_cgritz🔁@altNOAA It’s sad that the black congresswoman KNEW that she had to point out to him that not all of her constituents on welfare were black.


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