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#BillyGraham#BillyGraham#BillyGraham#BillyGraham Mike Snyderman @farfel54🔁 Reverend #BillyGraham, 1918-2018
#BillyGraham Jim @satirist_indian🔁 Reverend #BillyGraham, 1918-2018 fxn.ws
#BillyGraham Cedar Posts @CedarPosts🔁 One of the greatest Americans ever.
#BillyGraham Outrage Fatigued Mom @Lmfigura🔁 Because of You... #BillyGraham #AreYouReady #DontBeLate bnd.com
Stephen McCarty @SKMcCrty🔁In spite of everything we have ever done, God loves⁉️
#BillyGraham Brian Ayers 📖 @BrianAyers7711🔁Only what we do for #Christ will last. #Church #God #Jesus #BillyGraham
#BillyGraham Emory Klopfenstein @EmoryAugusta🔁 Someone once asked #BillyGraham ...
CBN News @CBNNews🔁“Don’t ever say it’s a white man’s religion, or a black man’s religion. Christ belongs to all people, He belongs to t twitter.com he whole world.” - Evangelist
Chris Rice @ChrisRiceMusic🔁9 years ago, when Billy Graham was 90 years old, his Evangelistic Association invited me to meet their film crew and twitter.com shoot a video of my song "Untitled Hymn (Come To Jesus)." They have just released it as a tribute to his life.
Catholic News Service @CatholicNewsSvc🔁“They would pray before they started every day and ask that God would anoint their work." Inmates at Louisiana prison twitter.com built casket.
Chelmsford Diocese @chelmsdio🔁Today's sermon by on &

Michael Brady @LaHRDude🔁 Obituary: William Franklin Graham #BillyGraham


Michael Crismani @MCrismani🔁Billy Graham's final column: "By the time you read this, I will be in heaven".

Gary Simms @gbsimms🔁Kudos to whoever put these up all over today. Wow. Weren’t many like him.
Jo Anne Fulk @jo4kasey🔁I witnessed uptown as well, and very moving. Will remember #BillyGraham forever twitter.com
Brad Noblitt @bnobsmusic🔁The original Worship A-TEAM. (Right to left) Tedd Smith, Cliff Barrows, Billy Graham, and George Beverly Shea. All s twitter.com inging the praises of God in heaven right now!
Reclaiming America @forGodagain🔁Billy Graham’s legacy was to warn the people about the consequences of sin, but at the same time expressing Jesus lov twitter.com e towards humanity.
goldilocks @thereisnospin🔁New post!

A thorough exposé of and his ties to and ... + and .

Enjoy the read, and please share! 🙏

Samantha Fleming @77_homebird🔁I was never very religious, but damn if he wasn't wasn't one of the most positive influences on this earth.
Jimmy Fikes @akajim🔁Another thing I learned from #BillyGraham: I can change with God's help, and so can our world.
Jimmy Fikes @akajim🔁#BillyGraham modeled so well what #JesusChrist taught us: Your words and actions are like a window into your soul.
Steel Magnolia @Southrngirl77🔁Yes, it did. Never did I feel like your father considered himself 'elevated', no just the opposite. A very humble man twitter.com , especially considering how much he accomplished.

Jessica Morgan @jessmorgan86🔁 “Our job in life is not to be successful, but to be faithful.” #BillyGraham #BG100
Linda Rhinehart Neas @lupinelinda🔁Speaking of Spirit: Remembering Billy Graham interfaithmoments.blogspot.com #BillyGraham #OneLove #WordsfromtheHeartLMN

Matt Henson @Matt_I_Henson🔁#BillyGraham was a snake and con artists who dupe people out of millions.
Stephen McCarty @SKMcCrty🔁In spite of everything we have ever done, God loves⁉️
#FirstSundayInHeaven fb.me
CP-NaturesOils7 @NaturesOils7🔁Dr Lance Wallnau ‒ Billy Graham Prophecy - YouTube m.youtube.com #BillyGraham
yolanda jan phorne @yolandaphorne🔁 💥
・#RIP as the motorcade travels… instagram.com
Johan N Soedjono @Johan_NS🔁 The will of God will not take us where the grace of God cannot sustain us.
- #BillyGraham @BillyGraham
CPN @CPNshows🔁Join CPN in honoring the life and legacy of the beloved evangelist,

“His master said to him, ‘Well done, you good twitter.com and faithful servant”-Mark 25:23 MEV

Austin280 @nhstore🔁Q: Define 'Man of God'
A: Rev. Billy Graham
Thank you for leading a multitude back to God.

lawrence armstrong @l_a_chop70🔁Heaven must be rejoicing today. American Christian Evangelist Billy Graham 1918-2018
Brian Kelly @Brpkelly🔁Now on #TIAM: @FredBodimerKMOX remembers #BillyGraham. player.radio.com
Frankie M 🇺🇸 @FrankieMarie816🔁This makes my heart smile and bring a few tears to my eyes. What a great man. I wish I could have met him! twitter.com
wwjrichards @wwjrichards🔁Privileged to honour in Windsor today. He preached for the Queen in the Royal chapel locally. Shook hands with him twitter.com as a kid as he left Wembley Stadium.
Sower @top10newsonline🔁What reception did Billy Graham receive when he made the cross from this life to the next world? (see twitter.com ).
Liz Burch @LizBurchTV🔁Our story from yesterday on #BillyGraham's procession: wlos.com
Michael Greenhow @mikegreenhow🔁This fine and ostensibly Christian man was offended because I said peddled bullshit. After all, this man is certainly not bullshiting anyone regarding his commitment to Christlikeness! 😂😂
Chuck Cloyd @Chuck_Cloyd🔁Janet Paschal - Another Soldier's Coming Home [Live] #BillyGraham #BillyGrahamLegacy #JanetPaschal youtu.be
AmericanAnswers.org @JamesMeroney🔁2/2 promised 2 answer every prayer. What He HAS promised is N the world U WILL have tribulation, but B of good cheer, twitter.com 4 Jesus has overcome it-Jn 16:33. When evil reaches a breaking point, prophecy will break out-2 Tim 3
Pray 4 Urself lest U go thru IT! John 3:16 RIP,
Chuck Cloyd @Chuck_Cloyd🔁Janet Paschal - How Are Things At Home? [Live] #BillyGraham #BillyGrahamLegacy #JanetPaschal youtu.be
Debbie Fullam @Debbiefullam🔁A great reminder from of - ‘Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.’
Chaplain Bob Faubel @ChaplainBob406🔁Trace Billy Graham's unexpected journey from a North Carolina farm to the largest arenas and stadiums in the world. twitter.com
Michael Perry @mdperry1🔁We may never know his full impact in the world, but it was larger than we can imagine - How Billy Graham Changed My L twitter.com ife
Janet R. Wojcik @JanetRWojcikPhD🔁Alert: If you're traveling out of the next few days, give yourself extra time. could slow things down. says arrive 3 hours early.
San Marcos Church @sanmarcoschurch🔁Wrestling with God: Transformative Prayer


#SundayMorning #SundayFunday #prayer #Gospel #Lent2018

Kay Black @kblackob🔁"It was something he did because of his concern for justice and his desire to help people." was more than an evangelist, and his passion extended beyond the pulpit. This video shows some of his impact during the Civil Rights Movement:
Katherin @KatherinVII🔁The Greatest Revival Of The Church- "The sign will be 's death-
A Company of People have been hidden in God, they are going to challenge of power Egypt.
God wants the Church that's been in hiding & prepared for power..."
Ruth Thorp @RuthThorp🔁Read the latest tributes to the charismatic evangelical Dr who died at the age of 99, on Wednesday

🔥VOODOO CHILD🔥 @GIJOE6732🔁 #Bono a day [with added #BillyGraham] instagram.com
Chuck Wanamaker @CW_Money🔁Study shows far-reaching impact of .
"His greatest legacy may be the number of Christians he mobilized to join him in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ."
Azillion @Azillion🔁I wonder how many virgins got?

I believe it's time to donate money to

Billy Graham's Heavenly Manson must b twitter.com e hell in taxes,
and they need contributions to build a safe space for in .

Church Times @ChurchTimes🔁Read the latest tributes to the charismatic evangelical Dr #BillyGraham who died at the age of 99, on Wednesday


Robert Flute @robertflute🔁Moving tribute to at this mornings service some wonderful hymns too - And can it be - Oh for a thousand tongues - l twitter.com ate winter sunshine too
Shooky @FBShook3🔁 sharing his faith on Larry King Live and talking about the day he enters God's presence.
Ancient Christianity @ChristianInst🔁2 Corinthians 12:9
“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boa twitter.com st all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.


Lloyd Hamilton @LloydRHamilton🔁“Worship leader George Beverly Shea kidded Billy Graham that the latter would be unemployed in Heaven - while Shea w twitter.com ould still have a job leading worship.”
- , Nearing Home: Thoughts on Life, Faith, and Finishing Well
Church Times @ChurchTimes🔁The US evangelical preacher died last week, aged 99. His Greater London Crusade opened at Harringay Arena, in London twitter.com , on 1 March 1954. This report of the event was originally published in the Church Times on 5 March 1954


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