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A.D. Riojas, M.Ed. @Riohaus🔁 All of the possibilities.
#BIRDSUP#BIRDSUP#BIRDSUP#BIRDSUP UTSA W Basketball @UTSAWBB🔁Yesterday we took our talents off the court for a little fun. #birdsup
BootlegBentley @bootlegbentley🔁ONE TIME!!!!!!!!!

#BirdsUp #AllHandsOnDeck #RunEm #UTSAFootball #GetRowdy #DontFlinch #RoadrunnerNation

#BIRDSUP#BIRDSUP Jared K @JaredUTSA🔁 With six minutes to go in the fourth, the #TXST student section is a little sparse. #BirdsUp #GoRunners
#BIRDSUP Student Activities @UTSAStuAct🔁Good Morning 🌞
#MotivationalMonday #UTSA #BIRDSUP
#BIRDSUP#BIRDSUP#BIRDSUP#BIRDSUP Adam Esses @adamesses🔁 Yesterday we took our talents off the court for a little fun. #birdsup
#BIRDSUP UTSA Football @UTSAFTBL🔁The Roadrunners are in Louisiana for the final game of the regular season. #BirdsUp🤙
UTSA Football @UTSAFTBL🔁All of the possibilities.
UTSA Football @UTSAFTBL🔁We can’t say enough about the support provided by our fans this season. Thank you so much for cheering for us, both h twitter.com ome and away. We can’t wait to see you next fall. 🤙
ECHS @ECHShornets🔁 AVID II took over UTSA today! Even ran into a couple of
East Central AVID @EastCentralAVID🔁 AVID II took over UTSA today! Even ran into a couple of twitter.com
WyndhamGardenLC @WyndhamGardenLC🔁Sad to see that our Roadrunners did not get invited to a bowl game yesterday. Thank you to the players, coaches & e twitter.com veryone associated with ! We look forward to next year!
TheDailyDragon.com @The_DailyDragon🔁@JaredUTSA @UTSAMBB I think they are going to battle tonight. I'll be watching! #BirdsUP
Andy Faesser @afaesser🔁Had a nice convo with new AD Lisa Campos. Very personable and understands the tasks ahead. Great leader for Roadrunner nation! #BirdsUp 🤙🏻🔹🔸
M Ramirez @sram7593🔁@MikeTaylorShow @hutcheyesun @ChrisDuel Sumlin to UTSA as OC?? Food for thought. #BirdsUP
Melissa A 🦉 @mz_rocko🔁@tejas_e @UTSAMBB Perfect! Let's rally, Runners! #BIRDSUP
David @davidg_1392🔁I guess it's official now. See you next year Herm #BirdsUp twitter.com
Hassan Barzani @airhasiescardo🔁ONE TIME!!!!!!!!!



Hassan Barzani @airhasiescardo🔁@UTSAMBB @PatRunner89 Hope this team plays in March Madness, the NIT, CBI or any Postseason Tournament this season! #BirdsUp
Reed Darragh @reeddarragh🔁I am beyond grateful for my time at UTSA, for my experiences as a student-athlete will undoubtedly impact the way I l twitter.com ive my life and carry myself as I enter adulthood. Thanks to my teammates, coaches, and the fans for making these 5 years unforgettable.
smart ass Ezek @SadBoiiiDrums🔁If you hadn't given a spot to the Mountain West you would've had 10. Hell yeah I'm salty #BirdsUp twitter.com
Jimmy Holmes @jholmessabj🔁 The @UTSA Roadrunners snubbed by bowl games bizjournals.com via @SABizJournal #birdsup


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