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Gee Watts @Gee_Watts🔁 The Collin Sexton, Cedi Osman and Billy Preston era starts tonight
Billy Preston Dee Meek @justdeemeek🔁 Cavs sign Billy Preston to a two-way contract for this year!
Billy PrestonBilly Preston #287GoneWild @Hachie5🔁 Billy Preston has signed a 2 way
contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers!
Billy Preston WKYC Channel 3 News @wkyc🔁Meet Billy Preston: The Cleveland Cavaliers' potential Summer League standout
Billy Preston Jake Samulak @JSamulakCLE🔁 Meet Billy Preston: The Cleveland Cavaliers' potential Summer League standout
Dave McMenamin @mcten🔁The Cavs have signed Billy Preston to a two-way contract for 2018-19, according to GM Koby Altman
Joe Vardon @joevardon🔁Cavs signed Kansas F Billy Preston to a two way contract
Joe Vardon @joevardon🔁Cavaliers sign Kansas forward Billy Preston to two-way contract before he suited up for first Summer League game
Mike 🎲 @21_Simba🔁 It's Collin Sexton, Cedi Osman, Billy Preston SZN
J @Judepallasa13🔁 The Cavs have signed Billy Preston to a two-way contract for 2018-19, according to GM Koby Altman
Wingman @deepwood78🔁Collin Sexton is wearing Kyrie Irving's shoes.
Billy Preston is wearing LeBron James' shoes.
They can't think that... nevermind.
Otto Wells @GageWe11s🔁Billy Preston will see a max contract before it’s all said and done!! Hasn’t played an official game in over a year and once that feel and rhythm comes back, there will be problems!!!
Musicfitters @musicfitters🔁♫ With You I'm Born Again by Billy Preston & Syreeta
Connor Merrell @ConnorMerrell🔁 Cavs and Billy Preston have agreed to a two-way contract.
Summer Bro ☀️🇸🇳 @LordBryanD🔁I’m at the point where I’m getting somewhat excited to watch Collin Sexton, Cedi Osman, and Billy Preston play together. That’s where I’m at with the Cavs right now. What a difference from the last four years.
Barca-Lakers @simo_barca4🔁 Cavs signed Kansas F Billy Preston to a two way contract
Dmitriy @humptydance23🔁@ItsJayAshleigh I think Billy Preston is a better player. KU most likely wins it all this year if he was allowed to play.
Cory Desean Todd @CoryDesean🔁Former Kansas 5-star recruit Billy Preston has agreed to join the Cavs after going undrafted, per
Tony Banks @tbankss10🔁Y’all still on Billy Preston😂😂😂 this makes me laugh
CLASSIC HITS UK @classichitsuk🔁CLASSIC HITS UK just played - Billy Preston - That's The Way God Planned It
Mark Luscombe @cavs0188🔁Some quick Cavs talk. Our Summer League team has 3 former 5 star recruits, and former 1st round pick by Boston, Ante Zizic.

I don’t expect much out of Marcus Lee, but Billy Preston is very intriguing to me. Obviously have very high hopes for Collin Sexton.

Ken Spellman @kenspellman🔁Howard Hewett and Billy Preston and Gerald Albrigh - Imagine @kenspellman #TheSoundcheck
Jordan Ashleigh @ItsJayAshleigh🔁Y’all know what’s crazy? Billy Preston didn’t play a single minute with KU (besides exhibition) but still managed to make a Summer League team and sign a deal. What was Brannen Greene complaining about again?? 🐸☕️
Doug @DouglasMillerJr🔁 Summer League update:

Sexton has great court vision especially in transition where he is a willing passer. Might be his best trait. Shooting looks good enough.

Cedi is all over the place. His jumper is spotty but the defense is exciting.

Billy Preston is a stud.

Aaron @AaronHelbig🔁Collin Sexton, ranked #4 in 2017 recruiting class with a 100/100 score from 24/7 + Billy Preston ranked #22 in 2017 recruiting class with a 98/100 from 24/7. These guys may very well be a start to a great future.
kash @kxngkash_23🔁Guys I'm watching this summer league:
Trae Young
John Collins
Robert Williams
Caris LeVert
Jarrett Allen
Dwayne Bacon
Malik Monk
Miles Bridges
Wendell Carter
Billy Preston
Collin Sexton
Dennis Smith Jr.
Luka Doncic
Luke Kennard
Jordan Bell
Tre Duval
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
Sports Page 🏆🏀🏈 @ltf_ty🔁 Not long ago, Billy Preston was touted as a potential lottery talent. #Cavs
Cavs must tank & rebuild now @CLEsportsfan_🔁He looks good but so does Shai Alexander. Cedi & Zizic balled out too but how about the potential of Billy Preston
Joe @HeadbandSZN🔁4. Billy Preston: He needs to know when to pass the ball back to the top of the key, at times he looked like he was s till in high school. his defensive presence was definitely felt and his offense started to come after halftime but passing will ultimately decide his future.
Mikeyo @RamsReportMike1🔁Billy Preston is an interesting young prospect; good size and mobility; would've been interesting to see what he'd have been with a year under Bill Self at Kansas; only played three games in Europe and looks rusty (and a little winded) here in Summer League opener.
Brittany Reynolds @vRhino27🔁Couple overreactions from early summer league. 1. Ayton looks lost out there, kids gonna take a whileee. 2. Cavs got steal of the draft with Billy Preston. 3. Obviously Scoochie Smith should make the Cavs roster. No brainer. #3 not overreaction
Luke Henderson @lukehenderson00🔁In terms of SL players w/ the best chance to be solid pros:
1. Collin Sexton
2. Cedi Osman
3. Dakota Mathias
4. Ante Zizic, Billy Preston
5. Jamel Artis
6. Brayon Blake, Okaro White
7. John Holland
8. Vladimir Brodziansky
9. Scoochie Smith
10. Marcus Lee
11. Jordan Stevens
Primetime @pthoops_🔁Liked some of the things Billy Preston did tonight.
Kevin Kvasnok @KevinKvasnok12🔁Yes Sexton looks like could be a player and we have 2 former 5 star recruits in Billy Preston and Marcus Lee in limit ed minutes look good too
Bryce May @may_bryce🔁 Billy Preston going to be an all-star wow
Olisa Nwachie🎟 @KillemOlisa🔁 It’s official: Billy Preston is now the King of the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Justin Cole @JCole2224🔁In a wing/guard league, the Cavs having Cedi on the wing with Sexton running point is exciting. The upside of Billy Preston is exciting too & Hood should be around for another year. Add in Nance/Zizic at the 5 and the Cavs at least have a young group to build with
Jarod Miller @focusedonjrod🔁 Billy Preston rocking LeBron 15s. BOLD
DC Browns Backers @DCBrownsBackers🔁Cavaliers sign Kansas forward Billy Preston to two-way contract before he suited up for first Summer League game
Ray MacKendrick @RayMackendrick🔁@mcten Billy Preston played keyboards on The Beatles last album. Already a legend !

The Cavs are gonna Rock !

Nathen Vieira @NathenVieira🔁Is Billy Preston a top 6 player of all time?
chris @taych🔁The Cavaliers have signed former Kansas forward and 5-star prospect Billy Preston to a two-way contract for the 2018-2019 season. Photos: Josh Gunter and AP.


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