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#bitcoin Bitcoin World @BitcoinWrld🔁Survey of #Bitcoin owners reveals that most are investing for the long haul goo.gl
Bitcoin Magazine @BitcoinMagazine🔁The Lightning Network Now Supports Transactions Across Blockchains bitcoinmagazine.com #bitcoin #blockchain #lightning
#bitcoin Rey Schlenker @waratansanchi🔁 #cryptics #crowdsale #bitcoin #ico Cryptocurrency forecast for 17.11.2017
#bitcoin Chris @ChainBet🔁 Survey of #Bitcoin owners reveals that most are investing for the long haul goo.gl
Charlie Shrem @CharlieShrem🔁Because you are positioning yourself to control the ASIC market, which you told me yourself directly. was originall twitter.com y mined on CPU/GPU. Many of us in 2011 used to do it, but you wouldnt know that because you showed up like 2 years ago.
CoinMarketCap @CoinMarketCap🔁The total market capitalization just crossed $225 billion!


Neil81 @neil81_neil🔁Thanks for the shoutout from our friends

Cougar Nuss @C0ugarNuss🔁Sign up for EOS GOLD Airdrop #1: …


Pablo Maldonado @PABLOIMJ🔁 Bitcoin Surpasses $8,000 As Hard Fork Takes Precedence via @forbes #Bitcoin forbes.com
Erick Arnot @Pega_II_region🔁The majority of coins come back fighting today with some positive gains in the last 24hrs blog.cryptonetix.com
Adrien Legall @adrien_legall🔁 Korea's Hyosung Now Supports #Bitcoin At ATMs, Will Soon Add #Ethereum cointelegraph.com
Eric Iacovelli @zonsoregurii🔁Move over , BeeSocials does Meetup.com it better.
COINHERALD @coinherald_🔁Brave expands Basic Attention Token platform to YouTube #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency - basicattentiontoken.org
Marek Szubert @krakus78🔁JPMorgan busted for money laundering after accusing bitcoin of doing the same

Bitcoin @QcanApp🔁Enterprise Members receive a . . Signup or upgrade:
Bitcoin @QcanApp🔁Bitcoin Consolidating over $7500 could be setting up for next move over $8000!!!
Maneesh Wadhwa @wadhwamaneesh🔁Free Bitcoins Faucet - Earn $100 free btc in 5 minutes goo.gl #bitcoin #freebtc #getbtc
Cherrie Johnston @cherriejohnst11🔁 New ICO offering to fund operations and create cash flow. Im betting on the madness that will make this ICO a success and Digatrade $18.5M liquid.

“The ICO platform to be live Q1-2018.....with total token SALES EQUIVALENT TO US$18.5m”

Michael Cassady, BBA @CGWM_MCassady🔁As Bitcoin Nears $8000, American Investors Plan To 'HODL' Until It Hits $196,000 - are you kidding me??? twitter.com
Jamison Marley @mpb1505🔁The exchange that will list futures plans to impose limits on how much prices can fluctuate within a day via
Kohei Kurihara @kuriharan🔁Check. Will Add SegWit, Full Cash Support By 2018 via icoinsider.tech //twitter.com/i/web/status/931594034727993344" target="_blank">twitter.com
aguilareal @aguilareal661🔁 I've just used @Bit2Me to buy bitcoins. It's instant, simple and safe. Try it here bit2me.com #bitcoin
Alan Hodges @acoporla🔁Buy ROCK tokens now. Bonus will decrease in less than 6 hours!
Czurikov Maksim @ArrowSportsLLC🔁 GET YOUR 20% BONUS! Join the future of crypto trading: alttradex.com #Alttradex #ICO #Crypto #Bitcoin #Ethereum
YemiArc @rotiarc1🔁 NEO Gold - Bounty Form
- docs.google.com
Excuse_me @ImtiazMahmood1🔁Verif-y
Bitcoin World @BitcoinWrld🔁Never forget Coinbase, Xapo and other big players would have backed a coder that can't get past a few blocks, would h twitter.com ave ruined , remember that next time.
Игнатова Глафира @kylturniimir🔁NEW VIDEO - Introducing - - New website launch tomorrow!
Neo Kenny @IAcrypto🔁No Fork, No Fire: Segwit2x Nodes Stall Running Abandoned Bitcoin Code twitter.com
Ivym Miguel Mugar @migzcrypt🔁Interesting Fact: impactChoice the company and team behind EARTH Token partnered in 2015 with event organizers to mak twitter.com e that year’s Men’s World Squash Championship a Green, Energy Neutral event.
Jesse G Meyer @Sci_j_my🔁Interesting when BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC are all rallying together. coincap.io
Bitsonline.com @bitsonlinecom🔁Current Bitcoin Price $ 7863.02 USD USD - - Get the latest and at twitter.com
Relationship Facts @mrelationshipsf🔁Crypto Investing Pro Review #cryptocurrency #investing #bitcoin #ethereum => url9.co
Laura Laurent @bitcointexts🔁Crypto Happy Hour – $8,000 Bitcoin, Coinbase Custody = Big Money, November 16th Edition: Support the stream: twitter.com Let’s talk about today’s crypto action, Bitcoin’s move to $8,000 and…
Bitcoin News @1Bit_News🔁Tezos Founders Face Second Class Action Lawsuit Over $232 Million ICO: […] The post Tezos Founders Face Second Class Action…
Bitcoin News @1Bit_News🔁Blockchain and Identity Verification (IDV) THEKEY will Start a Revolution on Internet IDV Solution: Recently, THEKEY project…
YemiArc @rotiarc1🔁 3000 + members in Telegram join us! t.me
Nicholas Fraser @fudeahardvasc11🔁 BitTorrent inventor announces eco-friendly #bitcoin competitor Chia tcrn.ch via @techcrunch
Bitcoin News @1Bit_News🔁Survey Says Americans Investing in Bitcoin Are Holding for the Long Term: People from all over the world have been investing…
Drunk Satoshi @DrunkSatoshi🔁@ercwl Well there you have it. #bitcoin is awesome.
BitGive® @BitGiveOrg🔁Welcome New BitGive Members and Drew McClure! 🎉 Thank you for supporting our mission to revolutionize with and ⛓ twitter.com ️🔎🌍
Sam Ramsay @sammyramsy🔁 holders getting and rightfully so as pops bigly with the integration news, futures news and other such massive developments in the ecosystem. 🚀🚀🚀


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