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leah barletta @leahbarletta🔁 This white boys reaction to getting his haircut by a black barber is priceless
BlackBlackBlackBlack finessa @nessqquik🔁 black shibes
Black Amorosino @RyanAmorosino🔁 The incredibly rare black lion, only a few of these exist.
alex @black_cattss🔁 Life motto

Black Gregory Grushko @ggrushko🔁Congressional Black Caucus Refuses To Meet With #Trump And Be His Publicity Props
BlackBlackBlackBlack 🇫🇷 @LfbLucien🔁 everything's better in matte black
Black ㅤ🌼 @rakasta_🔁 black raspberries, painted by william henry prestele, 1891
Black Sam 셈 @SAM_DONGDONG🔁 Pacific Rim AU for @Studio_Mugen for @bottomshiros exchange
They are piloting Black Lion together
BlackBlackBlackBlack Erykah ♒️ @queseryto🔁 for all the latinas who told me i was too black to be a real Mexican #EmbraceTheLatinx 👊🏽🇲🇽
BlackBlack Nana Abah @ababesiwaa_gh🔁 The latest BLACK PANTHER art concept uses the Ghanaian ADINKRA SYMBOLS . 🇬🇭 😍 🌍
BlackBlack Busedo @BuseeDognn🔁 Matte black i8 🖤🙌🏼
BlackBlack iVibe @getatmehhaterz🔁 He looks like he's woke and respects black Barbies the most, but ain't got no job
Treasure ✨ @_ReyTee🔁 Black men are coming for all sports - dodgeball is up next.
Zendaya @Zendaya🔁✨African black soap, rose water/ witch hazel, vitamin E oil and tea tree oil for problem spots✨
Daniel Dale @ddale8🔁Black off-duty cop tries to help with crash. Ordered to ground. Recognized, told he can get up. Shot by other cop.
Ugly God @UglyGod🔁Stop Smoking Black & Milds.
ethan @ethnwalsh🔁I spilled baked beans all over myself watching Cars 2 in theaters & a black teenager shouted "this nigga eating beans" & everyone laughed.
Moral 🌻 @black_moral🔁I encourage doing all you can to the best of your abilities! Being chronically ill is awful, so try to take advantage of your better days!
JAY @pardonmytalent1🔁"Hey, how was work today, honey?"

"Good. Got some scum off the streets."

"What'd they do?"

"Sell water and be black."


The Villain 🇳🇬 @theKingPipes🔁Been looking for black kicks till I saw my coworker wearing the cleanest Nike airmax. Safe to say my search is over
Tee @TheRealTeeOozy🔁 Black people play too much for this 💀💀 " BRO ON GOD I JUST SEEN A SHARK "
christina marie @chrisinamarien🔁@ABG_lockscreens the black dangerous woman hoodie!! 😍
Risyard mufhiandi @mufhiandi🔁In Red&Black he won one Scudetto title, one Coppa Italia and one Champions League: happy birthday to Thomas Helveg, who turns 46 today! 🎂🔴⚫
Rich Phaquo @RPhaqo🔁How shittty of a candidate does one have to b to LOSE to a (1)Black man w/Muslim name in a RACIST country, (2) & an o range RACIST clown???
Jeff Terry @nuclear94🔁 Police seem to be very afraid of black people. Maybe they should find a new line of work.
Anu @AE8337🔁I hope jimins hair go black again i love brown its so soft but,, black,, #TeamBTS
♛ @oojjaw🔁Orange and black
Slutty Janelle @cutesluts4sale🔁 btw...don't do drugs...without a pretty dead girl in a black thong around...
洛佩 LOPE NAVO @lopenavo🔁Bailout, protect all the deadliest white sharks, a title or a presidency and wind-up all our tax money on catching all the black minnows.
Nik @mynaameiz🔁 States with the highest proportion of black residents have made it the hardest to vote.
lil ReeRee @Reeeziiee🔁black men are really emotionally fragile you would be too if you were conditioned since childhood to believe that emotions are for the weak
Makeba Barber @kebadeba🔁 Did the police fear for their lives because the black kids were armed with h2o? Give me a break.
P.B Amosu @pbamosu🔁Please help me spread this message. My uber driver has absconded with my car. A black 2009 Toyota camry with plate number NCH 28BF
Dan @dannyfkndeez🔁 Black don't crack
ximena 👸🏻 @ximenasimonn🔁 why, cause the black eyed peas getting back together?
chellychels💋 @macbaddiexo🔁Black folks don't neglect their grandmothers unless their grandmothers are trash so what's the tea, you mixed?
Manzoor Cheema @ManzoorCheema🔁Black & Muslim women and femmes should be free of the fear of violence. 📸
Saal-Barb @BarbaraSaalfel2🔁They freed the slaves, secured their right to vote. Google Why Aren’t There More Black Republicans? Enjoy history
lesley @G_ladyyyy🔁500%. Socially and culturally. Remember that episode of That's So Raven where her fav store didn't wanna hire her for being black?
triodug @totallyNOTtrio🔁Missing child

Please call black Swordsman if found

Gareth Rhys Owen @g_r_owen🔁@c_kirwan @thepaulwilliams Would this All Black side beat a Sanzar Lions side?
gi @danntommo🔁1. When , instead of finding a black model used for the cover of VOGUE ITALIA with an Afro:
TΛTΞ [アキラ] @logicexplicit🔁why not black on black tracksuit pants? They'd be 🔥🔥? ?🔥
Res 44877: Wright, J @LeftyTwylite🔁@TheKarame Sigur Ros, Sunn O)), Explosions In The Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Pai Pequeno 🇹🇬🔌📞 @manlykedem🔁A white kid in America illegally selling lemonade VS black kids in America illegally selling water. Who can spot the difference ? 🤔
sil.🌸 @sismoak🔁of course i know since i watch the show. laurel lance (BC) was killed off in episode 4x18 and black siren is laurel f rom Earth 2.
J. Cole @JCole_DC🔁Half Black, half white. I'm a piano. I'm an animal, my video on discovery channel.
Jon Cruz @jshrapnelc🔁Check out these Heavy Metal Covers (Pantera, Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger)
red @AarynChristine🔁Rihanna has earned her 30th top 10 hit in the U.K. with "Wild Thoughts", making her the first black artist to score 30 top 10s in US & UK.
Lelia @Leliafrz🔁Off shoulder crushed velour dress, bra strap hanging out... black stilettos? Professional, but not the good kind of professional
Jefferson Luzzatto @JeffLuzzatto🔁A Chicago group is worried about White supremacy but they are not worried about the over 700 murders a year committed by Black Chicagoans.
Alternative Water @altwater61🔁Translation: All I care about is undoing the work of a black guy who proved himself 100x more qualified than me and an infinitely better man
Rosie🌹 @LeRosie_Queen🔁A black man who got his first born to college and top prospect in the NBA draft WITH his own brand 🔥🔥🔥🔥
child of moon & sea @JocelynDonna🔁but when black girls protested the natural hair ban y'all said "they should focus on more important things like education" 🤔
Lorraine o'mahoney @Lomquiche🔁Rarely go in them but amazing how much the temperature of their coffee varies. Mine is always black so milk not a var iable
Kay 🇳🇬 @BlkimusScirocco🔁What I love most about this book is Imam Jamil Al-Amin's (formerly H. Rap Brown) analysis of Black, negro, and white americas.
eunjiiiiiii @ylkeunji🔁 question who is the guy in black bomber, blue sweater, and stripes?
kelly @yung_bunzz🔁someone find me guy in black plz
Alvin @PJMIES🔁@WORLDERPE Why does a person of color automatically mean "black" to the most of us?


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