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Billy Preston Swimp @brentbeats🔁 BREAKING: Photos released of KU basketball player Billy Preston’s car from Saturday’s accident
Jeff Goodman @GoodmanESPN🔁Kansas’ Billy Preston will miss tonight’s game due to being involved in car accident. "The administration determined we needed a clearer financial picture specific to the vehicle, we decided to hold him out of tonight’s game, will continue to do that until the review is complete.
Billy Preston Kansas Basketball @KUHoops🔁Billy Preston will not play tonight vs. Kentucky. Coach Bill Self’s full statement:
Billy Preston cbbcase @cbbcase🔁 Billy Preston will not play tonight vs. Kentucky. Coach Bill Self’s full statement:
Gary Parrish @GaryParrishCBS🔁Kansas is holding out 5-star freshman Billy Preston after he had an accident this weekend in a car for which the scho ol says it needs a “clearer financial picture.”
Ky メ 🏆 @HoodieKy🔁Billy Preston didn't even play tonight and KU still won 💀
Joey Tardo @babywipe_J🔁Kansas beats Kentucky without Billy Preston due to some financial issues. Imagine how the Jayhawks gonna be when he’s cleared to play!!! Rock chalk
Matthew MaCoy @Matthew_MaCoy🔁Don’t even bring up Billy Preston because we had Vanderbilt out. But that’s no excuse, but still, good game. It’s the 2nd game of the season. It literally means nothing. Kentucky took y’all to the wire in a great game.
Nick Johnson @Johnson_Nick🔁Kansas basketball path forward:
1. Figure out ball security.
2. Billy Preston remove head from ass.
3. Get better every week or get left behind.

Buckle up. This could get interesting.

Quinn Douglas @QuinnDouglas_FS🔁Kansas: they have won the Big 12 Title 15 years in a row. And it’s gonna be 16 barring a catastrophe in Lawrence. Dav onte Graham, Lagerald Vick and Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk form a rock solid core for Bill Self. Also watch for Oak Hill product Billy Preston even though he didn’t play
PJ Humphrey @PJlikestoPewPew🔁A picture of Billy Preston's car before he wrecked it in Lawrence....

Brandon Tyler @btyler411🔁@UofAlec at least Kansas won plus they had their starting PF out (Billy Preston)
Mt. Oread Kaws @MtOreadKaws🔁@kutweetsandnews I’ve got a feeling there isn’t going to be any Billy Preston on this team.
Charlie Karlen @CKarlenKC🔁Yeah that's crazy. The late scratch of Billy Preston probably screwed a lot of people
Manny Talavera @MannyFreshT🔁Impressive win for KU without Billy Preston & Graham/Newman poor shooting night.. Udoka a MONSTER down low..
RCJH @Kansashoopschat🔁 FWIW, Billy Preston staying engaged off the bench. Jumped right off and started high giving guys at the TO.
CarleaNN @cnitsch01🔁I hope the reasons for Billy Preston not playing get more elaborate by the week.

“Billy Preston will not play in tonight’s game against Oklahoma because he was abducted by aliens. ‘We don’t know where he is’, Coach Bill Self said.”

JayhawkLFK @JayLFKhawk🔁Don’t know why you idiots were talking so much crap with such a young team coming back. We played like crap too and B illy Preston didn’t play. You guys should stay humble cuz it’s about to be a loooong season.
Rolando Najera @rolienajera10🔁 That's a tremendous win for Kansas.
1. No Billy Preston
2. Outshot, Outrebounded
3. Devonte Graham: 3-14 FG


Ryan Ludvik @YoungLudi🔁Kansas won even without billy preston scary
Will Kunkel @KWCHWill🔁That's a tremendous win for Kansas.
1. No Billy Preston
2. Outshot, Outrebounded
3. Devonte Graham: 3-14 FG


WavetheWheat Tweets @WTW_Hawks🔁Bad News: This was a big time struggle on offense.
Good News: It’s November and Billy Preston and Cunliffe were on the bench.
Danny D @ChiliRhythm🔁Any win against Kentucky is a good win. Didn't play well at all, but in a way that's encouraging too (only because o f the W). Gotta get better and gotta get Billy Preston's head out of his ass. Graham and Newman were bad but hit 4 huge FTs to seal it.
blake @BLAKE_6_🔁lol. Bums. KU didn’t even have Billy Preston 😂! Sad!
Aris Morris @ArisMorris30🔁I️ would have liked to see Billy Preston play against Kentucky tonight💯
O’Shaq Hennessy @SydCity914🔁Don’t forget Billy Preston and don’t count on Graham to have a game like this again. Do count on Kevin Knox to still defer the ball because of the Kentucky ideology, and less touches when Jared V comes back.
Anthony Wireman @awireman🔁FINAL: Kansas 65 Kentucky 61; Wildcats will be fine; Kansas isn't a top 5 team right now. Keep an eye on Billy Preston's situation.
LC McNiel @Lando_mcniel🔁Lots to work on, but a big time win without Billy Preston. Rock Chalk Jayhawk
Mr. Dee @zachdee1🔁Terrible shooting.. No Billy Preston.. and a we got the W. I’ll take it #kubb
Easy ✌🏾Times @Easy_1k🔁Kansas look nice they gone be way better too when Billy Preston come back
Awesome @Antny2X🔁Need Billy Preston though
Barstool University of Kansas @BarstoolKU🔁@BarstoolUK and we did it without Billy Preston. It’s so good to be us
AUGUST 7TH @GachTot🔁Winning games without BILLY. When’s Preston gonna see the starting lineup
Jerseygsr @Jerseygsr1🔁@GoodmanESPN And Kansas didn’t have Billy Preston also
Tim Wright @tim_wright12🔁KU just beat Kentucky without Billy Preston...
Jeff Emond @TheJeffEmond🔁What a win for @KUHoops without Billy Preston against Kentucky! #RockChalkJayHawk
O’Shaq Hennessy @SydCity914🔁@ChiTown_Eazy On court that’s who they are. Best recruit for Kansas is Billy Preston. He’s not playing this game.
24 @ChazB_24🔁Some people are way overreacting to the Billy Preston situation. Self is doing the right thing by waiting for all the information to come in. Smart decision. Have to get all the facts straight before Preston can play again.
BIG MAN ON CAMPUS @JeffNadu🔁Kansas need Billy Preston back badly. There big situation outside of Abuszie is a mess. Actually it's non existent.
Everett Waechter @thatkideverett🔁@CooperSimon3 Until Billy Preston stops doing dumb shit
Gabe @AllDaySportTalk🔁That said, Kansas will prob still win. Which is huge. Big time struggles and missing an elite player like Billy Prest on and still win over a good team. That's big time.
Lejon Wright @ftwtxlegend12🔁Trevon Duvall, Malik Newman, Billy Preston, Jared Vanderbuilt, Wendell Carter, Marvin Bagley, Quade Green, Josh Langford, Jarren Jackson Jr all had in Lucas Lab before and during high school
Chase Benjaminz @chaseBenjaminz🔁@theejamieson But Imagine If Billy Preston Was Playing. Game Wouldn’t Be Close
Ute Devil @ASUUte🔁Kansas is holding out 5-star freshman Billy Preston after he had an accident this weekend in a car for which the school says it needs a “clearer financial picture.”
Thomas Mason @iamtmase🔁BILLY PRESTON from is already messing up. Missing class, involved in a single car accident. The next coming of Chr is Washburn in the making.
Trevor Cissell @Trev_Ciss11🔁You think so? This game will give bill exactly what he needs to turn this team into what he wants them to be. With bi lly Preston and maybe Cunliffe joining later Kansas will win the big 12 again. They are hanging in there while devonte is off his game.
Andrew Pillow @AndrewPillow🔁 Jarred Vanderbilt's outfit > Billy Preston's outfit
vinny chase @weefy58🔁@Lil_Amri They playing without billy Preston
Brandon Milburn @BMILLI_13🔁 Like a real Kansas resident, Billy Preston struggles with driving. When in Rome.
Scott Chasen @ChasenScott🔁FWIW, Billy Preston staying engaged off the bench. Jumped right off and started high giving guys at the TO.
Grant Ritchey Jr @SkepticalDDS🔁Billy Preston would have come in handy tonight. #KUbball
Dan Hurst @DanHurst🔁Hey KU BBall Billy Preston, you ain't in high school anymore. Time to grow up or go away. Your choice. #jayhawks, #KU, #Kansas #Big12
The Wizard™ @Jaywavve🔁Kansas announces Billy Preston is out for tonight's game vs. Kentucky after he was involved in a single-vehicle accident; no injuries sustained
Willie Johnson Sr. @wpjsr180🔁Michael McDonald feat. Billy Preston - What's Going On
News @News47855360🔁Billy Preston of Kansas to sit out until review of car accident is complete: via @YouTube
Nick Shore @NickShore3🔁Really missing Billy Preston right now
1️⃣➖0️⃣ (0-0) @RockChalkPhog25🔁Udoka Azubuike has played 28 minutes. It's showing. KU without Billy Preston and trust in Mitch Lightfoot (four minutes) not there tonight.
Scott Chasen @ChasenScott🔁@RockChalkBlog I would just like to point out Mitch Lightfoot playing four minutes in a game when Billy Preston is unavailable.
JK @brisco_k🔁Shitty billy Preston not playing for Kansas dude cold lol
Brett s Wright @BsWright90🔁Billy Preston just looks like a baller. #freepreston #kubball
Erik David Sheaffer @esheaff🔁@LilJoeBHall Jarred Vanderbilt’s eligibility > billy Preston’s eligibility
Michael Swain @mswain97🔁@sperrydaniel94 You must be kidding... This #kubball sqaud would beat both Michigan State and Duke - without 5 star freshman Billy Preston
Mark Pickett @widenetradio🔁Billy Preston - With You I'm Born Again
Gracyn Carr @GracynCarr🔁@lil_amess Billy Preston catch up grannie!!!
RockChalkDiva @RockChalkDiva🔁Billy Preston looking glam on the bench for #kubball.
T.Webb @Feddy_Webby🔁Hope this Billy Preston stuff ain't that serious 🤦🏽‍♂️
4. @SheBoutHerBjs🔁Lmao billy Preston looking goofy
Mary Ann Monaco @maryannbagofdon🔁Kansas' Billy Preston Crashed A Car, It's Causing Problems, And Bill Self's Statement About It Is Hilarious
Tyrann💰👣 @Og_Tyrann🔁Kentucky lucky Billy Preston ain’t playing tho
MoneyShark @MoneyShark_3🔁Kansas holds Billy Preston out vs. Kentucky to look at 'financial picture' of car: The Jayhawks freshman missed the s eason opener Friday after not making curfew. Now this?
Lil Joe B. Hall @LilJoeBHall🔁Jarred Vanderbilt's outfit > Billy Preston's outfit
Jerry Weber @knowshuskers🔁Kansas freshman Billy Preston will not play tonight against Kentucky because of an issue involving his vehicle.


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